Social Media Marketing Report Heilbronn

Soziale Netzwerke sind ein Geflecht aus dynamischen Gruppen von Menschen, verschiedenen Plattformen und technischen Funktionen die unsere Kommunikation mit Freunden allgegenwärtig und multimedial macht. Smarte Social Media Kampagnen vermarkten Produkte oderDienstleistungen wesentlich effizienter und durch Zielgruppentargeting mit wesentlich weniger Streuverlust. Sie fragen sich immer noch warum? Social Media Plattformen wie Facebook, Youtube und Instagram bieten Ihrer Online Marketing Kampagne enormes Potenzial für multinationale Kampagnen, rasante Steigerung der Reichweite sowie sehr gezielte Ansprache.

Focus, concept and strategic planning: Social media marketing for Heilbronn makes you digitally successful with concepts from our experts

Social media contributes an increasingly clear share. As you can see, it is important for you to know your buyers, your prospects and your potential sales channels precisely, then to track them on your media using smart tools, to define them for yourself and to constantly improve them. Your Facebook agency for national and international media projects. Increase your sales in digital commerce right now. We are the media agency for all companies for your campaigns in social networks. Your modern digital presence In Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin we have designed advertising campaigns together with many clients. Our agency focus on strong, viral marketing campaigns. For all companies, social media marketing is therefore an indispensable tool for effective digital marketing. Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram: We manage your social media channels with modern marketing strategies for more organic growth. When it comes to marketing, we at Social Media One have expertise across all social networks. Learn more about our social media marketing agency.

Want to increase your reach? With Instagram, the young network

Due to the very individual users, predominantly young people, you can operate in sales with little scattering loss among users of the social network of marketing measures. Through the takeover of Instagram by Facebook, you have the same advertising options in the Ad Manager and we as an agency can locate interested parties extremely precisely with advertisements. Many marketing departments do not yet understand the potential of the social network Instagram. The sharper the target audience the higher your interaction of your social media channel. With our social media management, you will always have social media experts for your next or first campaign on Instagram and Facebook. As you understand, each campaign is individual, we advise all clients with enthusiasm for the subject and proactive suggestions for optimizing your social media channels.

Your Social Media Marketing Report Heilbronn: Today we reveal all key figures!

Currently, 122,567 residents live and work at home in Heilbronn’s city centre and its outlying districts. Back in 2010 there were still 122,879 in Heilbronn. This is not a new phenomenon, the population of Heilbronn is only shrinking by 0% or -312 people in the last five years. Calculated on the total area of Heilbronn, you have even as a local company directly about 1,227 inhabitants / square kilometer in their own neighborhood. This shows that Heilbronn with its digital possibilities is good for media managers to inspire people online for their own new product. The various data sets from the major online studies show. Purely statistically Heilbronn companies, public limited companies and enterprises spend 6 billion euros annually on digital advertising, we would not have reckoned with that today? 2,746 Heilbronn residents use social networks for professional purposes. Why not? Work, new projects, etc. are permanently present in social media for everyone, not only for managers with responsibility in the company. Is the advertising investment worth it?


The largest post reach on Facebook is from 4-8 p.m. daily

25,739 people are online in the phase from 4 to 8 p.m. 16,093 Heilbronn residents are usually online between 6 a.m. and midnight. Other times are less worthwhile for companies according to analysis. Comparatively, then here at once from 5-8 o’clock are barely 3,677 online, clearly fewer people. And yes, users incredibly active. Only with the commenting of photos deal daily purely statistically 87,104 people in Heilbronn. Whole 6,418 selfies of friends of registered people in timelines and the posted by friends.

30,602 users want to maintain contact with friends. 16,086 want to talk to other people on social media. 2,746 use social networks for jobs and careers. And again 1,569 want to find other clients for projects.

Advertising times in Heilbronn

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
User / day
in Heilbronn
11.655 1.102 1.202 601
5-8 o’clock 2.059 252 275 137
8 am – 1 pm 9.884 1.209 1.319 659
13-16 h 11.668 1.427 1.557 778
4-8 p.m. 13.213 1.616 1.763 881
20-24 h 8.237 1.007 1.099 549
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 14.414 1.756 1.916 961
Daily cut 11.655 1.102 1.202 601
Peak increase
at a daily average
11.655 1.102 1.202 601

Behind the screen! Most want to stay in touch with friends

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Interactions / Day
in Heilbronn
48.778 5.944
Comments, Likes 46.211 5.631
News 102.691 12.513
Photos 3.594 438
Friends, Contacts 17.137 2.088
Chat, Entertainment 9.008 1.098
New friends, acquaintances 6.591 803
Work, Profession, Career 1.538 187
Customer acquisition 879 107

Clicks per month

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
825.748 23.783
Visitors / year
in m
9.908.978 285.402