Social Media Marketing Report Salzgitter

Schlaue Kampagnen in Soziale Medien verkaufen Ihre neuen Produkte oder Dienstleistungen deutlich effektiver und durch Zielgruppentargeting mit wesentlich geringerem Streuverlust als in klassischen Medien, wie Zeitungen. Soziale Netzwerke sind ein Geflecht aus dynamischen Gruppen von Menschen, verschiedenen Plattformen und technischen Funktionen die unsere Kommunikation mit Freunden allgegenwärtig und multimedial macht.

Digital transformation of companies thanks to social media marketing strategies

Online marketing is now one of the standards of every media manager In Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Düsseldorf, we have managed meaningful social media campaigns together with clients. Anytime! For national concepts, our managers and media consultants will help you with campaign planning. With innovative social media advertising strategies between Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Our social media agency relies on strong, viral marketing campaigns in our social media management! You understand, for targeted digital marketing, the social media one managers are happy to advise you. Social Media Marketing designs for you multinational campaigns, extremely fast reach increase and highly targeted approach. With experts and experience for all crucial core areas for online marketing. has become commonplace for various advertising companies. Social media has a large percentage share in. Increase your profits in a sustainable way. As you can see, it is important for you to know your market, your stakeholders and your potential buyers in detail, then observe them on your media, define them in an even more segmented way and constantly develop them further. When it comes to well-designed social media, we are reliable contacts and planners.

Germany: One social media country, everyone is online somehow

With us you will find professionals for social media management and social media campaigns in Berlin you can be sure to reach the best users at any time without a lot of wastage in the media. The general media usage in Germany proves that 60+ million German citizens are active on the Internet. The Internet as a sales channel, with its possibilities of digital marketing, is firmly anchored in the media mix of project managers. 1 out of 3 German citizens is registered on Facebook, the largest social network in the world. Millions of potential customers, also in Berlin, who you can reach at any time with Facebook Ads for new products. Build brand fans right now. Meet together with us as a social media manager fans for the future with well-prepared concepts!

Social Media One’s Social Media Managers service and advise all of our clients with personal motivation, as you can see, every new campaign is special.


All facts for Facebook, Instagram & Co. at a glance for social media managers in Salzgitter

There are currently 101,079 inhabitants living and working in Salzgitter Mitte and the surrounding area, either as a family or as a single person. If you now further calculate the Salzgitter area, you get an impressive number of potential buyers as a social media marketing manager. Earlier in 2010 it was still 102,394, a permanently changing city. A trend which will last for a long time. The population of Salzgitter shrinks by -1,315 inhabitants, i.e. -1% in only five years. In relation to the entire area of Salzgitter, you can as a local brand directly about 451 people per km ² in your area.

Research results from online studies show. Purely statistically, Salzgitter companies and family businesses spend 3 billion euros every single year on digital advertising, did you know? The work, new projects, etc. are in social networks in times of global communication increasingly available for all users, not only for managers of companies with responsibility in the company. Why not? 2.265 Salzgitterer use social networks absolutely naturally also for vocational affairs. 21,227 people are online in the stroke time of afternoon 16-20 o’clock. 13,272 Salzgitterer are online in the period from 6 to 24 o’clock at night. Around 8 p.m. to midnight, on the other hand, only 12,129 potential consumers are online on social networks. 71,833 Salzgitter residents send or comment on photos. 68,053 likes are pressed every day. 25,237 users in Salzgitter want to keep in touch with friends through social media. 13,266 want to talk to other people in social media. 9,707 want to meet friends and acquaintances.

Daily use in Salzgitter

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
User / day
in Salzgitter
9.611 905 987 494
5-8 o’clock 1.698 207 226 113
8 am – 1 pm 8.151 992 1.083 541
13-16 h 9.623 1.172 1.278 639
4-8 p.m. 10.896 1.327 1.447 724
20-24 h 6.793 827 902 451
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 11.887 1.448 1.580 789
Daily cut 9.611 905 987 494
Peak increase
at a daily average
9.611 905 987 494

Investigated! This is why Salzgitterers are active online

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Interactions / Day
in Salzgitter
40.227 4.902
Comments and Likes 38.110 4.644
News 84.688 10.320
Photos 2.964 361
Friends, acquaintances 14.133 1.722
entertainment, chat 7.429 905
New friends, acquaintances 5.436 662
Work, Profession, Career 1.268 155
Customer acquisition 725 88

Annual and monthly visits from Salzgitter

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
678.053 19.614
Visitors / year
in m
8.136.640 235.366