Social Media Marketing Report Krefeld

Wir promoten Produkte durch geschicktegeschickte Social Media Management Strategien. Die zahlreichen Funktionen von sozialen Netzwerken machen Kommunikation im Alltag und Beruf mit Freunden, Familie und den Kollegen so einfach, deshalb sind wir auch immer online, also immer und überall erreichbar. Wir wissen, für Sie ist es wichtig Ihre Zielgruppe und Ihre potenziellen Absatzmärkte so genau wie möglich kennen zu lernen, danach durch smarte Tracking-Tools auf Ihren Medien zu beobachten, für sich zu definieren und permanent weiter zu entwickeln.

Social media marketing agency with experts in Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more.

For innovative, targeted online marketing, social media is made. Increase your sales immediately. With experts for all relevant online marketing decisions. At any time! For national and international advertising campaigns, our social media managers and media consultants help you reliably and sustainably with campaign development. Social media marketing offers for your project management international social media campaigns, extremely fast increase in reach but also very targeted approach. has become the standard for many companies, social media has a percentage to the campaign budget at. efficient communication with the community offensive advertising in online portals is now to the known standards for media managers virality decides when it comes to unique companies. With smart strongly interlinked concepts between Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. We have planned and implemented advertising campaigns for companies from Hamburg, Frankfurt to Munich. For marketing in we are always happy to be the best contact. According to a study by ARD/ZDF, three quarters of German citizens are active on the Internet, an enormous potential for online advertising. Meet new followers through new advertising ideas well done marketing strategies! Build brand fans today. On market leader Facebook alone, slightly more than a third of Germans are active with a profile. Millions of potential customers also in Berlin, the social media managers at any time extremely accurately for themselves with Ads can quickly promote new ideas. We guarantee that you for social media management and Facebook campaigns in Berlin always have the smart experts with in the team, for best results. Web, with its possibilities of digital marketing is firmly anchored in the media mix of marketers.

Due to the special user group, which are young people, you can calculate in sales inherently with little wastage of advertising measures on Instagram.

Engage users as desired with targeting tools on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

With Social Media One, you always have social media experts for your upcoming or very first ad campaign. With options like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, great techniques are freely available in the Admanager. Not only to analyze followers in detail, so you create exact campaign concepts. The more precisely your target group is determined by social media management, the stronger the interaction rate of your followers. Each project has its own challenges, we look after all our companies with great pleasure and initiative plans.

All key figures at a glance for Social Media Manager in Krefeld

In Krefeld’s centre and suburban districts, 225,144 people currently live as single or family households. Calculated down to Krefeld’s total area, you have even as an urban company directly about 1,634 people / square kilometer in your vicinity. Perfect for media managers to reach people online. In 2010, there were 235,076 still living in the big city. A long lasting trend, the population of Krefeld is shrinking by -9,932 inhabitants or -4% in the last 5 years. The different research results of online studies reveal. Purely statistically Krefeld companies, startups and businesses invest 15 billion euros every 12 months in online advertising, did you know? Entrepreneurs are also looking for good options and opportunities to expand their business in new markets. A whole 2,883 want to get to know more clients every day, more than just in the tried and tested career portals. Today only, 29,561 Krefelders will be online again. 47,280 Krefelder are in the phase of 19-20 o’clock on-line. Thus every single day 18 thousand persons additionally, which you can reach with Ads and advertisements on Facebook. In the comparison then at one time from 8-13 o’clock only 32,421 are on-line . 160,002 Krefelder city citizens evaluate or publish pictures and photos from the social group. 151,581x daily Like is clicked in social networks. About 336,847 personal messages are sent every day in Krefeld. And a whole 11,790 selfies are posted by friends of members. Contact with friends want to keep 56,213 users. 29,548 want to chat on social networks. 21,621 try to meet friends. Professional contacts but also innovative ways are looking for 5,045 users.

Advertising times

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Krefeld
5-8 o’clock3.782461502251
8 am – 1 pm18.1562.2112.4121.206
13-16 h21.4342.6102.8471.424
4-8 p.m.24.2712.9563.2241.612
20-24 h15.1301.8422.0101.005
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock26.4773.2263.5201.759
Daily cut21.4082.0162.1991.100
Peak increase
at a daily average

Activities and interaction of Krefelders in social media

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions / Day
in Krefeld
Likes, Comments84.88510.344
Friends, Contacts31.4793.836
Chat, Entertainment16.5472.016
New friends, acquaintances12.1071.475
Work, Profession, Career2.825344
Customer acquisition1.614197

Monthly and yearly clicks from Krefeld

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m