Short URL Service: Tracking and Monitoring + Convert for Free

Short URLs make it possible to shorten very long URLs, which serve as links for social media postings, extremely. This leaves more space for the description and the text. There are now many providers of so-called short URLs. Almost all of them are 100% free and compress the links accordingly for free. If you frequently need such a short URL, it is of course worth creating a user account, because this is where the various links are stored. But what is URL used for in social media marketing?

Short URL creates more space for text

As described before, one of the advantages of a short URL is the creation of space for more text. In social networks you only have a limited number of text that is displayed directly below the posting. Anything beyond this specific amount of text, which is individual to each social network, is hidden and must first be actively retrieved by the click of a user. Because usually only 2 lines of space are available, depending on YouTube or Instagram, that is, use on computer or smartphone, until this amount of text naturally varies.

In the end you need text to be able to set accents in call to action, for example. This requires space, e.g. to highlight the USP, the Unique Selling Proposition, the ultimate advantage of your product or service. And yes, they only have two lines for it. In order to place the most important information as well as the link within these two lines, URL must be shortened with free platforms. This leaves more space, e.g. for Emojis!

Short URL helps in influencer monitoring

URLs are often used for tracking, reporting and monitoring Influencer Marketing actions. The big problem with many Influencer campaigns, e.g. on Instagram but also on TikTok, is that you can’t place a link under every posting that is directly clickable. Of course, very few users will copy the link to their smartphone, close the app, open the browser and paste the URL there. Ideally, a URL must always be directly clickable. Although it doesn’t work in all networks, most of them offer links by placing them directly, e.g. Facebook but also YouTube. Instagram has also adapted a little and now at least allows the placement of links in Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories do not appear in the user’s typical timeline, but are content that can be streamed separately for 24 hours. These Instagram Stories are usually used much more frequently, up to 15 or 20 times a day.

Links can be placed on all these paths. Of course, the evaluation is important in the end, including the click rate, for example. In order to make statements about the clicks and also about the further course of the visitor sources, the short URL can be used. This link has two decisive advantages:

  • Clicks are exactly countable
  • Visitor history can be traced back to each individual source, thus sales can also be specifically allocated

Each individual blogger or influencer is assigned a URL. Because each individual influencer has a single, individual URL, successes can be accurately recorded and evaluated. These results of the Monitor Wing can now be used to make comparisons between influenza cases. Which influencer got the most clicks? Which influencer has generated the most sales? You can answer these questions thanks to the short URL.

Create short URL for free – Recommendations

Creating a short URL yourself is not difficult. All you need is a free online platform. Here we have some good recommendations for your social media marketing: