SEO & Photoshop – Duplicate Stock Photos! Cheap and free: Video Tutorial

SEO and Photoshop do not belong together for many at first, but you can (as I show in the video) collect new customers through Google Image Search. The whole thing, quasi free of charge. The problem: Stock photos are legally safe (if purchased with a license), but expensive. Alternatives like Unsplash are free but not legally safe, because the source of the upload does not necessarily have to be the author: Abmahn danger! Therefore, here is a small SEO live hack from our agency: duplicate stock photos! Pretty cheap, because all duplicates are free. In the video tutorial I show you how to make 12, 13 or 14 different photos directly from 1 photos.

Advantage for search engine and reach

  1. Images are also relevant for the algorithm of Google, Yandex, Duck Duck Go Go & Co. See also in the video, on the topic of Google Shopping above the image search<
  2. Your Blog Roll (overview) is much more diverse, because you can use more different photos
  3. Saves money: because you need much less photos

///TIP – Bracket

Youtube Tutorial: SEO & Photoshop – Duplicate Stock Photos

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In the video I show you the following steps simple and understandable

  1. Stretch and reposition
  2. Mirror
  3. Angle
  4. Filter: Color / Light / Black & White
  5. File renaming with keywords
  6. Compressed saving for mobile / web / page speed

Special: What is a Smart Object?

Starting in the 5th minute, I also explain the difference between smart objects and gridded objects.

Short Cuts in Video (Keyboard Grips)

Used in the video:

Ctrl + T for transform

Ctrl + N new file

Short codes are the best! You save hours, days, weeks of time in your life. Here is my special on Youtube on the subject.

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