SEO on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram? Channel Name to Video Marketing (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media SEO – After our big editorial on the basics search engine optimization, we wanted to take a closer look at the topic of search engine optimization on social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram today! In principle, this is also about “keyword”-optimization. However, we often talk about “search engine optimization” on social networks when we receive inquiries from customers. Through the targeted planning and creation of headings, descriptions, hashtags knowledge about naming file names. How can you optimize your own social media project?

Basics: Google search engine optimization

The big goal in optimization, whether social media or search engine, is the generation of reach and thus possible sales, newsletter opt-ins, webinars, etc. Through the use of specific keywords, packaged in a variety of information, content is ranked higher by the algorithm of social networks or search engines. Factors such as amount of text, keywords, structure, headlines, third-party media, list items, links, etc. influence the PageRank method used by search engine portals to evaluate the quality of web pages.

Read more about the PageRank method in the article search engine optimisation.

Keyword optimization on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Co.

If you want to understand how keyword optimization works in social networks, you should also deal with the optimization of keywords on homepages and online shops. After all, in the end it is not only about keywords, but about the strategic use of certain keywords in the context of regular content.

To put it simply: keyword optimization means not to write the word “iPhone” a thousand times. If it would be so easy to get on the first places in the search results of social networks and search engines – of course, this is not possible!

That’s why it’s not only about the amount of keywords but also about the connection with the other content.

Transferred to Youtube this means: A detailed YouTube video on the topic of your choice would be perfect. You give over 8 minutes of valuable information in a monologue and then provide this video with selected hashtags.

If users are then on YouTube and search for this particular topic, enter the search term in the search field and the probability that your social media content will be displayed increases.

So you always need two factors:

  1. The first priority is always the added value for the user, through information
  2. In second place is the optimization, so that the content can be found by the users, e.g. by specific keywords

Tip! Good keyword planning also helps in the structuring of video content

At the very end, “search engine optimization” in social networks, just like Google, is not just about the amount of keywords, i.e. pure quantity, but about the quality of the content.

Here we give a small list of thought-provoking ideas for the optimization of your social media channels. If you would like more detailed information, please contact our agency and our contact persons! We are experts in conception, strategy development and implementation when it comes to search engine optimization, whether Google, Facebook or YouTube. We are looking forward to your project: Contact.

Google search results: User behaviour and perception

Here to see: Heatmap of eye movements.

1st place is therefore, as can be seen here, the be-all and end-all for SEO managers, on Google, Youtube, Facebook & Co. Already knew, 90% of users never leave page 1. A whole 68% even only pay attention to the first 5 places. That is why many companies take advantage of Google AdWords. Thus advertisements, right at the top in the search results of Google can be switched!

Directly on place 1? Thus advertisement on Google: Ads & Adwords

Facebook SEO? Names, hashtags and groups

On Facebook there are mainly two important aspects. In addition to the information that we have already described at the beginning of the article on search engine optimization in the area of social networks, groups play a particularly important role on Facebook. Accordingly, the naming at Facebook groups but also the naming of the own Facebook channel is so important.

Channel name and group name

The channel name of your fan page but also the potential name of your group, if you want to promote discussion in your own community should be very accurate and specific, keyword keyword optimization. Simply put:

Best Practice Facebook group name

For a large, international company, individual Facebook groups were created for larger cities. The primary goal of this company is, simply put, to sell off-the-shelf products. Through different channels, e.g. the app but also in groups, with coach and regular meetings on site.

The optimal group name then includes the exact name of the activity, as well as the city name and brand name (the company name has been changed). Most important is to specify the exact activities, in this particular case slimming, diet, etc.

  • Example: “Slimax: slimming Berlin”
  • Brand name + keyword + city (local marketing)

The more accurate the offer, the higher the conversion. This makes search queries or optimization to such, so an interesting strategy for companies in online marketing.

What makes a “search query” so special?

First of all: Whoever is searching has a concrete need or wish. Our goal: Tailor-made content for search queries. On Instagram you have only a moment of perception, on Facebook a moment to 30 seconds (e.g. for videos) and on Youtube it is 10, sometimes even 30, 60 minutes of perception.

At the moment of the search query, the user takes only a few moments, a few milliseconds, to make his click. Whoever delivers a suitable offer at this moment wins the battle for clicks. Accordingly, group names should be as accurate as possible, not only include the brand name but also the “why”! When you publish new Facebook postings, new photos and videos, remember to use keywords in the text. Read more about texts and keywords.

An example (this is how a Facebook post [without emojis] of the content could look like):

Social Media & SEO?! Using cross-media marketing methods – learn here how to use keywords to increase the reach of your YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels!

You want to know more about Facebook? Get in contact with our Facebook experts! We look forward to your request and your new project: Contact.

Hashtags: Keywords for search queries

How important are hashtags? If you start with marketing in social networks, Facebook but also Instagram and YouTube, you often start with a large amount of hashtags under your own posting. But does that really make sense?

As just described, social media postings are mainly about the added value for the users (quality before quantity). If you compare new, small social media channels with the old, large ones, you will quickly notice that the large ones use fewer hashtags. In the first analysis and observation, you might think that this is because the channels are so big. But in fact, it’s all about focus! For example, if you are making a contribution about real estate, you should not use 30 or 40 different hashtags to attract attention. 3-5 hashtags are sufficient. Exact, focused and recurring. Good content attracts attention, not many hashtags.

Tip: Focus on specific hashtags

Therefore, we recommend that you use 3-5 very focused and central hashtags that are frequently searched for. Hint! You can search for hashtags yourself in your Youtube app for iOs and Android, also on the desktop and tablet PC. You can see immediately if a certain search term has 1.000 views, 10.000 or 1 Mio. Search for popular search terms or hashtags, because this is where the most happens.

Example for hashtags:

  • Bad examples #real estate buying #real estate agent #beautiful house with garden #sonnenscheinimgarten #new offer #I’m happy #large apartment #berlinkreuzbergzentrum #berlinkreuzberg #berlin #berlinmitte #inberlinwohnen
  • Good examples: #real estate #realtor #live #berlin #kreuzberg

Another tip, many people search the internet for “good hashtags” and load up on sites that recommend hashtags to build up reach like #like4like or #follow4follow. These hashtags do not help their growth. They want real fans who interact with their content, not “just” follower.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over 2 billion users. This makes it the platform among social networks through which you can reach the largest number of people.

More about Facebook, Ads, Groups & Co? Read more about our Facebook Marketing Agency

Youtube SEO: video marketing and optimization

How does the optimization on YouTube work? Search engine optimization makes a lot of sense especially on YouTube, because YouTube belongs to Google (of course you support yourself). So the biggest video portal in the world is also part of the big, rather gigantic Google universe. Accordingly, activity and of course optimization on YouTube is rated accordingly high by Google itself.

Video marketing, keywords and description

In principle, the optimization is similar to the 10 SEO tips that we give at the end of the article. It is about meaningful texts, but in a much shorter form. But it is also and above all about accurate headlines, internal and external links and certain keywords that should be used.

The superordinate term for this optimization strategy is “video marketing”. In video marketing, as in search engine optimization for Google, two areas are considered: The content of the video, from the structure of the topics, i.e. the optimization before the video production, as well as the optimization after the video production, through description, thumbnails (preview image) and references, e.g. to other interesting videos from your YouTube channel. For some, this area in the description is also very interesting in the point affiliate marketing. But for all, both aspects before and after the video production are important:

  1. Video content – Theme structure, structure and entertainment in production
  2. Video optimization – From thumbnail (preview image) and heading after production

Titles, tags and descriptions with keywords

The central methods therefore include the classic parameters of search engine optimization. These include the title of the YouTube video, the tags, i.e. keywords, the description of the video plays an important role in the search engine optimization, but also in the call-to-action topic. Call-to-Action means that users are actively informed about an action. For example:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter now!
  • Only 100 pieces in the shop, buy your model now!
  • Click here to get the discount code!”

Good heading, bad heading – Example

But back to the topic of search engine optimization, titles and descriptions. Good titles look like this, for example:

  • Good – “Search engine optimization e-commerce: tips and tricks”
  • Focus keyword: search engine optimization
  • Secondary keywords: e-commerce, tips, trips

A bad title would look like this, for example:

  • Bad – “How to improve your site”
  • Focus Keyword: none
  • Secondary keywords: none

Optimization starts at concept

The optimization does not start with the title and description, but starts with the conception of the video or the different contents. Because of course YouTube has very strong software in the background, which not only evaluate the images in the YouTube videos, but also the spoken content. YouTube can therefore determine very precisely which topics are addressed in a particular video and which are not.

YouTube even delivers the description (voice-in-text) free of charge. It can be used, for example, to add subtitles to your own YouTube video.

Optimization comes in the form of text, content and visual optimization. If the thumbnail (preview image) of a video is well designed and optimizes the conversion, then the click rate and with it the range increases. As a result, the YouTube video will be seen more often, more often equipped with a Like and also commented on more often. This in turn increases the YouTube video in the algorithm and this leads to a further increase in reach.

Let us once again summarize the individual areas of video optimization:

  1. Optimization of the texts, this is about titles, keywords and description of the videos
  2. Optimizing the contents of the video, in advance
  3. Optimization of visual properties, from thumbnail to header image, to animations in the video to keep users as long as possible.
  4. Internal link in the description, matching videos from your channel
  5. External link in the description, for example to your online shop
  6. Tip! short URL instead of long links

Youtube is extremely exciting for companies. Users are becoming more and consume more content, making Youtube currently a good advertising platform.

More about Youtube SEO & Co? Read more about our Youtube Marketing Agency

Instagram SEO

On Instagram only little optimization can be done based on keywords. The only way to get attention are hashtags.

The big goal is to get into the trendings for a specific hashtag, i.e. to appear under the most popular post. Depending on the amount of postings published on a particular hashtag, the time span in which a posting can be within the trendings varies.

These “trending” posts are displayed to all users who log in to the Instagram app and click on Search (magnifying glass icon in the app). Here you can find new and interesting posts by people you follow, but also certain hashtags. You can also search here, for example for #Luxury property

But how do you get into these trendings? Let’s look at a simple, theoretical example.

Trending Posts: Targeted Posts

To make it into the Tredings for the hashtag “Mascara” (make-up), you currently need 12,000 Likes and relatively many comments. Accordingly, the calculation of a social media agency is that 14,000 Likes can and must be reached so that the contribution can be seen in the trendings (24 hours to 7 days) for interested people. In this way, people who are interested in make-up and, more precisely, mascara are made aware of the company or product.

More about the topic Instgram, Trendings & Co? Read more about our Instagram Marketing Agency

Here we would like to refer again to the previously discussed paragraph “Focus on hashtags”.

Focus on specific hashtags! Use 3-5 very focused and central hashtags that are often searched for. You can search for hashtags yourself in your Instagram App for iOs and Android. You can immediately see if a certain hashtag has 100 postings, 1,000 or 1 million – accordingly often the topic is “discussed”. Look for popular hashtags, because this is where the most happens. Here are examples of good and bad hashtags again:

  • Bad examples #real estate buying #real estate agent #beautiful house with garden #sonnenscheinimgarten #new offer #I’m happy #large apartment #berlinkreuzbergzentrum #berlinkreuzberg #berlin #berlinmitte #inberlinwohnen
  • Good examples: #real estate #realtor #live #berlin #kreuzberg

Another tip, many people search the internet for “good hashtags” and load up on sites that recommend hashtags to build up coverage like #like4like or #follow4follow. These hashtags do not help their growth. They want real fans who interact with their content, not “just” follower.

Tips! Top10 search engine optimization – Learnings from Google

  1. Keywords – Define your keywords, preferably in an editorial plan
  2. Focus – Focus on one keyword per page
  3. Add value – Create informative content with at least 500 words
  4. Internal linking – Set meaningful links in the text
  5. URL – Create good URLs by title and without filler words (am, im, and, …)
  6. Other elements – Use bullets, numbering and tables
  7. Image SEO – graphics, photos and images should be optimized before uploading (compression, file name, etc.)
  8. Foreign content – Use third party media such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook
  9. External link – links from other pages (backlinks)
  10. Google Ads – Use Google AdWords to get targeted attention
  11. More on the subject… Search Engine Optimization (SEO)