Instagram subscription: How it works! Payment model for Creator, Coaches & Co. – New function

Instagram introduces subscriptions as new payment model for Creator! Instagram has announced that it will now introduce subscriptions as a new payment model for Creators. These subscriptions will allow Creators to charge monthly fees to their fans in order to provide them with exclusive content. The idea behind this new payment model is that Creators […]

The blue checkmark on Instagram: how to get it! Definition, meaning & guide

Blue Hook Instagram – Everyone who uses Instagram knows the blue hook. But what does it actually mean and how do you get it? In this article, we’ll tell you all about the blue tick on Instagram. We’ll also show you how to get one yourself. The blue hook on Instagram The blue checkmark on […]

Instagram and TikTok update: Pinned posts

There is a new update on the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok! Namely, you now have the option to rearrange your feed posts by pinning the posts you like the most. This post will then appear at the top above your other posts in your feed. But how does this work and why does […]

Instagram Ads agency: place ads

Understanding Instagram algorithm: 3 factors that influence it – Social Media News

Understanding Instagram Algorithm – A topic this week: The Instagram algorithm. These are the three factors to consider! Plus, Social Media Hoffmann clarifies why community management is the beginning of everything – matching the algorithm, because interaction is important. Future Biz reports this week: the chronological Instagram feed returns. Are users happy? All the social […]

Can Challenge goes viral! Farid Bang x Silberpfeil – Setting new standards!

Dosenchallenge – The man has ideas! Thanks to Farid Bang(Ambassador), our client Silberpfeil is in the headlines again very briefly this week, we just say Next Level Social Marketing! Not only on Instagram, TikTok the “Dosenchallenge” goes viral, also online magazines like Watson report about “Farid Bang starts the Dosenchallenge” and further “Of course he […]

Instagram for beginners: tips & tricks – setup, marketing and advertising (ads) – Marketing Podcast

Instagram tips & tricks beginners – target audience (avatar), categories, analyze posts, interaction with other posts – what?! What’s it all about if you want to build an Instagram channel yourself, do marketing on Instagram and advertise? In this episode of the Marketing Podcast I ask the most important Instagram questions for beginners! My grandma […]

Does Instagram fear TikTok? Competition: Videos instead of photos – algorithm update

Is TikTok the new instagram? Currently there are many changes on the Instagram App. The extremely prominent Instagram Shopping feature, as well as a new aspect that we noticed today while recording the Marketing Podcast. The competitive pressure from TikTok is forcing Instagram to change. You too should consider this in your social media marketing […]

Instagram Shopping: Requirements, instructions, costs and tips – Selling on Insta

Instagram Shopping has been a topic for many brands for quite some time. But the new, extremely increased presence of the shopping function within the app, which brings the competition to TikTok, should definitely be worth an extra mention! Since this weekend, the shopping feature on Instagram is more present than ever, directly in the […]

Digital avatar: Kim Kardashian meets late father – Trends

Digital Avatar – Incredible but true, the future is getting closer. At Kim Kardashian West’s (40) birthday party, her husband gave Kanye West a virtual hologram of her late father. We’ve already reported on digital influencers. The virtual world is getting closer and closer to the real world. The video is really impressive, because it […]