Good experience e-commerce agency: what to look for

Good experience e-commerce agency – E-commerce has become an important part of online marketing in recent years and is becoming increasingly important. A professional e-commerce agency can help you increase your online sales and revenue and strengthen your brand. In this guide, you will learn about the steps you should follow to find a good […]

E-Commerce Personnel Recruiting Agency: Find Personnel!

E-Commerce Personnel Recruiting Agency – Skilled Worker Shortage in E-Commerce! In today’s digital world, a strong online presence is essential to succeed in e-commerce. However, finding qualified professionals is a major challenge for many companies. An e-commerce staff recruiting agency can help find and hire the right candidates. But what factors should be considered when […]

E-commerce design agency: UI, UX and corporate design

E-commerce Design Agency – In times of increasing online commerce, a professional and successful online presence is essential. An e-commerce design agency helps companies build and maintain a strong online presence. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the services offered by an e-commerce design agency, the importance of UI and […]

E-commerce agency near you: What you should look out for

Find e-commerce agency – Online commerce offers companies many opportunities to be successful. But setting up and maintaining your own online store requires a lot of time and expertise. For this reason, more and more companies are working with a specialized e-commerce agency to ensure a professional online presence while saving resources. In this article, […]

Cross-media marketing: strategy, advantages and examples

Cross-media marketing – Cross-media marketing spreads a marketing message via online advertising, e-mail marketing, SMS and messenger services, out-of-home advertising, events, sponsoring, in-store marketing, radio, TV or even print media. Depending on size and scale, this has the great advantage of directly advertising to target groups in an all-encompassing way, rather than through a single […]

Landing Page: Collect leads for sales, email funnel + sales marketing

Landing Page – Collecting leads for sales, email funnel and sales marketing can hardly be done with a method as targeted and simple as with an optimized landing page. Have you heard of the term “landing page” for the first time? Here is a brief insight into the use of such landing pages in online […]

Testimonial: Referral marketing for higher conversion rate

Testimonial – You want to increase your conversion rate (“closing rate”, “sales rate”)? How about using referral marketing as a strategy, more precisely testimonials. Here’s a little insight into the marketing concept behind it (recommendation, trust, sales increase) with practical examples. Testimonial in advertising: recommendation marketing A testimonial is a positive description, endorsement or recommendation […]

TikTok x E-Commerce Shooting: Prep, Studio & Curved Model for New Shapewear

Shooting with Curved Model – We accompanied our Curved Model Anusha(CM Models) to a shooting for shapewear. The client is a brand new shapewear brand that is about to be launched. Therefore content with a curved model has to be created. The focus is on e-commerce and TikTok. This article is about the preparation for […]

Re-targeting: Addressing visitors again

After targeting, comes re-targeting, an important term in online marketing. In this process, Internet users visit your website or click on your product and are targeted with targeted advertising while surfing the web. Advertisers want to use this reminder feature to increase website conversions. Types of re-targeting ads These are the three types of re-targeting […]