Google search results with AI: News! Gemini is coming – Will SEOs & agencies soon be out of a job?

OMG! The time has come! You’ll soon get Google search results with AI from Google’s Gemini. This morning, this video washed into my timeline, published by Google, tonight, breaking news. With Google’s decision to put artificial intelligence at the top of search results, e-commerce is facing a crucial challenge. Online stores must prepare for a […]

Link building advantages: A simple example + 6 clear advantages for your store & reach

Link building, also known as link building, is a key strategy in the search engine optimization (SEO) process that aims to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a website. This technique is crucial to improving a website’s visibility and ranking in search results. Here are some specific benefits of link building, explained […]

Backlinks for beginners: building links (link building) for reach

Backlinks are connections from one website to another and play a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO), as they are seen as a vote of confidence from one site to another. The quality and quantity of backlinks can significantly influence the visibility of a website in search results. In the following, I will discuss […]

Maximum visibility on the web: Why choosing the right SEO agency is crucial

Maximize online visibility – The digital era has revolutionized the way business is conducted, and online presence has become the new frontline of entrepreneurial success. This is where your visibility online is not just an advantage, but a fundamental necessity in online marketing. The competition for user attention is fiercer than ever, and a strong […]

SEO strategy with mini tools: The secret weapon for page 1 content – B2B leads example

Best practice from the B2B / SEO world – The world of online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. In this dynamic environment, it is crucial to find innovative approaches to increase the visibility of your website and generate quality traffic. One effective way to achieve these goals is to integrate Mini […]

Google Traffic Millionaire! SEO strategy longtail: focus keywords and keyword chains

Google Traffic Millionaire! Our small special to explain SEO (search engine optimization) simply. How does search engine optimization work? Our agency also has strong aspects of Search Engine Optimization, after all you can find us for Facebook Ads Agency on page 1, but also TikTok Ads Agency, of course for Facebook Agency and TikTok Agency, […]

SEO example 472 % performance: increase (rating) in 12 months – best practice e-commerce

In a social media agency it’s all about good content, in photo & video productions, but also in search engine optimization, SEO for short. Content marketing is the magic word, plus a few quality backlinks – but is it really that simple? And does SEO actually work? Here’s a little insight into a client project […]

SEO for Beginners: Tips & Tricks for Search Engine Optimization – Marketing Podcast

SEO for beginners – Today the Marketing Podcast is about the absolute basics for companies in search engine optimization. For this, we’ve grabbed the top questions again, basic questions that make up 80-85% of the usual inquiries at a marketing agency. Instead of super explicit questions, for example about link building or about image SEO, […]

You’re fired! Trump vs Twitter + Pinterest Power – Marketing Podcast

Pinterest for Traffic and US Elections with Trump Throwback. In episode #3, Lasse introduces Pinterest. Looking at the stock and testing: how much does advertising cost on Pinterest? Plus a throwback on Donald Trump, who is now being replaced by Joe Biden. Plus Lasse’s top 3 books for entrepreneurs. Now on Amazon, Deezer, Google and […]

SEO text writing for Google, e-commerce in 6 episodes – Learn for free with videos

You needSEO for websites and in e-commerce. But how do you plan SEO texts, structure and long-term your own SEO strategy? After the many learnings around WordPress, the system installation but also the setup, we now come to the first part of the SEO texts. The A&O for you, before using software like Google Search, […]