Embedded media – photos, videos from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Co.

Embedded media allows the use of external media content such as third-party photos and video. Basically, embedded media have two advantages.

Pagespeed: The loading time optimization

If they would host their own mp4 video on the website and play it back by users, they would have extremely large amounts of data and the videos would probably not be optimized. Large social media platforms such as YouTube optimize your videos permanently. New codecs make the amount of data smaller and smaller. This in turn reduces loading time for pages that have embedded this content. On the other hand, it reduces the amount of data exchanged between the user and the server. It would be fatal, especially for websites that normally have an average of only 100 visitors a day, if a viral action suddenly brought 10,000 visitors to the site and the video was streamed by just as many. The server would be down since probably only one webhosting package was booked.

Legal aspects: Copyright infringement for own hosting of external files

The use of media from third platforms is not permitted under copyright law. After all, we would be offering a work or medium created by a foreign author. This would clearly have legal consequences for us. To exclude this, the general terms and conditions of social networks already stipulate that all content placed by users on the platform may also be embedded by third media. Of course you can change this as a user in your settings, in your account. Very few make use of it. Therefore blogs or online shops but also social media channels can share content from third parties. The media are then not stored on the server or web hosting package of the online shop operator or blog owner but are always retrieved directly from the server of the respective social platform. This means that no foreign content has been embedded or stored. Thus, there is no longer any danger of copyright infringements.

If you are looking for pictures for your own website or online shop, you will find here for example an offer for

Embed photos or videos

  • Social Media platforms such as Youtube are particularly suitable for embedding, since the files are constantly optimized or reduced in size
  • Uploading a video directly to a page reduces the loading time and the server may crash on too many visits
  • The use of media from third platforms is not allowed according to copyright law, but according to the terms and conditions of social networks this is allowed
  • If blogs then share certain contents of Instagram / Youtube from third parties, these are not stored but always retrieved from the respective platform

Answer – communication and optimization of the response rate

One answer is the clarification of a question. Of course, everyone knows that answers play an important role in the context of social media management, interaction and increasing reach. Many companies post their photos or videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, waiting for likes but forget to interact with their community. If comments are not answered, this reduces the response rate of your social media channel and weakens it in competition with your competitors.

Answers increase the response rate ergo the range

What makes influencers successful is the high interaction rate and the strong commitment of their fans. But how do influencers generate this high interaction rate? Bloggers or influencers think differently than companies, they like to do what they do because they want to communicate and want others to react. Companies just want reach, that’s all they need. Exactly here stops the communcation between you and your community. Due to this interruption in the interaction, there is no counter-reaction and thus the typical virality is absent. For example, by friends who see the commentary of the persons. And also friends, who see the new comments or the replies and might feel motivated to make a comment.

Answers to critical comments and shitstorms

Shitstorms and critical comments are a big question for many agencies, brands, companies and enterprises. Although it hardly plays a role in most people’s everyday lives, many already deal with the topic of negative statements and comments in the run-up to their social media planning. As a company you can take wind out of many users’ sails by answering these critical comments. This is especially worthwhile for constructive criticism, because these are customers or fans who have a high level of involvement with the brand and therefore express themselves. Many of the fans or for brands even customers, will never express themselves in negative experiences. That’s why you should always take your comments seriously and answer them as a social media manager.

Key facts (simply explained): Answers

  • Answers increase the interaction of their community
  • The higher the commitment, the higher you will rise in the rankings of the platforms.
  • Take constructive criticism seriously
  • Shitstorms you have to endure and if necessary you have to ignore or sit out.

Bounce Rate – Definition for your website, online shop and social media

The abort rate defines the percentage value of people who have aborted a certain process after a certain time. This can have different aspects. For example, if we direct our user to a specific YouTube video. If our video as KPI, i.e. Key Performance Indicator, has a value of 20 seconds duration so that the offer can be perceived in its entirety, every viewer who watches less than 20 seconds is an abort.

The bounce rate in the classic online shop

Of course, the bounce rate does not only exist in social media networks but also in online shops or on websites. Here, the termination rate is often determined by whether a particular action has been carried out or whether a particular goal has been achieved, as in social networks. This can be the sale of a product, e.g. by linking to an Instagram Story, or a visit to a website that ends after a few seconds.

Cancellation rate helps to optimize offers

The termination rate is an important tool for many agencies but also for companies and brands to identify possible sources of error. If the bounce rate increases in a short time, e.g. in a certain location, e.g. on a certain product, this may be due to a script error. For example, if a button or a payment provider doesn’t work, people will abort and not make a purchase.

The bounce cycle shortly explained

  • The abort rate shows the percentage value of persons who have aborted a process or closed a page after a certain time
  • Key Perfomance Indicator: the indicator of the actual duration of a process to perceive its completeness
  • If the KPI is 20 seconds, any visitor who closes the page before the 20 seconds are completed will abort
  • The termination rate is often an indication of error sources, e.g. if the termination rate on a page increases in a short time, this may be due to a script error

What is Bounce Rate?

4 ways to decrease your bounce rate

Optimise real estate advertisements: Photoshop, WordPress and SEO – Video Tutorial

You have your first real estate agent as a customer or you are an agent yourself and want to build up your own website for your company? Then you will eventually come across content management systems, such as WordPress. With content management systems like WordPress or plugins and extensions, you can build your own website today, with a lot of practice and diligence, and save a lot of money compared to an advertising agency. For those who have fun with the subject matter itself or those who run a small advertising agency and build their first real estate portal or first real estate agent site, this tutorial is just right. Whether real estate portal, house sale or real estate evaluation – real estate agents have a hard job: We help today free of charge to create exposés.

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Many sites fail because the visitors they attract do not feel 100% comfortable. This may be due to the fact that the images are not compressed and a page takes 30 or 40 seconds to load. Especially in rural areas, where there is no fast internet connection, loading photos with a large file size and maybe an additional video can quickly paralyze the computer. Of course, you don’t wait forever but simply switch to another page. You must prevent this termination!

There are several ways to reduce the abort rate. You can find some important information and videos in my blog or on my YouTube channel.

Today we will take a special look at the topic of compression and inclusion with aspects of search engine optimization.

Selection of the camera format with 4:3 or 16:9?

Before we can even begin to build our site, we need to make sure that any real estate elements output through our WordPress themes are well formatted. This means that the CSS of the WordPress theme is written so that every photo, no matter how it is uploaded, is always output correctly. In practice, however, this may not work, because you may also take portrait photos, for example. Portraits in photos are then automatically centered in the middle and thus do not show the image section you originally intended for the project. Another important point is that sliders are often used in individual property listings. Again, this is again designed to a certain size, so that they are played correctly on all devices, from notebook to desktop to tablet or smartphone.

So how do we guarantee a good function?

For every new real estate advertisement and every new photo of an apartment or house, there must be a uniform format. All photos will be cropped to this format before they are imported into the WordPress system.

What are the advantages?

  • Same layout on all pages and individual pages
  • Compressed photos for fast loading times
  • search engine optimized file names

The more similar the elements are, the higher the quality of a website. High quality websites are a guarantee and for us there are good sales. Therefore you should pay attention to such details from the very beginning. Once you have established such a template in your company, your employees or yourself can fall back on it at any time. This will save you a lot of time and personnel costs afterwards and will lead to higher sales. Your website will also be better rated by the search engines, as the time spent on your website usually increases when the design elements are perfectly suited. That is why we focus on the creation of the advertisement.

Each photo camera has in principle two formats with which you can take pictures. You can easily change this in the settings, no matter if Canon, Sony or other camera manufacturers. It is important to decide only for one format. Which format comes from the camera is usually not that important. What is important is that it is now correctly entered in the Photoshop template.

Video Tutorial – How it works

Photoshop file template

Now that we have learned all the important things about the reason for the optimization, we can take a closer look at the Photoshop template. Of course, as always, this template is available for free download, for real estate agents, advertising agencies and media managers.

Both Photoshop files are already set to a smaller format, with a maximum width of 1920 and 2000 pixels respectively. So your photos are still large enough for a visitor to view them on the computer at full resolution. Just download the Photoshop file.

Free download: Photoshop template for brokers

Insert in Photoshop

After you have taken the pictures, all you have to do is drag the pictures from the memory card to your computer. To do this, simply insert your SD Memory Card into the appropriate slot of your computer or card reader. A file folder will already open and from there you can drag the pictures into your Photoshop file. Proceed as follows:

    • activate card reader or insert SD card directly into the computer
    • open folder with image files and make selection

reduction of the images with shortcut

Since all your images are in the same format, as you can see in the tutorial video, you can zoom in or out all your images at the same time. To do this, select all layers, start with the first one and press the mouse on the last layer while holding down the Shift key. In the following step press Ctrl+T to get to the transformation model. This sounds complex at first, but it is actually quite simple, to enlarge or reduce the images. Always make sure that you only drag the images at the edges, not at the sides. To do this, always press the Shift key. This will enlarge or reduce the images proportionally. The format is not distorted. Here once again summarized

    • Confirm with Enter to place the images
    • If all images are stored, select the layers and press Ctrl+T


  • Now scale the images in size while holding down the Shift key

Compressed saving for web and devices

Now we come to saving the images for our real estate ad. Here comes the clou, save your photos always compressed. While a photo in the same format without compression still loosely 1.5 MB, we can compress it by 60 to 80%, maybe even from 200 to 300 KB.

To do this, simply select File in Photoshop and Save for Web and Devices in Photoshop under the Cloud version. Here you only need to make the following settings

  • Output – JPEG
  • Compression Quality – 50%

The next step is about assigning the file name, here too you can do a little bit to optimize your rankings.

search engine optimized file names naming

When you assign a file name, be careful not to use the file name formatting of your camera. Cameras only output numbered images, so they cannot describe what emotions an image reflects or what objects or locations are hidden in it. That’s why we rename our images and name them instead of the standard output:

    • DCIM45592.JPEG

We do this with all photos of our current property and vary the individual files depending on what is shown in the picture. The prefix with the respective real estate object, location and district remains the same.

Insert in WordPress

We did it! Now we have prepared our new real estate homepage perfectly and have not only a beautiful WordPress theme but also perfect pictures that look the same on every page. Instead of landscape and portrait format we only use landscape pictures and of course all are compressed and optimized by the file name for the search engine.

SEO: Video Tips

Learn search engine optimization and software! Whenever there is some time in the evening in the agency, I make explanatory videos about social media marketing, Photoshop but also search engine optimization. A few free SEO Life Hacks on our agency. What does a good SEO optimization cost? Nothing, if you do it yourself! As I have already shown in my Youtube channel and in many blog posts, you can build your own big sites especially with WordPress, even whole online shops with strong performance.

Real estate: Helpful links

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Facebook Ads Agency Tips! How do you crack the 1 cent CPC mark?

Why do companies make Facebook advertising? Advertising on Facebook helps initially to generate reach. Who is in the reach of reach, this own products can play, of course also services or software tools. Any entrepreneur or company that is at its beginning usually has the same basic problem, for your own application is too little range available! In the article, I am clearly referring to the topic of Facebook Advertising from an agency perspective. If you want to learn how to get extremely cheap click rates, you will find here in the 1 cent per click formula answers.

  1. How to find the most lucrative target audience for your advertising
  2. How to perfect your retargeting with the Facebook pixel
  3. Which images and texts work best with Facebook ads
  4. How to reach click ratios of 20% and more
  5. How to use Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences perfectly
  6. As you get maximum range with only 0.01 euro per click

Facebook offers here a practical solution, the advertising is very purposeful streubar, one can appeal to certain target groups, at a certain age, from a certain region or with a determine in the interest. People will see the advertising advertisements and then interact with them: The ever-popular and popular interaction. The interaction rate is a very important tool for the success of campaigns in social networks.

The interaction rate as a success indicator for advertisements on Facebook

One of the greatest success indicators for digital advertising campaigns is the interaction rate of the respective advertisement. The interaction rate is concerned not only with the mere range, but also with the user participation. The higher the interaction, that is, the more likes and comments were made, or the more frequently the own posting was shared, the higher this value. Most social networks have an interaction rate of between 2% and 10%. According to this, the value of a blogger or influencer, for example, is also measured. Likewise, one calculates the best single campaign here. But first we look at Facebook advertisements, what do they look like at all?

If you initiate an advertising campaign on Facebook, you first have to login to the Facebook Business Manager to register your advertising account. There you can convert your profile to an advertiser and you can then create advertising ads for your own fanpages and projects, which are debited from your account. The payment takes place here via credit card or PayPal. If you now have an existing advertising account, you can start with the first advertisement. In advance, however, I recommend the integration of a targeting pixel!

Retargeting pixels at Facebook: Re-launch advertising

What is a retargeting pixel actually? The so-called Facebook pixel is actually only a single, tiny graphic with some code. This pixel is transparent and as the name implies, just only one to one pixel high or wide. This is not to be seen on the website. If you add this pixel to your own site or to your own Onlineshop, all users are registered by Facebook by the small script, which is around the image file. If these users now return to Facebook, they can be targeted again in the form of advertisements. This principle helps companies and marketing departments above all in order to reach the already involved people very precisely.

Do you remember the interaction rate? The interaction rate is, of course, particularly high, since users are already familiar with your product or brand. This significantly increases the chances of a sale and a conclusion.

But now we come back to the Facebook Business Manager by creating your first advertisements on Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook, it’s that easy!

1. Create Campaign: Only one name

In the advertising ad manager, you first create a single campaign. This campaign includes different ad groups, which in turn contain individual ads. Thus, the advertisements have a two-stage nesting. The big advantage is that you can always apply the global settings of the campaign or the individual ad group to all of the individual ads. For example, if you have fifty individual ad groups, the entire budget should be increased by 10 € per day. With just a few clicks, you can change the setting of all single displays by nesting. A crucial advantage in speed, especially when the campaigns are larger and do not just contain “a few” ads, but hundreds.

So let us remember, first a single campaign must be created. Let’s go to the cucumbers. Main Ad groups in Facebook Ad Manager.

2. Ad groups: Global management of settings

The individual ad groups in Facebook’s Ad Manager, determine the individual audience. Here, you globally say that your entire ad group should have a particular interest. All advertisements will focus on this interest. However, as mentioned above, you can also manage and adjust the daily budgets of the campaign globally. Once the single ad group is created, you can duplicate it with just a few clicks and then change the basic values ​​of the groups individually. For example It is possible to create an ad group that is not only oriented on the interests of the target group, but also on the place of residence, sex and age. If we duplicate this ad group, we can swap one of the variables quickly and say that the ad is not to be played on women, but on men. All other variables, as well as the age and the place of residence, also the interests remain the same. So you can quickly build a portfolio, for example, The fans of a certain competitor and only shares them in individual, more comprehensive groups, eg. Men between 20 and 30, Men between 30 and 40, and so on. Why do you share the different ads in this way?

CPC is King! (CPT) and interaction

The advantage of advertising on Facebook is the targeted amount of people to whom marketing messages are spread. If we think of a classic advertising poster, thousands of people pass by there every day. However, they are from different social classes, have different interests, do not necessarily live at the place where the poster was suspended, are male or female, old or young. One can never determine exactly how effective a single advertising poster has or will have on a single person. Effects of traditional advertising can only be recorded in large quantities.

With Facebook ads it is completely different! Here we can exactly determine who should see our ads, that increases the effectiveness of advertising ads tremendously. We can also determine whether ads are displayed on only mobile devices or on the desktop. This increases not only the effectiveness but also the range in relation to the given budget. A social media manager measures the success at the CPC. CPC means nothing more than costs per click. The lower the cost of purchasing a click, the more successful they will be converted, we go from a common group of things.

CPT means thousands of contact price. He answers the question of how much money has to be invested so that a thousand people can see the ad (impressions). If we are only going to a very simple campaign, the social media marketing is only 20% compared to a classic CPM In a print magazine or in a daily newspaper. This means that the same budget can be used to get the fivefold efficiency! This is exactly what people and companies are passionate about in social media marketing.

3. Individual ads in the Facebook Werbemanager: A / B test

First, a superior campaign is created and named, for example “50% Sale”, then the ad groups with their respective target groups. You see, so far we have been concerned about the structure and structure of the advertising campaign. Now it’s about optics and design. Once the ad group has been created, you can create various individual ads. These individual displays then include, for example, Various pictures or even videos or even a whole photo slideshow. Each individual graphic gets a single ad. As a result, the results obtained can be separated precisely from one another later. This can of course also vary the lyrics, do you use emoticons or maybe not? All these possible, sales-influencing variables are now being played through in the individual ads. This means that you have 10 or 15 different individual ads in the individual ad group.

If you duplicate the ad groups, hundreds of individual ads are created, which must also be managed and monitored afterwards. The subsequent monitoring and analysis or analysis of the individual campaigns on Facebook, of course, is the decisive factor. This is why it is so important to have the individual ad groups run against each other, as well as the individual displays, graphics and texts.

The gritty, successful campaigns by analyzing the ads

Through a split test, or an A / B test, social media agencies look at how successful the respective individual ads are. In short: Which display converts best? The measurement is taken by our CPC, as a reminder: cost per click. For example, In the German market, one has, of course, high competition densities and many competitors who compete for the users in the social networks, especially Facebook. This can also happen that although a few thousand euros budget is available, in the first days only a few euro spent or played by Facebook. The low output of the promotion is due to the fact that the competition is high and many companies book advertising space on social networks (but also search engines). When new ad groups are introduced or new campaigns, they must always compete against existing, already booked ones. No matter how, in the end it is about buying clicks as cheap as possible. If your own online shop has only twenty unique visitors every day, but if you generate one hundred new visitors through advertisements on the Internet, whether Facebook or Google, the sales will immediately multiply. How does a successful Facebook ad look nowadays?

Successful campaigns of Facebook marketing agencies

In advertising, there has always been a golden rule: advertising must create attention. This is precisely the principle that agencies are using in the social networks when campaigns are conceived. Graphics or videos that are published must produce attention. In specific to the target group that might be interested in the product or service. This attention is created by using very simple means, as well as circles or arrows as an overlay, which point directly to an offer. The same principle works in graphics but also in video content, which must have a surprising moment within the first three seconds in order to pick up the users.

Did you know that most users watch videos on Facebook just two or three seconds? The same principle also applies to YouTube, here the videos are usually viewed only a few seconds. That is why you have to make sure that the story is designed in such a way that the user experiences a surprising moment in the first few seconds. This activates it for the further messages and thus a video can increase in the effectiveness, extend the range and naturally also provide for viral effects, if the campaign is then made smart.

Is advertising on Facebook usefull?

As we have seen before in the CPT prices, by calculating how many costs arise so that 1000 people see our ad, social media advertisements are much more effective than traditional advertising. Only 20% of the costs have to be spent to reach as many people as possible. For this purpose, the scatter loss is significantly lower since the target groups can be precisely determined and are not widely spread as in the case of an advertisement in print magazines or newspapers. These key advantages make Facebook and other networks such as YouTube or Instagram currently so successful in marketing campaigns of companies and companies.

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Advertising ads on Facebook are relatively expensive when we look at how an ad is shown. However, this only applies to young companies. For every medium-sized company, as well as medium-sized companies and, of course, stock corporations, Facebook Advertising is an absolutely effective means of reaching low-cost target groups. Likewise, chipping tests are very easy to carry out here and do not require a long-term concept or production or actions like the hanging of posters.

If you want to post a Facebook ad, of course, will first of all be confronted with clicks of a few euros. If you sell a product whose margin is only a few euros, it will quickly become inefficient. This is why it is important to pay attention to the CPC and to deactivate ads that do not promise success and whose clicks are much higher than those that promise a profit on sales.

CPC formula: cost per click

CPC = clicks / costs

50 times our ad is seen, resulting in a click, which costs us an example 1 euro. This Euro is also our CPC and the acquisition cost for a click. Dealers selling on Amazon, you can measure the success, but also many others. The costs are multiplied quickly if there are daily budgets of one hundred euros on each ad group. To this end, we have about five ad groups, already five hundred euros a day. It adds up. For this reason, we recommend focusing on individual groups and few split tests. This is different for big companies. Here, not only are sexes or interests split, also different countries and languages. Nevertheless, all speak one language: CPC.

Whether it is ten or ten thousand euro daily budget, your goal must be to press the CPC. From 50 cents to 20 cents, 10 cents and in the end only a single cent. If we reduce the CPC from 50 to 1 cent, the display will be 50 times more effective with the same budget, which is 5000%. This is the great art in Facebook Advertising!

If you buy clicks that cost only one cent, then maybe only 20 visitors for a single sale in the onlineshop needs, each single sale costs only 20 cents and thus the profit margin was increased extremely. If we were still at 1 euro per click, the acquisition of this buyer would have cost 20 euros. If we are now running an advertising campaign for a large customer, the city will quickly cost € 1,000. The margin is too big depending on how well a Facebook advertising is optimized.

Social media concept: How it works – brand, reach, monitoring

Strong social media concepts rarely include only a network or a social media strategy. What makes them so special is a perfect mix of different operational and strategic considerations for optimization. The first step always deals with the brand and its identity. Here, special emphasis is placed on the emotions and messages that your social media channel should convey to visitors and fans. There is no secret recipe, every project in social networks has its own demands. Step two is always the reach.

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brand and identity – Being distinctive

First of all, it is therefore important to become aware of yourself, your own brand and its effect on other people. Projects differ, as do their target groups. If you serve a young target group with your brand, product or service, it is advisable to choose a different mix of social media platforms than for older target groups. In general, the rule of thumb is that the younger the network, the younger the users.

Network mix based on target groups

While classic networks such as MySpace and StudiVZ have long since been off the market, new networks are conquering the market with new concepts. Especially on mobile devices Facebook & Co., communication, always and everywhere work. In the past, it was necessary to combine so many media and possibilities to provide the user with a multimedia experience. Today, social networks often start with only one purpose. Twitter was intended to distribute short text messages around the world. Instagram was designed to share pictures with friends. New social networks bring even more blatant ideas. Snapchat, for example, does not keep information permanently available. Postings are only visible to users once, and then never again. A new incentive that attracts especially young target groups. So the longer social networks exist, the more likely it is that younger users will migrate to alternative social networks. This can also be seen in the industry giant, where older users (for social networks) are particularly active. Facebook has become a synonym for social platforms on the web – that’s why there are now also older, few internet-savvy users. At the same time, Facebook probably has the most purchasing power of all social networks. In addition, it is one of the most mature platforms for social media marketing in terms of targeting and retargeting.

Media Plan: Who are you?

After the appropriate networks have been selected, clear capacities and topics are now defined. This means that the concept includes the frequency of interaction as well as the type. No matter if you can write a new post 3 times a day or only 3 times a week, it is important to deliver new content regularly. This way you strengthen your presence through a constant, evenly distributed flow of information. The second important factor are the topics of your postings in social networks. The easiest, most sensible way is still the classic question in marketing: What do I want to offer? What does my customer expect? With an intelligent mix of existing materials and the needs of potential customers, you can post relevant topics. For a jeweler this could be the cleaning of certain metals or materials, for a make-up producer it could be the regular styling tip. It is important to engage with the user and offer content with added value. Then visitors will interact with their contributions, link them and share them with friends. They in turn trust the information because it comes from friends. So choose wisely:

  • your target group on the Internet

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increase of range – media strategy

Increasing the range is sometimes a costly and lengthy undertaking. If you consider the important decisions from the first step, the choice of target groups, network and topics, as so often, a good foundation stone has already been laid. If you follow step 1 alone, you will sooner or later win fans and followers for your project with your personal or company fan page. With a deeper social media strategy, however, success in reach and interaction can be increased. The A&O for your fan page: Get users to interact with your content:

  1. Post of external, i.e. foreign content, is equally interesting for your fans
  2. use questions, address people
  3. Request user to actively comment


Everything else, more intensive, is difficult for individuals or companies to implement without a social media manager. Starting with interesting options such as retargeting through your own website, target-group-specific campaign control in Facebook Ads & Co. or monitoring. For these, more specific tools to increase reach, we always recommend an agency or a social media expert at your side.

Step 3: Social media monitoring – key figures and results

Let us now come to the evaluation of all measures, the monitoring. How much effort does which area, which action, which idea… and more importantly, what success do the individual concepts for growth and expansion bring? All this can only be determined through controlled operative work. The constant optimization and improvement of your own social media concept should therefore always be the top priority. Those who manage to understand their visitors and fans also know how to advertise for them and how to convince them themselves – no matter if it’s a product, brand or service. Social networks require a feel for the subject, again every job on the customer. Optimization is therefore always part of success.

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