Hashtag – Symbol, Examples and Definition: When to use a Hashtag?

Hashtag, everybody’s heard that before. Hashtags are the order of the day these days. Not only do almost all users in social networks use them, they are also picked up in news and magazines. The definition of a hash tag is the special archiving program that is given by the use of the hash tag. How exactly does this work with the Hashtags?

Hashtag Definition, function and keyboard Assignment

Hashtags are generally used in connection with social media postings. For a contribution, photo or video, the subject area is precisely delimited. Hashtags can be described less as categorization than as catchwords.

To mark a hash tag or a word, use the hash symbol on the keyboard. The words must not be separated by spaces afterwards. For the description of a social media posting, usually 2, 3 or sometimes more hashtags are used.

  • #hashtag
  • #thishashtag

So, for example, a football game would have two or three hashtags of this kind #bvb #borussiadortmund. All posts posted under this hashtag are now collected and marked. So users can retrieve all media content that has been tagged with a specific hash tag.

The archiving function is the use of hashtags. A practical example could be the use of a certain brand name, but also a certain topic, like #vegan, or #restaurant, but also everything else that can be subdivided into keywords. From music festivals to fashion brands, emotions, but also actions.

When to use hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

As a private user one does not see the main function in the priority aspect of archiving of course in the use of Hashtags. Here it depends on being found by others. Everyone who posts on social networks is more or less looking for the public and of course has the expectation to trigger reactions with his posting. By using hashtags, other users become aware of the images. For example, if you’re on the road at the world’s most famous festival, Coachella, you’re sure to post something for your fans. But it must not only be the big influencers, also private people who are at local festivals like Rock am Ring and want to show their friends, but also other people how much they experience where. That’s why they upgrade the postings with hashtags so that they can be found by other users. Many individuals also use hash tags without special intentions, they use hash tags because everyone uses them.

In principle, it can be said that hashtags help with archiving and searching media content in social networks. From everyday topics such as travel, Instagram, to political and economic opinions on Twitter.

To find the hashtags you have to enter the desired word in the search field in the social networks. The search field can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter at the top of the page. Depending on the social network, different options are displayed directly in the preview of the respective search. For example, if you enter the word BVB, the first channel to appear will be that of the football team, followed by the collection of hashtags and then, depending on the social network, for example groups, or other profiles with the name.

Find hash tags

Finding hashtags to specifically increase your own reach is not easy. Most start with standard text, but we wouldn’t recommend them, as they are used by millions of people. Ultimately, social networks, like search engines, are about an algorithm that tells you what’s trendy and what’s not. So if you are competing under certain hashtags against big competition, the probability that you will be found by new users is relatively low. If you do a hashtag analysis before to find out the biggest potential or chances for you, it will be reflected in the growth of the channel later on. But what exactly do chances mean at Hashtags?

If, for example, you use the theme beauty, make-up, but also other beauty products, then you should consider how accurate, or spongy their hashtags are. It becomes relatively difficult if you want to attract attention with very general hashtags, e.g. the hashtag in this area:

  • #beauty

If you look at the amount of postings on that single hash tag, you’ll usually find over 100 million posts on that particular topic on the major social networks. Therefore one should look for a more exact Hashtag. If, for example, you want to stay in the range, one possibility would be to use special search terms such as the word eyeliner instead of beauty:

  • #eyeliner

You can also search for other hashtags on social networks. For example, if you type the word “eyeliner” on Instagram, you will see additional suggestions with the amount of media content. From the list, you can then select or discover hash tags for which new content is posted less frequently. The less new content is posted and the less posts from your competitors get many likes and comments, the higher is your chance to increase your reach. This enables them to find keywords that are used within the community, i.e. that are also international and appealing to you as potential interested parties and consumers. So the Hashtag will be even more accurate and step-by-step developed to:

  • #beautylover
  • #eyeliner
  • #eyelinertutorial

Find hash tags via app

The own analysis of hashtags is always more qualitative than an automatic output. Nevertheless, many rely on the use of apps when choosing their hashtags. So that we don’t leave the topic out completely, we have here again recommendations for corresponding apps for Android and iPhone.

Q&A on the subject of Hashtag

In our comments on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and of course in the direct messages, we get many questions about the use of hashtags. We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions for you here, with direct, short and free answers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail to the editorial office.

What does Hashtag mean in the youth language?

The shortening and shortage of communication has played an important role since the beginning of the media. When the first films appeared in the cinema, people were still warning of the consequences of the fast pictures. Newspapers often struggle to survive um´s as content on online portals and even more modern, social networks are becoming increasingly scarce and eye-catching. Communication has also changed. From the letter, for which you had to take a lot of time, to the phone call, to the e-mail and SMS and today you often send only a single emoji via Whatsapp in order to express emotions even faster. Shortage has therefore always been part of the renewal of the media world. Accordingly, hashtags have established themselves as a way of scarce content. Instead of elaborate explanations, e.g. about political climate debates, a hashtag is enough to express many things:

  • #climatechange
  • #fridaysforfurure

The use of hashtags is therefore not only a phenomenon, but also a meaningful effect of the scarcity of information from the point of view of media society.

For what do you use hashtags?

The basic functions of hashtags are fully summarized as described above:

  • Finding information quickly
  • Archive media content
  • Shortage of long information

What does Hatch Teck?

Hatch Teck? In fact, several hundred people a month search Google for this question! If you have just searched for this phrase or question, the correct spelling of the word is: Hashtag.

How do I make a hashtag on Twitter?

Making a hashtag on Twitter, but also on other social networks, like Facebook, or Instagram, is not difficult. The only thing you need to do is press the hash icon on the keyboard of your computer, notebook, tablet, or smartphone. Without setting a space, add the word of your choice directly after the hash symbol. It is important not to use spaces in a hash tag. So you have to write the word in a string. This combination of hash and keyword is then automatically recognized by Twitter as a hash tag.