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A feed describes the archiving of new content. That sounds a bit dry at first, more exactly a feed is a newsstream. Basically, all content management systems, from blogs to social media networks, can offer such a feed.

Various Feed Formats

Depending on the usage reason, such a feed is built differently.

XML Blog and News Feed

Blogs and news portals typically use XML feeds. These are very simply structured, constantly generated overviews or link lists. In these link lists you will then find the latest contributions from a system. Of course, this list can also be output for different subcategories, so that I can only find the contents of a certain category in this XML feed.

Newsfeed in social networks

In social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, these feeds are visually structured. That means we see in our newsfeed the latest photos and videos on Instagram, news from our friends, also photos and videos on Facebook or on YouTube the latest video tutorials and documentations.

How you as a company can influence such a newsfeed is described in the article on Discovering. Here we show how to get into trendings by analyzing certain hashtags in a simple example for the real estate industry. Read more about the topic here in the article

What is a feed?

  • A feed is a kind of newsstream
  • All Content Manageent systems can offer such a feed
  • Although there are also differences between feed formats, while blogs and news portals usually use XML feeds, the feeds in social networks are visually structured feeds
  • You as a company can influence the newsfeed as well
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