Block – no longer see people and profiles

Blocking someone means suppressing communication. If you block a specific person on social networks, you do not want to communicate with them any further. This can have various reasons, dispute or even just that one is annoyed online by a person. Some people also block people to get no further messages in their feed, e.g. if you don’t want to follow a certain ID. There can therefore be very different reasons for blocking, usually private individuals who do not want to be in further exchange with each other. This decision is always made one-sided and can easily be executed in the app or browser, with just a few clicks or tips.

Blocking is an important tool

For many, blocking people is an important way to avoid unwanted conversations. In real life you can easily protect yourself from communication, because first you have to meet each other. In the real world, you first have to go outside the door, then take the courage to address the person. Of course it is much easier online, which is why there are also new phenomena like trolling. Trolls criticize putting comma, without sense and reason. In real life, they would behave differently; on the Internet, you can insult anyone or any company at any time without having to fear consequences.

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Blocking people and profiles

  • If you block someone, neither the postings of that person appear in the feed nor can you be contacted by that person
  • The blocking can be done with a few clicks
  • You can avoid unpleasant conversations by blocking them and protect yourself from unwanted situations
  • It is not uncommon for users to be blocked when they “troll”, which means that they have to jump especially for spelling and grammar mistakes made by another user
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