Unfollow – Abort connection between users

The great recipe for success of social networks is that people follow each other. Those who follow each other can, of course, also follow each other. In this context, following means that a confirmed link is revoked. This link can have different aspects, e.g. a friendship or just a subscription to a channel. Depending on the social network, this can be interpreted differently. On Instagram, for example, it would say unfollow, the English term. So if I don’t follow a person anymore, I follow him.

The theoretical increase of unfold is block. If you block a person, you do not want any information or communication with that person or page.

Knew already? Fake Likes and Follower

Many push their social media channels artificially through social media bots. Or they buy Likes. Of course, nowadays you can buy everything on the Internet and for relatively little money on the known platforms. They don’t believe how many use such methodology to make their own Instagram, YouTube or Facebook channel more interesting. If you have 100,000 fans, but then only 30 likes, you can draw your own conclusions! But why do people fake public perception?

Everyone is looking for recognition and of course the impact of 10,000 fans is better than that of 100, so many buy their likes or followers to suggest to others that they have much more interaction on their channel. But what ultimately counts for marketers is whose performance is better? The one with the small circle of friends but for that the authentic channel and blogger or the fake one, looks good but hardly achieves interaction itself. When selecting influencer campaigns, you should always pay attention to this.

If you find that your blogger is faked, then you can simply follow him now.

Unfollow and Fake Follower

  • Entfolgen means that you undo a confirmed link
  • When you unfollow a person you no longer see his posts in his stream
  • When blocking you can’t see any information or communications of this site at all
  • Many buy themselves also Likes or Follower around so to suggest that they have substantially more interaction on their channel
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