Authenticity – influencers and bloggers live from the authentic look

Authenticity simply means that users classify you as “reliable” and “honest”. Authenticity does not necessarily have to have anything to do with someone being down-to-earth, authenticity ultimately means honesty. Even the selling moderator of a home shopping channel can be authentic when promoting a certain beauty product. Although it ultimately takes place in the context of a sale. Sales do not necessarily imply honesty, products should eventually be sold.

Most of the time, however, we consider the authentic person to be those who lead their lives as they see fit. People who look the way they are and who they are. Therefore not only individuals, bloggers or influencers can be authentic, but also companies and enterprises can use authenticity for their presence in social networks. An authentic channel management means honest communication with the users, photos that are not very placed and show the reality, honest opinions and comments of the operator.

Bloggers and influencers live on authenticity

Especially for bloggers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube but also Facebook, authenticity is very important because fans want to follow a person they can trust. Trust plays a big role, because only trust creates the close connection to a blogger, influencer and finally also to a brand.

Trust involves various aspects, e.g. regular reporting for newspapers, as well as regular postings for Instagram Stars. Regularity and punctuality play an important role for many. But being authentic also means dealing with the fans, taking up opinions and addressing the fans. In a manner of speaking, don’t be off the ground!

Authentic can also be the one who has taken off. Birds of paradise on Instagram, who are invited from event to event and inspire 100,000 people daily with new outfit inspirations. Many of the outfits are probably not suitable for everyday use but nevertheless many follow the birds of paradise because they feel comfortable in their skin and are therefore a positive role model.

All these aspects of interpersonal communication and our society have to be transferred to companies and agencies if they want to be successful with their social media marketing or social media management.

Authenticity – that’s why it’s so important for bloggers

  • Users classify the influencer as “honest” and “reliable”
  • By authenticity the followers build up a certain bond and trust to the influencer, which is also transferred to the brand they introduce
  • Authenticity doesn’t always mean natural and suitable for everyday use, it’s all about standing by yourself and feeling good in your skin
  • Authenticity is an important aspect especially in social media marketing