Point of Sale (POS): Place of sale

Point of Sale (POS) means “place of purchase” from the consumer perspective and from the retailer perspective it is defined as “place of sale”. It therefore describes the place where the goods are offered (usually the internal location of the goods on shelves in a store or a sales pod) and where the customer has direct contact with the goods.

POS example

Gas stations and supermarkets can be points of sale for chewing gum, as it is sold in these places. The term can be defined more precisely, as it can also mean, for example, shelves. Likewise, POS can mean, for example, a whole store that sells fashion.

POS Marketing: What is it?

POS marketing means all measures that entice potential customers to come into contact with the respective product. It should be added that the final purchase decision is made at the POS. Due to impulse buying, the POS is of great importance in marketing.

POS marketing tools

Here you will find some marketing tools for POS listed:

  • Store design
  • Signs
  • Exterior design
  • Stimulate additional purchases

POS quickly explained

POS once briefly explained:

  • Place of purchase or place of sale
  • Place where the goods are offered