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Costs per Lead (CPL): Calculation, Meaning & Application Areas

Cost per lead (CPL), translated as “contact compensation,” describes a billing model in online marketing. Unlike other billing models, which pay per click on an ad or per transaction, advertisers are paid according to the number of leads or contacts they generate under this payment model. Calculation of the CPL The formula for calculating the […]

The blue checkmark on Instagram: how to get it! Definition, meaning & guide

Blue Hook Instagram – Everyone who uses Instagram knows the blue hook. But what does it actually mean and how do you get it? In this article, we’ll tell you all about the blue tick on Instagram. We’ll also show you how to get one yourself. The blue hook on Instagram The blue checkmark on […]

Shitstorm – Definition & Tips

Shitstorm – The term “shitstorm” comes from English, where it has a broader meaning than in German. In German, a shitstorm means a form of public outrage. A shitstorm means a phase in which companies, celebrities, associations, private individuals or authorities are criticized in a short period of time because of certain statements or actions […]

Web 3.0: The Future of the Internet – Definition, Concept & Advantages and Disadvantages

Web 3.0 is still a vision, but defines an evolutionary stage of the Internet that follows Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Web 3.0 exists on the basis of blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology and the potential for decentralized data storage create a democratic Internet that is designed and controlled by users and takes […]

Metaversum for Dummies – Definition

The metaverse, also called metaverse, defines a new internet revolution and is a digital (artificial) world where we have no limits. From workouts to meeting friends, working and vacationing. It gives us the ability to meet and interact with new people. With all these features and many more, the metaverse replaces our reality and opens […]

Augmented Reality (AR): Difference to VR, application areas & marketing

Augmented Reality – Everyone has noticed the hype around the app “Pokémon Go”. The app uses augmented reality technology to display and catch Pokémons in your environment. But what exactly is augmented reality? Augmented reality, or AR for short, means augmented reality or enriched reality. In other words, digital elements are inserted into our real […]

Content Creation: Production & implementation of valuable content – equipment & types

Content Creation – As the name suggests, this is where the content is produced or implemented and completed. It represents the third step after content writing of the entire content creation. To classify the term: You have already collected ideas and written them down. Now it’s time for production or implementation. Equipment: What do you […]

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): The importance of unique selling propositions – definition, guidance & examples.

Unique Selling Proposition – The term USP belongs to marketing and refers to a unique value proposition that leads to a competitive advantage or differentiates the company from the competition and represents a demonstrable customer benefit. The USP can be equated with a unique selling proposition. Why is a USP so important? A USP is […]

Creating valuable content: more than just advertising – relevance, guidance & features

Relevant content – More than just advertising, what does that mean? Content creation means creating content that is tailored to the target audience. Valuable content is created that is accessible to everyone for free on the Internet. This increases the reach of the company and its products, increases the lead count and builds trust in […]