Foursquare – The app for restaurants, clubs and any location

Foursquare is a social media platform that offers different locations or places for evaluation. Users who are then looking for a restaurant or for Coworking in Cologne, for example, will quickly find an answer in the Foursquare app. Foursquare hearthis never made the real breakthrough, although some locations have used the service to trust most users of the still on Google ratings.

Foursquare App allows you to rate places

The social network Foursquare offers its users the possibility to rate different places, so that I can directly make an authentic impression on other users before they visit a certain place. Especially for tourists and travellers this service is of course a great offer that they like to take advantage of. The principle behind this is called Crowd Sourcing, the collective intelligence. As if we had already visited the place ourselves, we know within a few clicks what the others are saying and thinking. A simple rating variant is stars. As a rule, 5 stars are awarded, at least one star. Whereby 1 star stands for the worst rating and five stars for an excellent rating.

How does Foursquare?