Crowdsourcing – Mass Intelligence for Marketing and Innovation

Crowdsourcing is a popular method of binding a collective mass to a specific target. Especially due to the new possibilities and the changed transmitter-receiver model, anyone can now become the mouthpiece for a particular idea or project. Anyone who needs support, e.g. in order to achieve their goals through personnel, to gather sufficient knowledge or to obtain financing, may nowadays rely on crowdsourcing. But crowdsourcing is more than just the action of a single person, it can also be the knowledge generated from a large number of people. Collective intelligence or collective financing.

Crowdsourcing portals for financing and projects

In the last five years, many different providers have grown up on the Internet, before there were many smaller but now crowdsourcing has become the standard for many. Crowdsourcing is always about making use of the masses. Collective knowledge is always better than that of the individual.

According to Wikipedia is Crowdsouring “The wisdom of the many” and further Crowdsouring describes “the outsourcing of traditionally internal subtasks to a group of voluntary users, e.g. via the Internet. This term is based on the term “outsourcing”, the outsourcing of corporate tasks and structures to third parties.

Intelligence of the mass for marketing

  • Crowdcourcing is a popular method for forming a mass for a given target
  • Whoever needs a competitor in order to achieve his goal or to secure the financing, relies on crowdsourcing today
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