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YouTube marketing strategy: YouTube channel, SEO, advertising and click prices

Successful YouTube marketing: From the idea to the strategy – What is there to consider? “The YouTube Roadmap” is your company’s guide to success in the age of online video marketing. We invite you to join us from start to finish as we move from inspiring workshops to developing a clear and effective YouTube strategy. […]

TikTok Agency Germany: advantages, costs and recommendations

In Germany, more and more companies and brands are using the popular social media platform TikTok to reach their target audience. For good reason: the number of monthly active TikTok users in Germany is more than 19.5 million. But how exactly does advertising on this platform work? Many advertisers have difficulties in doing so due […]

Marketing KPIs (key performance indicators): Social Media, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & Co.

Marketing KPIs – Calculate for free with our 10 KPI tools! Want to really understand the success of your marketing efforts? Then you should familiarize yourself with the most important KPIs. Whether you’re running a website, doing social media marketing, or pursuing other marketing strategies, understanding and using relevant KPIs (key performance indicators) will allow […]

Influencer event concept: ideas, planning, outline – how an event is created

Influencer Event Concept – How does it all begin? As an influencer agency, we often deal with clients who are planning their first influencer event. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Co. have become huge and social media stars are the brand ambassadors of our 20s. Ideas, planning, sketching- How to create an event! Including example sketch […]

Cross-media marketing: strategy, advantages and examples

Cross-media marketing – Cross-media marketing spreads a marketing message via online advertising, e-mail marketing, SMS and messenger services, out-of-home advertising, events, sponsoring, in-store marketing, radio, TV or even print media. Depending on size and scale, this has the great advantage of directly advertising to target groups in an all-encompassing way, rather than through a single […]

Landing Page: Collect leads for sales, email funnel + sales marketing

Landing Page – Collecting leads for sales, email funnel and sales marketing can hardly be done with a method as targeted and simple as with an optimized landing page. Have you heard of the term “landing page” for the first time? Here is a brief insight into the use of such landing pages in online […]

Testimonial: Referral marketing for higher conversion rate

Testimonial – You want to increase your conversion rate (“closing rate”, “sales rate”)? How about using referral marketing as a strategy, more precisely testimonials. Here’s a little insight into the marketing concept behind it (recommendation, trust, sales increase) with practical examples. Testimonial in advertising: recommendation marketing A testimonial is a positive description, endorsement or recommendation […]

Point of Sale (POS): Place of sale

Point of Sale (POS) means “place of purchase” from the consumer perspective and from the retailer perspective it is defined as “place of sale”. It therefore describes the place where the goods are offered (usually the internal location of the goods on shelves in a store or a sales pod) and where the customer has […]

Viral: Remarkable attention – definition and examples

“Viral” is when a post or topic gets a lot of attention and spreads quickly on the Internet. Examples of viral posts Here are some examples of viral posts: Shaving stone Banana bread Mochis Solid shampoo Hair vitamins

Bitmoji: Craft your own cartoon representation

Bitmoji are custom avatars for Gmail, Messenger, Slack and social networks. With the Bitmoji app you can create your own cartoon representation and produce different versions of this avatar for different situations. Bitmoji can be used as a profile picture, among other things, but can also be applied as custom messages in messaging and social […]