Influencer event concept: ideas, planning, outline – how an event is created

Influencer Event Concept – How does it all begin? As an influencer agency, we often deal with clients who are planning their first influencer event. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Co. have become huge and social media stars are the brand ambassadors of our 20s. Ideas, planning, sketching- How to create an event! Including example sketch for the very, very first, quick concept.

Product & Entertainment

Fundamentally, and before location, activities, moderation, content creation… what message should an influencer event communicate to the outside world?

Influencer interest

An influencer event should communicate a positive message to the outside world that portrays the brand or company and the influencers involved in it in a good light. The message should focus on the shared values and goals of the brand and the influencers and highlight the benefits of working together. For this, you go deep into planning the topics and activities before all later.

On site one thing is Important:

Positive experience + professional social creator

Public interest (PR)

Another goal of an influencer event is to draw the public’s attention and interest to the brand or company. Therefore, the message should also aim to appeal to the target group and arouse their interest in the brand.

In addition, the event should also strengthen the relationship between the brand and the influencers and create a positive experience for all involved. So the message should also point out the collaboration and engagement between the influencers and the brand to emphasize a strong partnership.

For the positive feeling, you should combine two aspect:

Branding and entertainment

Mix: product presentation and entertainment for the guests

Seen here:

  • Branding / product presentation
    • Presentation stands
    • Expert stands
  • Entertainment
    • Social Wall: Made for content
    • Moderation area on the stage
    • Skin Smoothie Bar
    • Catering

Sketch: Event idea 1.o at desk

What does something like this look like?

Before we design an entire pitch deck for the presentation, we go about the conceptual planning of the event in the classic way with pen and paper. This involves running lines and distribution. The typical event has 30 – 50 influencers or content creators as guests. Our strategy for creating the concept:

X = combine information and fun

With crisscrossing walking lines, guests distribute themselves between stations quite automatically. Shown here in small, in one room:

Concept for the event: The next steps

Only then do we move on to concrete planning.

Designing an event that is designed for influencers involves several aspects, all aimed at fostering a successful collaboration between the brand and the influencers. Here are some important aspects that are part of the conception of such an event:

Target group analysis: Who should be reached

Before designing an event for influencers, it is important to know who the target group is and what their interests and needs are. A careful analysis of the target group helps to align the event with the needs and interests of the influencers and their followers.

Topic selection: Focus Communication

The choice of theme is an important factor for the success of the event. The topic should be aligned with the interests and values of the target group and create a connection to the brand or the company.

Influencer selection: guests of the event

The selection of influencers should be based on the target group analysis and the topic of the event. The influencers should have a suitable target group and fit well with the brand or company in terms of content.

Venue and format

The venue and format should also be tailored to the target group. A cozy atmosphere can help influencers feel comfortable and better identify with the brand.

Contents and activities: What to do?

The content and activities should be tailored to the target group and the theme of the event. Interactive activities, such as workshops or discussion rounds, can help to actively involve influencers and make the event more interesting for them.

Example: Live Cover Shooting @ WW with 50+ Influencers

Moderation: Lead event

If guests or influencers and content creators are left alone, orientation is quickly lacking. A well-prepared moderation guides the guests through the event, but also manages to cleverly place the brand and the brand message again and again.

Social Media Strategy: Create Content

A social media strategy is critical to the success of an influencer event. Appropriate hashtags and links should be chosen for social media to make the event and the brand or company accessible to a wider audience.

The A&O for 99% of events: content.

For good content to emerge, appropriate situations must be designed where you “just have to take a picture / post something”!

Follow-up and evaluation: results

After the event, feedback and results should be evaluated to improve planning for future events. Follow-up with influencers is also important to build long-term relationships.

Successful Influencer Events: Conclusion

Successful conception and planning of an influencer event requires a thorough understanding of the target group and its interests. The choice of influencers, the theme, the activities, the venue and the format, as well as the social media strategy should be coordinated. The point is to communicate a positive message about the brand or the company to the outside world and to arouse the interest of the influencers and the public.

As part of the conception and planning, workshops, discussion rounds, presentation stands, expert stands, social walls and catering can be used to activate influencers and make the event more interesting for them. A well-prepared moderator guides guests through the event, skillfully placing the brand message. Evaluating the event and following up with influencers are important steps to build long-term relationships and improve planning for future events.

Influencer Event

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