Influencer Income: How Much Influencer Really Earn?

How much does Influencer actually earn with a posting? This statistics from the Influencer Calculator shows the average worldwide income of Influencers or Bloggers with 1 million fans. The costs and prices depend on the personalities behind the blogs. The more prominent a person is, the more their name is worth. The values refer to 1 Instagram posting with all the planning and effort. Often campaigns are planned cross-medial, for example, the Influencer already 14 days before posting a posting that points to the upcoming action. Then follow on the day before the event Stories and of course on the day of the event or the introduction of the product, etc. For all outside, however, it provides a first, clear overview of the different regions of the world.

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Can you classify Influencer into categories? Yes, with the PAM formula (Persons Attraction Method), you can easily divide bloggers into 3 main categories, each with 4 subcategories. This makes it possible, for example, to create clear graphics or statistics. Here is the influencer classification.

Infographics: Costs and prices for influencers and bloggers worldwide

Influencer Marketing: Your key to organic reach

You can find more on the subject in the blog, with constantly new and interesting articles.

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    • Stephan Czaja
      Stephan Czaja says:

      Hey there Bibit. Yahoo decides which pages they list in their results of Yahoo News.

      You only have your Instagram Channel or do you have a blog as well? You need a website / blog to get listed in the news easliy + you need frequently, fresh content for you page.

      You could go like this:

      1. Use your Instagram channel to gain traffic for your own blog.
      2. Create a simple blog, use your photos for blog post thumbnails.
      3. Create a text for every image like: Today I just saw this piece by designer XY. … write 500 – 800 words (minimum) to create relevant content for search engines like Yahoo.

      Let me know if it works for you!


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