2 hours Influencer Marketing: Free Video Course – Keys of Cooperation

New! Fresh! And 100% free! My new video tutorial about Influencer Marketing. With our new tool Social Analytics we make Influencer Marketing possible for every agency, every company, every online shop and every startup! To make sure everyone knows exactly how to do it and where the important adjustments are, I spent one week, every evening in the studio and recorded this two-hour video course with all the important facts about basics, definition, KPIs, campaign, planning, analysis, monitoring and much more.

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Free online course! Influencer Marketing Basics

Here is an overview of the different topics and focuses of the two-hour tutorial.

Introduction to Influencer Marketing


Development of social networks / social value

Social Network Ranking, Values of the networks

Classification and categories

Advantages Influencer Marketing


Software support in social media marketing on Instagram

Hootsuite / Screencast

Social Analytics / Screencast

Instazood / Screencast

Planning and implementation of an Influencer concept

Definition of the objectives

Applications / SA Hashtag Analyser

Qualitative and quantitative attributes of the influencer

Influencer Search / SA Research / SA Manager

Briefing for the Influencer




Offers for agencies / SA campaign planner

Monitoring / SA Monitoring


Introductionstrong> into influencer marketing

Definition: Influencer Marketing


Especially young people

Recommendation, Evaluation Opinion

High credibility


92% trust recommendations from people
(even if they don’t know her)
also PR:

95% of editors use search engines for their research

development of social networks / social value

Forums and pioneers like Ebay

First communities ( Myspace) and data transfers (Napster)

The Web 2.0: Permanent networking
Social networks have revolutionized the entire world

Bloggers and opinion leaders

Social Commerce: Referral purchases

Social Network Ranking, Values of the networks

Facebook: The giant for paid advertising

31 million users
19 million now active day

Overlay of news, groups, pages

Viral groups as an alternative

Advertising as a must
Even advertising slowly played out, overlay

Youtube: Organic traffic with value

4 – 8 million frequently / regularly depending on survey

Long-term placement / calls

high involvement

SEO aspect

Instagram: Trends in seconds

15 million users active every month

People under 15 years over 30 min daily

Daily entertainment

Favourably compare Youtube / FB Ads

Classification and categorization of bloggers


5-10k are micro


100k+ can become idols

1M+ Stars

are the most popular:

Top Germany (Football, Youtuber, Lisa and Lena)

Normal influencers (fashion, lifestyle, sports)


Fashion, biggest topic







Animals, Pets

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W3> advantages Influencer Marketing

Advantages in marketing

Desired target group
No Adblock
No control
Exact target group (data influencers)

Influencer marketing is credible
Bridging the distance to the consumer

High ranges
Pamela Reif 3.3 million
Vogue 200K, < 10%
Paola Maria 5.4 million

In 2017, 50% of 14-19 year olds bought a product by recommendation of an influencer

Purchase decision by age group

50% – 14-19 years

33% – 20-29 years

24% – 30-39 years

10% – 40-49 years

7% – 50-59 years or 3% 60 years +

Risks that arise

Offensive advertising does not work
Solution: product placement or storytelling

Vertigo with reach
Solution: Engagement / Interaction as hard currency

Software support Basics

Hotsuite / screencast

Forward planning of content for different networks

Streams facilitate access to posts, scheduled posts, fans, interactions, etc.

Create social networks in seconds

Social Analytics / Screencast

Influencer Research (search by country, city, etc.) and the Influencer Report (profile and analysis)

Influencer List for management, grouping and always up-to-date data

Campaign Manager for fast processing of requests and offers (with forecasts)

Posting monitoring for success analysis and evaluation of campaigns and influencers

Hashtag Analyser examines millions of postings and shows you the most successful influencers and postings for a hashtag

Toplist Creator for trend content and search engine optimization as an extra for our customers!

Instazood / Screencast

Everyone talks about bots: What are bots?

How does a social bot work?

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Influencer concept: How do I create an advertising campaign with bloggers?>/h2>

Definition of objectives as a first step

Strategy at a glance

Definition of the target group / customer needs

Identification of topics, keywords and channels

Identification of the influencers

Goals and KPIs

Influencer analysis

Procedure of a campaign and important questions

What do you want to achieve with your campaign or influencers?

What should the influencers do for your brand?

What does the individual influencer get out of it / in return?

Who should contact the influencers, when and how?

Calculate range (impressions)

Calculate Impressions
Impressions of a posting = number of followers / 1.52
Impressions of a story = number of followers / 27.46

Assessing costs and success by means of ROI (Return of Invest)

ROI = Turnover achieved / investment for sponsored post
2.5 = 250 Turnover / 100 Invest

Heavy on Instagram, only one link

Tracking through codes

Possibilities of the bloggers in the campaign

Effect and emotionalisation

Reach and attention

Increase of brand awareness



Forms of advertising from product presentation to unboxing

Product presentations

Product recommendations


Hashtag setting

Products (clothing) “wear

Direct sales (affiliate marketing)

Competition analysis and creativity process

Channels on IG

or Hashtag Analyser

Qualitative and quantitative attributes of the influencer

Qualitative characteristics of bloggers

Features from “Identification of influencers

Sex, age, look, interests, amount of influencers, min / max Follower

Its target group is A&O

Quantitative characteristics of bloggers

number of followers

Number of comments

Number of Likes and Shares

Focus: engagement and interactions
Engagement Rate = Number of followers / ( Likes + Comments * 2 )

Interactinosrates as a sign of quality and value

Up to 50,000 fans from 8-20% (top 25, 30%; average 8-12%)

50.000 – 100.000 fans from 6-14%

100.000 – 500.000 fans from 5-11%

500.000 – 1.000.000 fans from 4-9%

1,000,000 – 5,000,000 fans from 2 -6

5,000,000 – 10,000,000 fans from 1-4

Fluencer search

Find influencers with the research tool from Social Analytics

Cities, countries, categories: Everything in one overview

Influencer Management and Groups

Briefing for the influencer before contact

contact details
Company, contact person, e-mail, telephone

Campaign data
Customer, content

Tasks of the Influencer (Digital)
Postings, stories, videos, attendance

Tasks of the Influencer (Offline)
preparation, training, store visits

One-time, regular, duration / deletion?

Media usage
Countries, language regions, duration

Contents of the postings
Representation of the mark, marking, mention

influencer, client, PR / press, third party

Contact: here we go!

General behaviour and guidelines

Via e-mail, short and sweet

Do not put pressure

take criticism seriously

personal dialog

Include content and ideas

Show interest in contributions

Link, comment on blogger posts

Offer added value: exclusivity

exclusive offerings

unpublished information

for profiling in your own community

Contract and framework agreement>/h3>

Processing from booking to payment

Influencer posts photos / videos

Influencer stores media (posts, stories, etc.)

Send media data (monitoring)


Offers for agencies in seconds

Campaign planning and prediction of reach, likes, comments

Price calculation of postings and stories

Monitoring to measure success

Influencer grouping for monitoring

Parameter input (mention, marker in image and hashtags)
Desired target group

Influencer marketing is credible

High ranges

In 2017, 50% of 14-19 year olds bought a product by recommendation of an influencer

Social Analytics supports the entire process

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