Influencer Engagement And Costs On Instagram: Free Account Calculator

Where do you find inspiration? Instagram! Bloggers and influencers are becoming more and more interesting for brands and companies, young people unit tens of thousands of fans and reaching more than classic TV broadcasts or fashion magazines. If you want to become an influencer yourself, you must be able to calculate your own value. But how do you do that? Thanks to the software Social Analytics, agencies throughout the world use the tool to get prices or interaction / engagement rates or even influencer media data on Instagram. The new free online version offers a free calculator for everyone! Absolutely free and always available. You can definitely improve your offerings because you are no longer just speculating with a price, but because you can prove it with analytical data. Just add this page to your favorites, you can always re-evaluate your statistics!

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Tip! Just make a screenshot, you can already put your statistics into a quote.

Calculate your Instagram value now

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