Find influencers: Search engine for Instagram

Quickly and easily find the right influencer with a tool for Instagram? That’s it! Especially the search for cities and conurbations is important for Influencer Marketing. Because here focus the buyers who daily flow into the shops of the city center and suburbs. That’s why many people are looking for an Influencer tool for Instagram that will help them find the right bloggers quickly and easily. Of course the search must not be complicated, especially for patches and offers the search has to be fast. Social media managers are therefore dependent on good software to analyze and detect influencers.

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Influencer Search Engine: The Online Tool for Instagram

A simple Influencer search engine does not exist! I do now! Instagram belongs to Facebook. Facebook’s business model is data about users. If Facebook or Instagram were to make this data available so easily, the business model would no longer be exclusive to them. Other companies and enterprises could quickly settle down to steal their own programs from the data. Facebook or Instagram acts as an intermediary here and therefore keeps all data to itself. If you remember the data scandal of Cambridge Analytica, you will see what you can do with large amounts of data. In the course of the data affair and after Mark Zuckerberg’s hearings with senior US officials, access to the data was further restricted. Instead of thousands of hits again, only a few hundred per minute are now possible. Therefore companies, software in addition, most on-board systems cannot pull large quantities of data any more. Since Instagram has nearly a billion users, you’d have to update all of these profiles every day to get really meaningful values. With only 200 requests per minute, you can’t get that far in a day. Therefore, there is no exact analytics software for Influencer on Instagram. The best alternative to tracking Influencer on Instagram is therefore a search engine that is easy to use and our social analytics software.

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Instagram Analysis Online with a few clicks

Social Analytics can, of course, do much more! With our online tool you can perform instagram analysis online. It’s easy and convenient, from your notebook, tablet, desktop PC or smartphone. Our tool offers not only the online analysis for Instagram, but also the possibility to compare different influencers with each other and to create a list together. So you always have an overview of your current influencers, for different projects or campaigns. All important data is recorded for you, so you can see retrospectively what effects certain actions have.

Find influencers: Free of charge for users

Most influencer agencies as well as social media agencies still work in Excel lists. The individual influencers are collected here, with their channel ID, the individual URL but also the current followers and the current news. The data must be constantly updated, this costs a lot of time from employees and therefore a lot of money! Finding influencers is definitely not free of charge. For some campaigns it’s easy to save 97.98% time. Our tool offers so many advantages to your company. We also see in our consultations how much time can be saved in some agencies. Especially if one or two employees update data every day. After our online tool for influencer search was integrated into everyday agency life, these people were able to focus directly on more effective work.

Influencer database for exact search

Our current influencer database contains the profiles of over 400,000 individual persons. This gives them a huge selection of influencers to find not only in Germany, but also in Europe and worldwide. So far the search is focused on Germany, but they have protection access to many countries and cities in the world.

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Further information about Social Media Software

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