Profiles and Accounts: How to Calculate the Value of Influencer – Social Media Analysis

With Social Analytics, Instagram profile analysis of bloggers and instagramers becomes so easy. No full Excel spreadsheets with hundreds of values and thousands of lines, no yellow backgrounds, no green backgrounds, no large or small characters, all in one software.

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Instagram Profile Analysis: How to calculate the value

With Social Analytics, companies, the self-employed and employees can quickly and easily check the accounts of bloggers. The online tool provides all important information and media data of the last 15 relevant postings. The data can be used, for example, to quickly and easily determine how many Likes an image gets on average, how many comments and how high the average interaction or engagement rate is. This assessment allows you to quickly and easily compare multiple Instagram profiles with each other.

For brands in particular, influencer analysis in the run-up to every promotional order is an important indicator and quality feature. Nowadays you can buy Likes but also Follower for a few dollars on the Internet. Exactly for this reason one must have as Social Media manager or assigned agency a precise view on the data which are available.

Influencer analysis: Does the blogger fit to our company?

The analysis of the Instagram accounts does not only deal with the likes, comments and the interaction rate but also with the media itself. Do the photos and videos from our desired Instagram Blogger match our look and corporate identity for larger companies? In order to get an answer to this visual question, Social Analytics also displays the last photos and videos of bloggers. Not only do you have the statistical data, but you can also present the blogger’s photo and video recording to your supervisor or customer at any time.

The bigger bloggers become on Instagram, the more likely you are to create a YouTube channel as well. This is why Social Analytics also includes Crossmedia Search, which once again explicitly focuses on the search on YouTube. If there is video content created by our blogger or that deals with our blogger, it will be displayed in the Cross Media Search. The videos can then be clicked and played directly.

Follower Analysis Instagram: Investigate interaction

As described before, Social Analytics allows you to analyze the behavior of a blogger’s followers on Instagram. In particular, it is a matter of measuring the potential. If we book a blogger today, how much reach would he be able to generate for us, how much do I like about it so there would be direct interaction for this photo or video and what about the comments, how many can we expect? The individual parameters vary greatly depending on the campaign. In the end, the idea must always be right. However, raffles, for example, have an extreme influence on the amount of comments. As a rule, 8 to 10 times as many comments as on normal postings are given for such lottery calls.

So that you can recognize such jumps and deflections quickly and easily, all data of the followers are also displayed in a diagram. In this statistical diagram you can see whether the blogger has generated a constant reach, or whether there are rashes caused, for example, by such a sweepstakes. If you should register a rash in a diagram, you can move the mouse over the respective statistic and see which number the posting had. You will find the media content directly below the statistical values and diagrams. Here you can simply look up which photo or video it is because unusually much interaction has happened.

This allows analyses to be made of the followers on Instagram for media as well as pitches for customers.
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Further information about Social Media Software

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