Successes and key figures in monitoring: Instagram – Social Media Analysis

For companies, agencies and brands, monitoring on social networks such as Instagram is particularly important when working with bloggers and influencers. Monitoring is concerned with measuring the success of projects. If we commission a person on Instagram to advertise our brand, they will publish a photo or video in which our brand or product appears. To evaluate the success, we need monitoring tools with which we can check on Instagram how many Likes have brought the images published due to purchased placement. Let’s have a look at monitoring in detail.

Monitoring of influencers and postings on Instagram

Let’s look at a best practice example to explain the function of monitoring in a simple and understandable way. We commission ten different bloggers for our new promotion campaign in summer. These 10 bloggers are supposed to integrate our soft drinks into their stories or postings. How you do that is largely up to you. Of course, a few parameters for the release were determined in advance. For example, the product must be legible by name or there must be a link in the description. Also, our brand must be marked on photos with the existing Instagram account.

If our promotion campaign for the summer now starts and 10 influencers publish different amounts of postings, we have to give our customers, superiors or ourselves a stagger which blogger has brought the most success and which bloggers have less conversion. Conversion describes the relationship between viewing and buying. For example, if out of 10,000 people who have seen a posting, 100 people buy a product, then we have a conversion of one percent. In Instagram Monitoring we have to find out exactly how many Likes there were, how many comments but also how many sales. The Instagram Monitoring around reach, likes and comments as well as the total amount of interactions related to the individual blogger can be read out of Analytics very well.

Present Successes and Key Figures

Through the monitoring results which can be read out with our social media software from the individual profiles, compiled and graphically displayed, you can also present results and successes wonderfully to customers. In most campaigns it is important at the end of the day to have proof of what success has been achieved. Ideally you can track links that are used by bloggers and influencers. Unfortunately, tracking links is not that easy, especially on Instagram. Why is that?

Instagram Social Media Tracking Software

Links are displayed on Instagram but are not clickable for the user. In contrast to Facebook or YouTube, where you can place a link in which you can track the sales results exactly, i.e. follow them up, Instagram doesn’t work here. The only option you have is to place a link within an Instagram Story. But this is only possible with a certain number of followers.

Therefore, the monitoring on instagram works the same way as described above. As a rule, the interactions are counted and at least a conclusion can be drawn as to how successful a campaign was. For large companies in particular, it is not always just about sales figures but also about the actual reach and brand awareness. Brand awareness also plays a major role in everyday life, especially when you are in a large online shop or in a large supermarket and are faced with a flood of offers. Of course one remembers gladly and much more simply a previously advertised product. The big advantage of this brand awareness is that users also become aware of the respective brand in other sales outlets. Once a brand has established itself or established itself as a favourite brand, it is difficult to imagine it as being gone again. That’s why social media campaigns often don’t just depend on sales, but also on all interactions and the increasing brand awareness through such a promotion on Instagram.

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