ow.ly: Short link for tracking and monitoring – advantages

On ow.ly you can generate short links. We have already written extensively about shortened links and their advantages in tracking and monitoring in our Social Media Blog. What makes shortening from the left so useful? Ow.ly is a project of Hootsuite, a popular software for advance planning of social media postings. It shortens links and creates space for important things!

Short links for monitoring and reporting

Shortening the links has several advantages, for example there is more space for the description. If the links are very long, as with search masks and result pages, which also contain cryptic IDs, two or three lines are used directly in the social media network. If only two or three lines are displayed in the preview of a posting, of course a lot of space is wasted immediately, which can be used for other media content, from call-to-action to enumerating the advantages. A further unbeatable advantage in the use of shortened links is tracking and monitoring as described. While link sources from social media networks are usually difficult to evaluate because there is no direct relationship to the online shop, shortened links help to evaluate how many clicks a particular influencer or posting had. You create a user account, you will see all abbreviated links in the overview here. This makes it possible to estimate which person generated the most clicks from a particular campaign. Of course, this also works with your own postings. If you publish a link to your blog every day or to another source, you can convert it into a short link every day and later, after 30 or 60 days, make an evaluation of which content was clicked most often. The click-through rate, one can then draw comparisons and share certain content less, but focus on sharing media content more frequently that is relevant to the community and is clicked frequently. Thus the own social media channel can be constantly optimized on the basis of codes links.