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Bidding strategies in online marketing: Google Ads, PPC, maximize your ROI!

Bidding strategies – In online marketing, choosing the right bidding strategy is crucial to the success of a campaign. Bidding strategies determine how much you pay for clicks, impressions or conversions in your advertising campaigns and can have a significant impact on your return on investment (ROI). Today we’ll take a closer look at bidding […]

TikTok Agency Advantages: Marketing, advertising, power!

TikTok agency benefits – More and more companies and brands are relying on the popular social media platform TikTok to reach their target group. And for good reason, as TikTok now has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. But how does advertising on T ikTok actually work? Due to the lack of experience many […]

TikTok Agency Cologne: Tasks, advantages and social power!

More and more companies and brands are using TikTok as a popular social media platform to reach their target group. The platform has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. But how do you position your brand correctly on TikTok? Many companies that have little experience with the platform choose to work with a professional […]

TikTok Shop vs Instagram Shop: differences, advantages, disadvantages

TikTok Shop vs Instagram Shop – Online shopping is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, and social media platforms are playing an ever-increasing role in the marketing of products. In this article, we compare the TikTok Shop and the Instagram Shop to highlight the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both platforms. Instagram Shop: An introduction […]

TikTok Shop: Marketing, product, reach – Create now? First mover advantage!

TikTok Shop – In the world of digital marketing and social media, there are always exciting developments that offer new opportunities for businesses and content creators. One of these exciting developments is the launch of the TikTok Shop, which allows businesses to sell products directly through the TikTok platform. In this article, we take a […]

Why marketing? Why a marketing agency? Advantages

Threads vs Twitter: Marc Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk – 3 reasons to go meta

Meta’s messaging app Threads could become serious competition for Twitter. Several factors could cause Threads to cause problems for Twitter. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has struggled with bad PR in the past, while Meta has built a strong network of advertisers and made profits. Additionally, the direct Instagram login on Threads allows for […]

TikTok Ads Agency Advantages: Overview, selection criteria and tips

A TikTok Ads agency is an agency that specializes in creating and placing ads on TikTok. TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world – therefore, more and more companies want to profitably place their brand on TikTok. The platform now has more than 3.3 billion downloads worldwide. A professional agency helps […]

User Generated Content by Creator & Influencer: “Let content be created”.

We’re extremely fond of using user-generated content for our clients, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. A look at the benefits of this content strategy. User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool that brands can use to boost their social media presence. Instead of relying solely on in-house production of photos and videos, brands […]

Net Promotor Score (NPS): How satisfied are your customers? Calculation, advantages & criticism

The Net Promotor Score (NPS) counts as a measure of customer satisfaction and the associated customer loyalty. It is a key figure that lies between -100 and 100. In 2003, the NPS was introduced by Bain and Company and has since been used by a large number of companies worldwide. In recent years, the process […]