Twitter: 3 tips for the perfect Tweet!

Twitter is a social network that is based on text-based messages between individual users. The advantage with Twitter is that different small tweets can be filtered by their striking keywords. This is why Twitter is a very interesting network, especially for trends. Each user has the possibilityto compose a small text message with 160 characters and put them down. Such a sent Tweet reaches afterwards all connected persons in the social network. Within Twitter there are trend statistics, which you can observe, there you see current topics which are declared relevant for the users of Twitter.

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So far the social network Twitter is mainly used in the USA. In Germany, the network is so far one for communication, that is, for people who have something to communicate or to communicate something, but mostly in an entrepreneurial sense. Particularly prominent persons use Twitter in Germany, be it the soccer players of the World Cup 2014 or prominent singers and stars. But not only celebrities can benefit from Twitter, but everyone can spread information here and get ready to reach the right people. To help you get a little start at we have here once beginners 3 tips for perfect tweets summarized:

  1. Use keywords
  2. Use short links
  3. Use pictures in the tweet appendix

1. Use keywords

For each text message on Twitter are available in 160 characters, which are then distributed in the social network. Should you, and most of them will usually do a social network like Facebook, use this posting directly to the template for your tweet. Look for the keywords of their postings, as well as the core statement and pack them in (only) one sentence! Already you have published an interesting, relevant suite with many slogans. The secret is here in the near future, watch for keywords in your tweets.

2. Use short links

Since you only have 160 characters available, but still want to lure prospective customers to their further information (website, onlineshop, etc.), use shortened links. For this, there is a very clear recommendation called Link-Shortener. With these programs you can also combine long domains and short URLs. This summary as links often has no more than 10 characters and therefore only 10 percent of their tweets. So you can see their link, but you still have enough space for your own content in text form.

3. Use pictures in the Tweet attachment

Twitter could not remain the network of pure text forever, so it was decided many years ago to offer also picturesloads. You as a Twitter user can use this function at any time! Eurch a meaningful picture, you can increase the relevance of your tweets to other users in the social network – thus the division rate and your range! Through pictures, you can set visual accents in the text network.

The perfect tweet

In the social network Twitter it is mainly important that you remember that it is a network of communicators, that is, you are exposed in a flood of messages. Always use keywords, so-called keywords, additional URLs and, if possible, image and graphics media. So you can take off your tweets from the crowd and build a sustainable fan base.

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