Video Tutorials! Hilfe für Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest & mehr

Free video tutorials on social media marketing? There is not any? There is! After our last lecture in Berlin, we caught up with the Youtube camera and are now producing small videos, which enable you online marketing or more targeted social media marketing
Should be brought closer. In speeches we often see that social networks are still a book with seven seals for many. How do individual social networks work? What are the differences and which networks have relevance for my brand / company in the marketing mix? How do users behave and how do they consume content? We start with a general video about online marketing, social media marketing and success in social networks! All new videos you can get on this Youtube Channel (Lukinski, media consultant Social Media One).

  1. Social Media Marketing Basics
  2. Facebook Marketing and Targeting
  3. Video Marketing on Youtube
  4. Instagram Marketing
  5. Pinterest Marketing
  6. Twitter – does one need that !?
  7. Traffic! The best times

# 1 Social Media Basics for Marketing Managers

Here, we first discuss the fundamentals of marketing in social networks. Since the Facebook has conquered the world, social networks are becoming more and more differentiated. Not only in their functions, but also in their respective target groups. Here you can find all Social Media Marketing Tutorials.

# 2 Facebook Marketing Help for reach + brand build-up

Facebook is place stag! Here are the most users online. On average up to 8x daily! Large potential for companies, brands and companies are also in the targeting options and also retargeting. Here we show users once again products that they have seen in our e-commerce. This increases sales. Many small tricks, big theme. We start with the Facebook Marketing Basics!

# 3 Youtube Content and Video Marketing Tutorial

Youtube is the main source of information for video content. Every second Internet user is registered here. An incredible number with great potential. Next week we will see how they can successfully make video marketing in Youtube!

  1. Current user numbers
  2. Video content on Youtube
  3. Microcosm Youtube
  4. Differentiation to Facebook
  5. Influencer and Blogger
  6. Companies on Youtube
  7. Video marketing and playlists
  8. Search engine optimization with the help of Youtube
  9. Internal search behavior
  10. Clicks, traffic, and placement
  11. Do it Yourself!
  12. Scheduling

# 4 Instagram Marketing: Photos, Blogger and Influencer

Instagram particularly inspires young target groups. Most users are between 12 and 29 years old. Thus, Instagram for young brands is a wonderful tool to generate range. Blogger Relations and Influencer Marketing from big brands show how it works. We take a first look at the network for snack content.

  1. Who uses Instagram?
  2. Usage behavior
  3. Differentiation to the other networks
  4. Scheduling and postings
  5. Comparison with TV advertising, the more, the better
  6. 7 and 5 pm, such as breakfast and news
  7. Registration and use
  8. Media plan and snack content
  9. Multichannel, use multiple accounts#5 Pinterest Marketing für E-Commerce und Backlinks

Pinterest has not yet arrived in Germany. Although the inspiration search for many creative people is the first reference point. Also Google positions the pictures, which one in Pinterest in its “pin walls” has high in the search results. Pinterest Marketing also refers to search engine marketing. Here is our small start!

  1. Shopping network and source of inspiration
  2. User numbers and characters
  3. How does Pinterest work?
  4. Pinboards on the example
  5. Search engine optimization with photos
  6. Create pinboards specifically with related topics
  7. Lead generation

# 6 Twitter Marketing: Politics & Press

Twitter. Do you need it? We take a critical look at the network in this episode. Through social bots and fake news, Twitter got a whole new value in the US election campaign. But is Twitter worthwhile for companies?

  1. Twitter for journalists and the media
  2. Is Twitter social?
  3. Tweets, Retweet and Timeline
  4. Tweets and politics
  5. Relevance for companies
  6. Medial interest as a prerequisite

# 7 The best times for social media posts

Did you know that on Sunday 3 more users are on Facebook and Twitter than on other days? With just a few tricks, you can increase the reach of postings in social networks. We present the foundations and the best times / days in sequence 6 of our Social Media Marketing Vlog.