Are you looking for the right software for social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? Here you will find the perfect contact for simple and complex developments for social networks.

Social Media software development for campaigns and live marketing

Already our first software shows how skillfully you can connect live marketing with social media marketing. Our Social Media Wall specializes in the live character. It collects all relevant postings from the social networks, filtered by the user or different hashtags and combines them all, filtered and sorted, on a clear timeline. Integrated into websites, blogs, online stores or live on displays in clubs, restaurants or at major sporting events and festivals.

Our Best Practice 2017: The Social Media Wall for Recommendation Marketing

With the new Social Media Wall, your visitors or guests have the opportunity to contribute themselves to the event! The Social Media Wall does not only work well on events and festivals but also finds its use in the inner city and shopping streets. In addition to the various postings from the social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, we can also include reviews, eg. from Google! Recommendation marketing has always been a very effective tool when it comes to inspiring new customers. Social media is pure referral marketing. That is why we have specialized in software for social media marketing. Do you want to know more about Timeline? Then read everything about the Social Media Wall.

Individualized self-development for social media marketing

Are you looking for new concepts or new ways to build more reach? Do you want more interaction with your brand, product or service? Then use smart and intelligent solutions for the various social networks. With our know-how and our project team, you can literally climb up peaks, as well as we can develop small maths that can help with the daily work or save human resources. Especially in the organization and account planning of social networks, it is always important how much time an individual employee invests in it. Software solutions and tools can save you a lot of time. If you want to learn more, take a look at our development platform social Kuhn.