Facebook Fanpage Management – Social Media Channel Building

This morning we had in the office a very extensive inquiry on the subject of fanpage management – many unresolved issues and much interest in the topic. That is why we would like to help and provide our customers with a detailed answer to the subject of fanpage management. With the help of a smart social media start for your new project or company, here are the 5 steps you should take into consideration:

5 Steps to Fanpage Management:

  1. Fanpage Management, Basics
  2. Channel setup – What do you have to look out for?
  3. Create Channel – Quick & Easy Online
  4. Fanpage Postings – Your first content
  5. Networks, multi-channel management

DIY! Facebook Marketing Online

In the blog there are many tutorials and good social media marketing articles. However, anyone who wants to know insiders has to go deeper into the trickbox. Also for small companies the view is worth this Facebook marketing course of our partner agency AdBaker. In the article ‘Facebook Marketing’ I explain the online workshop of our choice in ten steps:

Step 1: Social Network – selection by target group and crowd

Before you think about your fanpage management, you should think about which social networks are attractive to your project at all. Depending on which industry you are pursuing, it is important to pay attention to the individual coverage of the social networks for successful, later fanpage management. Meanwhile we have a mix on different social networks, with different functions and possibilities. Our recommendation for all German-speaking companies and projects is Facebook – with 24 million active users in Germany and several millions in Austria and Switzerland. In addition, you should be concerned about social networks like Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus (due to their range of strengths). Here you have not only the advantage of the enormous range, you also have an advantage in the later SEO placement at Google & Co.

Enormous reach thanks to multimedia content

Only last week we were at an exciting lecture in Cologne Mediapark, about Youtube SEO. With video, you now have the easy possibility to quickly and efficiently not only convey your marketing message, but also win fans. Brand fans sharing your advertising message as multipliers.

Small tip! Have you ever noticed the well-placed Youtube videos in a Google search query? Is there no video for your keyword, for example “jewelery design Hamburg”, make the first! If someone is looking for “jewelery design Hamburg” you are immediately visible Onpage. With well-placed video titles, you have found new customers so quickly and easily!

In addition, there are numerous business networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter or LinkedIn and Xing. Here you have various possibilities to reach selected people and target groups, while in the former networks you meet younger persons you find on network and how LinkedIn or Xing a career target, career-oriented and financially. On Tumblr, just as in Pinterest, there are thousands of creative people. That is why you define your target group in advance, evaluate the results using social networks, and choose your social media channels smartly and thoughtfully.

Die Top 5 der Netzwerke für deutschsprachige Unternehmen

(Bitkom study, n = 1016):

  1. Facebook with 64% – of which 56% are active users
  2. Google+ with 18% – of which only 6% are active users
  3. Who knows whom with 17% – active are 8% of the users

Step 2: Channel setup – What do you have to look out for?

Let’s look at the larger Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ networks. On all channels, the basic configuration is relatively standardized and can be performed quickly. As a social media manager, you often encounter different projects. The better the coordination at the beginning, the more time you save in the first social media channel setup. Pay attention to the following points only.

  1. Define a concrete name for your company or project. In this way, you ensure a uniform appearance in the social networks (and with your other media portfolio).
  2. Create a brief description which explains your company in about 250 characters. But remember to write a detailed version for further information.
  3. Determine your corporate design (guide). Make sure you have the right design dimension – each network has specific requirements. More information and free downloads can be found in our social media blog. Now complete from their designs voiced fanpage design for the unique social media channels.
  4. Important! Make sure that you create a new fanpage for each of your projects (no own profiles). This allows you to manage multiple channels with one (their master) account later on.

Step 3: Create Channel – Quick & Easy Online

Not every new project has sufficient content at the beginning, which you can share with your target group. But with the most important content basics, you can already lay a good foundation for further success in social networks. Since you have already thought about a description and the designs, you can now get started and register in the various networks. As I said, be sure to use a master account that allows you to create your individual fan pages or company pages. Enter all the information, create a profile image and a channel design (background image). The most important networks in Germany can be found in step 2.

Social Network Rankings


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Congratulations! You have created your channel portfolio in the various social networks and is already equipped with the first information. Be sure to make the information as complete as possible, ie enter your e-mail contact information, your phone number, and a website for more information about your project or business.

Step 4: Fanpage Postings – Your first content

To provide your fanpage visitors with first information, create a first contribution for each channel. By the setting, profile picture and Kanaldesigns, their profile is often already filled with 1 or 2 postings. Add a new one to these posts, which will be displayed first. It can contain statements like: “Coming soon …” or “Coming soon …”. Already have information about your project.

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Step 5: Networks, multi-channel management

To make the future fanpage management complete, you link all your social media channels together. By intelligently linking your channels, you can build extreme ranges and strengthen your fanbase by posting various (multimedial) content in different social media platforms. To increase their reach, keep users longer and find more followers, likes and fans in each channel. You can do this by several methods:

  1. Connect your channels to postings! This may look like you post a Youtube video directly via Google Plus and Facebook and point to your Youtube channel. This is how you generate Likes, Shares and User subscribe your video channel.
  2. Use Menureiter and small in-app. Through various, already integrated functions in social networks, you can create tabs, which can often be equipped with your own images. This allows users to jump from one channel to the next without barriers. The users navigate like on a common website through menus and find more information, with just one click.
  3. Through the effective distribution of their social media channels, you save a lot of time in everyday PR and marketing work. You can accurately determine your target group, accurately target it and apply later. Use different social networks to connect different target groups. Whether younger users with a lot of free time, career-oriented professional or the classic consumers.