Facebook Marketing 2017 – Success through fanpage, design and ads

Facebook is now the giant, the old man and yet the innovator. Thus, innovations in the functions, the possibilities, in the design and of course social media innovations like Facebook Live come constantly. If you are not yet using Facebook extensively, take a look at the new, simple design
And and on the chances you have as a company here! Facebook is an excellent promotion platform.

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Facebook changes its design – New look for 2017

While you as a designer spent many years thinking about how to connect the profile picture and the title picture meaningfully, but also so that it is displayed in the mobile application, cleanly, Facebook, the largest social network in the world, With well over a billion users, decided to separate both graphics from each other.

DIY! Facebook Marketing Online

In the blog there are many tutorials and good social media marketing articles. However, anyone who wants to know insiders has to go deeper into the trickbox. Also for small companies the view is worth this Facebook marketing course of our partner agency AdBaker. In the article ‘Facebook Marketing’ I explain the online workshop of our choice in ten steps:

What is the advantage of this Facebook change for companies?

For companies, it will be much easier to create layouts and designs for your own Facebook fanpage. With just a few hand movements it is now possible to compile two sensibly harmonious pictures. Finished! Without photoshops and other design software. While you had lots of experience in Photoshop or other graphics program, it is now easy to create your own Facebook fanpage. As a result, companies and companies can easily snap and upload two matching images as described. Now it is even easier to create yourself a fanpage

The own Facebook fanpage: Young pages are supported

Not only for large companies it makes sense to operate a own Facebook fanpage. Who says that Facebook has long been overlaid with fans and users of course is right. Just when a company is large, the reach is pushed quickly to make them want to book. What makes absolutely sense, since I must also refinance Facebook as a company. Nevertheless, as a young company, you have a good chance, as a Facebook here, as well as it personally strikes me very much. While as a large company with 10,000 fans with a single posting often reaches only a few hundred people, it is possible as a new Facebook fanpage with, only a few fans quickly reach a few hundred people. The relation is therefore impressive.

Facebook Fanpage Management is not only worthwhile for large companies

Facebook Fanpage Management is worthwhile not only for large companies, but also for small businesses, self-employed people and family businesses who have not expected social networking.

Influencers in companies: Everyone takes the work home with them

Get these users at home! Because it is relatively easy to build a fanbase of your own, simply from the existing customer base. So you should not hesitate to trust yourself in your own social media management and win new customers with it. Even for companies that work in purely business relations, it makes sense to present new products here, since private individuals, who are, for example, professionally concerned with their subject, are also interested in the topic.

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These people are, in turn, friends with other people who also share the same interests. Now if you share the same interests and share one of them, for example, your posting or posting on their Facebook page, the other person will quickly see them too, so they have the viral effect!

Viral effects for your own company

Previously called one is still mouth propaganda! In social networks the whole thing works exactly as it used to. You give a person a recommendation and this person will pass on your recommendation if she thinks that you yourself have an idea of ​​the subject (reputation). Therefore, not only does Facebook work so wonderful, but social media marketing in general. We wrote a big article about it yesterday. If you want to know more about Social Media and Influencer, read our article about Influencer here!

Even though, like her, I’ve often gotten a bit off the subject in this blog and from the real issue on your chances as a company in advertising, I hope that I could convey to you how easy it is to use Facebook specifically. Only a few fans will be satisfied if they are good (multipliers).

The only thing you need is a nice profile, a title and a nice story. You do not even have to make professional photos or arrange your own commercials. It is enough if you make a simple photo and try to describe it as beautiful as possible. The people who like you, your brand or your company will automatically be pleased to announce.

A little tip from me! Also, try to keep the American thinking of Think Big. If you present the content to people who do not create it or their friends do not produce it, they have a higher chance of comments, likes or other user interaction because the content is new and so far unknown.

Keep it simple!

Think in simple steps, how can you actively win customers with Facebook? For example, you can publish the first print issue in a Facebook Livestream as a magazine to activate so many fans. Keep it simple!

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If you have more questions about social media marketing, please contact us at any time. We help you as a social media management, expert for all your problems on an individual basis. No matter whether they are based in Berlin, Hamburg Munich or Düsseldorf.

Social Media Marketing Help for beginners

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