6 Social Media Manager tips for the Facebook fan page – Beginner

If you choose a Facebook or Instagram account as a public figure, you are closer to your fans – definitely. Especially young people can be reached in social networks. But also agencies, managers and representatives of the press are in social networks. The big advantage: They kill two birds with one stone. They start with ‘PR’ – which of course does not look like advertising or public relations in the social network – and get ‘PR’. With clever strategies you will find new fans in social media platforms as well as new multipliers in terms of new reports, new contacts or jobs. So if you want to become a real social media expert, here are 7 practical tips to make your own Facebook channel look perfect.

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Description – The most important information at a glance

A fanpage should always have a good description: What makes me as a person (of public life)? The description is important! That should always stand with it:

  • Link to own website

Title picture – eye-catcher on Facebook & Co.

The cover picture on Facebook, you always see first. Even before the profile picture, even before the description. Just by the size and presence in the upper part of the fan page, it automatically attracts attention. In the ideal case, you use a very expressive cover picture – an eyecatcher! By the way, also in other social networks like Twitter and Youtube, the cover picture is often the dominating element in the head area of the fan pages. To avoid boredom, the cover picture should be changed every 7-14 days.

The profile picture, in turn, should be as simple as possible. On mobile devices, even on the desktop PC, it is usually only a small preview picture. Ideally, you should therefore make sure to use a portrait. This increases the recognition value and makes it easier for fans to recognize especially you among the many pictures of friends and fan pages. Logos can also be used, but then they should have a plain background and stand out well from it. The best is and remains, a portrait of a person.

Posting – What does a perfect posting look like?

Before a lot of people come to your new fan page (through invitations or searches), it is good if you already have some content for your readers. If you come to an empty fan page, you won’t stay there long and wonder if it is (still) actively used. Therefore: Content first!

Contributions in social networks must always work visually. It is therefore recommended to start with existing content. This includes image material, existing texts (from press, media, etc.) or video content. They can easily be shared and then be found on your own timeline. The description should not be too long here, because only few visitors will deal with the concrete contents of the postings. Usually it should not be more than four lines of text. But you can also share external links, articles and pictures on your own fansite. For your fans also a piece of opportunity to discover topics for themselves.

But in the description you should also use hashtags. They have become essential and briefly explained, keywords that explain the respective posting, or the respective mood. For this article these could be for example: #socialmedia #facebook #fanpage #tips. Not only hashtags are strong, but also marking other people increases the range. You can always link friends or other fan profiles in your posts and mention them by name.

Fans – How do I win first fans on Facebook?

After you have posted and shared your first content, there are several ways to generate more likes, or fans (or followers). One way is to invite your own friends. Friends are often good first contacts, they like to interact with your content. For a more comprehensive social media concept, other factors should also be considered. This starts with the integration of your new fan page on your own website and can possibly go as far as sponsored ads (Facebook Ads). Here, good monitoring can also be carried out afterwards. As social media consultants we always tend to try out several options for the success of the individual channel.

Postings – What should I post when?

With the first valuable content, an eye-catcher on the cover, the profile picture and the first fans, it’s time to get down to business: postings. Because it is important to keep your fan page up-to-date and active – especially as a company, celebrity or public figure. It is not always possible, as a social media manager, to follow all the recommendations of our guidelines – but it is always an orientation to the optium and experience from best practice and social media trends:

    1. 2-3 times a day you should post a new one
    2. It doesn’t always have to be professional pictures, even pictures from everyday life work. Your fans also always like to follow what you do, what outfit you wear or at which show you have been a guest.

Instagram – hashtags, mark friends and picture quality

Instagram is especially exciting for people in public life – many young, trend-conscious people cavort here, possibly the opinion leaders of the future. With regular postings it is very similar to Facebook: Likes are generated, then followers and later real fans. But a few things are different:

  • It helps to keep a clear style (design), e.g. always post with the same color filter

That was our article: “6 Social Media Manager Tips for the Facebook Fanpage”. We hope you can implement many new ideas and push your fanpage.

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