The Social Book – Social Media Marketing Basics for Students + Managers

Last week, the second edition of The Social Book hit bookstores. The Social Book is our little collection on social media marketing and social media basics. If you want to start your career in marketing or management, the basics and the understanding of group dynamics but also of social contexts in relation to social media are important. In many books there is a lot written about profile pictures, cover pictures – is that really important? What is important in social media? Especially community management, creativity but also advertising. The Social Book is a detailed guide for young managers. The second edition is now available as a printed hardcover book and of course also as an eBook and for Amazon Kindle.

What is social media? This is social media marketing

What is social media and social media marketing all about? Here are the most important questions and answers.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the promotion of products, keyword “4P of marketing”, in social networks. The biggest difference from other media, the feedback from users is immediate and unfiltered. Traditional posters do not draw direct reactions that are noticeable to the company. In social networks, dynamics can also develop overnight, on holidays or weekends. Positive but also negative. It goes even further, users’ comments are of course visible to everyone else. In the book, community management within social media marketing was so essential to us.

  • Marketing actions within social networks
  • Methods and strategies differ from classical marketing
  • Feedback, both positive and negative, is immediate.

What belongs to social media marketing?

Like every area of marketing, social media is also very diverse and multifaceted. First, it is always about finding a coherent strategy, so that a meaningful concept can be designed. In this concept are already all social media channels but also all postings with thought. These are then later included in the editorial plan or in the action plan, e.g. for holidays or special events. Before that, however, it is often a matter of setting up the new social media channel. For this, the right social networks are determined, which promise the most success and of course also the greatest chance of high reach and interaction with the community.

This is exactly where the second aspect comes into play, channel support and community management. Where is what form of media published, at what time? How will the users react to it and how do we react to the reactions? Community management and channel support are the central work of a social media agency in everyday life.

Once everything is up, the posts are additionally supported by paid reach. Paid reach, so-called social advertising, gives join the opportunity to reach more people and people. Because purely through organic reach, usually only five to 10% of people are informed if it is a corporate channel. Why? Of course, social networks also have to pay wages, rents, and investments. This is where social networks make their revenue.

  • Strategy development and conception
  • Channel structure
  • Editorial plan and action plan
  • Cross-media strategy and postings
  • Community management
  • Advertising

What are the platforms?

Part of the book also goes into the evolution of social media, an important topic for young social media managers, because you can learn from the past. While the world of social media marketing used to be relatively clear, with Facebook and YouTube, it has changed a lot in the last 5 years. Today, Instagram, Pinterest and linkedin also have their raison d’être, as do even newer social networks, TikTok or even Twitch.

If you want to show the relevance of social networks, I would currently place it like this:

  • YouTube – sustainable and backlink source
  • Facebook – Biggest Community & AdvertisingInstagram – young target group and strong growth
  • Pinterest – good link source
  • Tiktok – currently the greatest potential among the newcomers
  • Twitter – for big companies and politicians
  • Linkedin – in B2B options
  • Twitch – perhaps a hidden champion

Social media manager

Many of those who had already bought the first edition of the book were young social media managers at university or in the company or even in vocational training who wanted to further their own career. Of course, everything in this edition of the social media book is also designed to ensure that beginners can follow along well. Here are the most important questions and answers for social media managers.

What does a social media manager do?

Depending on the experience social media managers have, the tasks differ. The basic task of a junior is the channel support. This includes a lot of work, from creating graphics in Photoshop to creative texts for the descriptions, to consultation with customers. In the next step it goes to the customer care, e.g. individual conversations or meetings. In this then e.g. new monthly plans or quarterly plans are agreed.

Those who have learned a lot and have gained a lot of experience are also increasingly used in the creative field. E.g. in the conception and strategy development, because for this it needs a lot of experience, so that the customer does not lose money. The better the planning, the smoother the process. Of course, this includes not only the creative at the beginning but also the monitoring to prove which successes have been achieved in social media marketing. Last but not least, of course, it also depends on the commercial knowledge, so that orders can be processed not only in the creative segment but also in accounting, billing, the orders, from A to Z.

  • Channel support
  • Community management
  • Customer service
  • Creative Management
  • Monitoring
  • Commercial work

What does a community manager do?

In the social media book, community management is also very important. The easiest way to describe the success of community management is the success of influencers. They draw their power from having their community behind them 100%. They accomplish this by interacting on every response. Because of the high engagement and interaction of the users, the bond is completely different than with a channel that only uses Instagram or Facebook for self-promotion .

Many companies leave comments from users, they do not answer messages and do not respond to opinions and comments. This is where the work of a social media agency comes in, fans need to be taken seriously. They take the time to write a comment, we should take the time to appreciate this.

How would one react in a business? Let’s say we are brokering properties for sale and purchase. A client walks into our brokerage office and makes a comment about a property. Would we just let the customer stand there? Of course not, we would seek conversation. Just as in real life, community managers respond to suggestions, comments, criticisms, but also benevolent opinions in digital everyday life.

This basic understanding is what matters in the work of a social media manager.

What is a social media agency?

The work of a social media agency always consists primarily of showing clients the right way in the jungle of social networks. Of course, there are thousands of options, from group marketing on Facebook to Instagram TV to YouTube live. Not yet discussed are the numerous possibilities of advertising, from targeting to retargeting.

So the task of managers in the agency is to package complex topics in such a way that they can be understood by the client even within two or three meetings. We all need experts for certain tasks and therefore appreciate people who can explain their complex work to us simply. So that we can make the right decisions, even without expert knowledge.

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