Blogger, Influencer, Trendsetter – How to Become a Successful Influencer?

Influencers – Many today have the great dream of being able to live successfully from blogging. That means living by that one is reported in daily of his own life and so sold over social media so skillfully that one becomes the opinion leader even by the increasing number of followers becomes. If it has managed to establish our own opinion as relevant, we call it Influencer. We have here a few essential tips for young people who want to realize their dream!

Advertising agencies and brands invest a lot of money for reach

10k, 20k, 50k. As an influncer, you build up yourself more and more reach. For marketing agencies, an authentic Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Channel Gold is worth. This will help you get new jobs, you are as a blogger and influencer relevant to other people! What you do or do, the others want. A great opportunity through the transformation of digitalization that you can use for yourself to win new customers as an influencer for you. Thanks to very good cameras in smartphones you even have the advantage that you always have new picture material at your disposal. All you need is a small trigger and a ministative. You already have perfect pictures of every location. The more you come, the more exciting it becomes. New backstage photos, famous brands and new announcements with other bloggers and influencers. If you pack all your travels in your story, you’ll be able to build up your reach quickly. But why exactly does it help you to have a lot of scope?

If advertising agencies and brands, for example, book a page in a large modem magazine, they also pay more than 50,000 euros. For a page, in an output. Why? The magazine is important for many people who read it every week. Inspiration, shopping tips, fashion. Your advantage as an influencer: If you have a successful channel as a model and post about jobs, the company will get more coverage when booking for a campaign. Here is your added value!

What makes an influencer for agencies?

Influencers are persons who have a long range. Through their fanbase, they can inspire other people for brands and products that they themselves use. Influencers can have relatively small accounts with only 20k, but they can address a very precise target group, for example, where they often use high-quality accessories in their postings or, as mentioned, tell their travels. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & Co. will help you to reach new customers as a model. The more followers you collect, the more likes and comments you get, the more successful the strategy becomes. Let’s look at the big topic of social media marketing.

Your fanbase is important and should be cultivated

Social media and general digitalization in all areas play an important role for bloggers. Self-marketing in blogs and social networks gives you more success. For customers is the book of rich blogs, as described, of course, an incredible value! One is theoretically not only a beautiful face for his own advertising campaign, but also directly a whole fanbase to it.

The self-activity in social networks like Instagram and Snapchat are, if you will, the engine or drive for your own career in addition to the management of the influences. As spectators, we want to experience the heights and lows of our idols. Everything that happens, whether it is the fitness shake or the cool drink, can easily be integrated into the story. People have always loved to accompany other people in their lives. We have always known the principle of actors and celebrities who are advertising for brands and products.

Change in the agency world: Influencer for success in social networks

Self-marketing in blogs and social networks plays an important role for you as an influencer. With “fans” who actually want to accompany every step of you. This requires authenticity and regular posting. Many large and international advertising agencies are moving from the pure agency for advertising to social media marketing with influencers. As a result, digitalization and social media have become indispensable for brands and companies; on the other hand, they offer you an excellent platform to start your own business.

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Great reach and online marketing power for business

Anyone who wants to become an Influencer should always observe the principle of an Influencer Agency. Because for Influencer, Blogger and Vlogger is not only about having a great reach, it is also always about themselves well to market themselves. Why? To negotiate good prices! Fans can buy everyone. For a few hundred US dollars, the Instagram account can quickly be transferred to a large “range” with bots. The range is not real, but Bots do not interact, they do not buy products. For this reason, the reach of an influencer is only a relative quality feature in Influencer Marketing.

Regular customers, recommendations and oral propaganda will take you forward

As an influencer, are you unique and irreplaceable? No. Influencers must also develop their reputation. It is always about binding the (real) fans, self-marketing and brand expansion. You are as an influencer your own brand. Nobody but you will advance the brand, you are your own boss! As in any industry, talent is not everything but ambition. There are always 90% work and 10% talent (as one likes to say). You have to focus your energy, your work and your time on your reputation. With real fans and real interaction you can always be fully behind your social media channel. So you can always trust your customers, but also your Influencer agency, that you are one of the special people who are honest with their fans and enjoy genuine trust on their part. You also have to work diligently! Here we come back to ambition. The biggest stars on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook have worked on their success for years. This is the only way to make it possible for me to book and recommend customers permanently.

Customers are also influencers.

Really! They have their circle of acquaintances, which often consists of people who are in the media sector. So if you have a good experience with an uncomplicated influencer, we will pass on your recommendation. Now you can say that there are only a few people. But: Your contacts are very valuable! Marketing manager, advertising agency and campaign manager from social media agencies. For you, it is also important to make points in the B2B business so that they can get you further recommendations and you have long-term satisfied customers. This also saves you the constant search for new customers. Just advertising agencies are top customers for you because their customers are looking for quick ideas and strategies. Influencer Marketing provides them with an effective opportunity for great success.
How do you start as an influencer?

For your first steps, you have to do a lot yourself. A good influencer agency will only pay attention to you if you have generated a large part of your range. In the beginning it is the same as bloggers. First, you will be sent a lot of packages where you will be offered clothes, which you can keep for free. For this you post a photos, video or blog contribution. Right on your blog or on social networks like Instagram.

At some point, you will realize that your mailbox is filling so much with packages that you will think: This is effort! Voila, at this moment you will think economically. You will be thinking, what can I make of it? From this point, prices had to be negotiated for the first time. Of course, we will always face clever marketers who are trying to push your price for postings as an influencer. This is why it is so much more fun for bloggers and influencers to have a management behind you, that takes all questions, handles them for you and only passes the really relevant ones to you! With a management, you can achieve more, as you gain more than just customers. There are also first or new contacts to the press, new prospects and more.

Most importantly, whether you have fast or slow success as a blogger, remains there! Even the biggest YouTube stars have not become overnight stars to the stars you know today. Often one worked for one or two years until the first profit-making payment was there. You have a lot of mockery harvested in your own environment, perhaps also from your parents. You still have the solid ideas of becoming a star on the Internet? Then you can become an influencer! And in any case one transcends the threshold to success if one has only long enough to carry enough, has motivation, ambition and a long breath! In the end, Influencer is also “just” a job. You’ve got customers you’ve been following, you’ve got fans following you, and you’re going to be a bit miserable if you make mistakes. You are your own manager and your lucky blacksmith. Every day. In good and bad times. You will have great moments, nice memories and lots of experience!

Why do influencers have such a big effect on buyers?

As an influencer one is an example for his fans!

One can compare the efficient success of influencers well with the fact that all people love actors! Hollywood is our model. Already 100 years ago and before, when I “gave” operas and theater, showmen were role models for the people. They come around a lot, see the world and experience exciting new stories. Nowadays this is no different, most of them are looking for models that they can emulate. They will always pay attention to what these people (their role models) do, how they talk, what people they meet, what places they visit and what products are used.

Whether actors, musicians or influencers, they all have a great influence on all people who follow them. In all social group dynamics, there are always people who serve as role models. Even in elementary school, there are always structures in friends’ circles, there are always those whom the others emulate. They are the children’s first “trends”. Whether at a young age or as an elderly person in public life. Trendsetters are interested in new ideas and new products. They talk about it, write or discuss it. As not many people do, you can quickly build range, especially in the Longtail (in niche markets). The more specific the topic, the easier it is (in the beginning).

Range is a crucial issue for influencers

Those who are keen to finance their lives fully from blogging and networks such as Instagram, will also always pay close attention to how their own media looks and how they work for visitors. Good influencers, as we find, are people who actively search their own followers and look for bots. Each individual bot lowers the interaction rate and thus the own relevance of the profile. That is, if you remove a few of these bots from their followers, relatively more people will interact with their own profile. This increases the relative interaction rate. This increases the relevance and importance of your own channel. Even though you have less fans in theory, your own channel is worth more. These and other considerations are important when you decide to become an influencer. Promised, it’s a job!

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Influencers bring brands to life

When you create a new brand as a company, one of the first steps to accomplish this is to live with it. Only when the brand is alive and people realize that you can generate real value from it (the brand)! Whether it is the image of the brand or the people behind a brand. We just have to remember the big things that Steve Jobs has made the Apple brand. Each presentation bore its stamp! Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. If you do not have your own showman in the team, you can rely on Influencer Marketing.