The Model Book: Becoming a Model and Influencer – Tips & Help

In a few days, one of the largest books ever published on the subject of “Modeling” will be published. In his new book THE MODEL BOOK, our social media and modeling agent Stephan has summarized all important information for young models on more than 200 pages. Of course, the main topic is “How do I become a model?” But it’s also about how you can increase your own value as a model and influencer.

Models in particular have many opportunities to work as influencers due to their very special job. Models travel a lot around, all over the world. At the Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris or for jobs in New York. Alone on the flight there are so many opportunities to take good photos for strong social media postings. This is not only about the classic photo postings on Facebook, especially for fast networks like Instagram and Snapchat the job of the model is perfect.

Social Media Power for Young Models

During the last cappuccino at the airport or in the plane, a short boomerang before the start and of course a selfie during the flight, alone or with other models. The landing already continues. In addition, there are the many shootings and of course various fashion shows.

Bloggers have to invest a lot of money and time. While models have this luxury almost for free, other bloggers have to invest a lot of time and money in such image material. To do this, they have to make elaborate plans and organization, as well as write to photographers so that they get any good pictorial material at all. Models, on the other hand, are constantly getting new good footage from their photo shoots for various fashion and advertising clients.

Self marketing as a model and as a social media influencer

As a model agent and social media manager, the book therefore also contains many practical tips for your own development as an influencer. Many young models do exactly one thing right, they hold on to their lives and present to others. Of course you can always argue about how much you should post from your private life. Nevertheless, it ensures that you already win the first higher number of followers for yourself. If you then get a model contract in an agency, you can use this first fanbase very well to build up further! Besides, you’ll have people who can follow your path directly. Especially simple and effective are currently for young models, Snapchat and Instagram. Here you can live out your thoughts and quickly generate high reach due to the very young network.

The book for New Faces with the dream of modeling

Modeling always means self-marketing! That’s why it’s good if you can market yourself as well as others through photo galleries or commercials. In the book you learn everything step by step!

Themes overview of THE MODEL BOOK

  • Mental strength as model
  • Find the perfect model agency
  • Agency application
  • Construct model folder
  • Test shootings with photographers
  • Castings and E-Castings
  • Photo shootings
  • Showroom, fashion show and fair
  • Advertising spots
  • Beauty Tips for Models
  • Healthy life
  • Fashion history
  • Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter
  • Modeling abroad