Become a social media marketing manager: What do you need to be able to do? Profession & Tasks

Social media management has become a really complex field. The development of social networks has brought with it many innovations. Strategies, communication behaviors, entire apps and platforms. Becoming a social media marketing manager or being a manger requires a lot of skills and abilities from you. Basically, you must have passion for social media and marketing or advertising. Social ads, social SEO, native ads, ad copy, CPC pricing, CPM and CTR. Here are the skills you need.

Advertising copy: Clear message, creatively packaged

The goal of every social media manager is to promote content. Through this outreach, you can get people interested in a brand or product and ultimately convert them into loyal customers. This is how you build brand image and also authority for your customers. This is often easier said than done.

Keep your target group in mind for all considerations, planning and later methods, strategies and activities. For them, you do what you do as a social media manager!

  1. Your content should tell a global story (PR)
  2. Your daily content as well, storytelling is so important
  3. Content should answer questions or simply be engaging
  4. Always keep your messages simple
  5. Authentic content (attention: brand image)
  6. Promote communication / interaction

Time management: campaign planning and deadlines

If you want to work as a social media manager, then schedules play a big role for you. For one thing, you’re often part of a larger campaign. Accordingly, you’ll be working together with, or under, the larger agency or marketing department. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to schedules and deadlines.

An editorial schedule for your activities is an excellent way to stay on top of things and get all tasks done on time. To ensure that content appears on time and in sync with other media activities, many managers use social media tools. They help you organize all the content you have planned and created. This way, as a new social media marketing manger, you ensure consistent, quality content. Plus, your community will get used to the times and interact more frequently with the content you post for your clients and customers.

  • Timing: Coordination with other campaign participants
  • Deadlines: adherence to deadlines and regular content

Passion: Continuous development and training

Social media trends come and go, as do social networks, as seen in the evolution of social networks. What worked excellently for a business one month ago may not work next month.

As an aspiring social manager, you must always be willing to learn. You have to live with a constantly changing world of social media, love it and thus constantly and quasi immediately develop new ideas and concepts.

Capture every moment

Marketing: Content, Multi-Channel and SEO

You’ve read so much about content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) on our social media blog, why? Because it is so important!

Just as you learn SEO copywriting in e-commerce, you as a social manager are about an equally punctilious way of communicating. Meaning: thinking in keywords. As you already read in the first section on “Copywriting: Clear message, creatively packaged”, the rule is: “Always keep your messages simple”. Just like in all marketing and PR communication, you usually summarize your content to the most important of the most important.

A simple step as an exercise, what are the most important 3 facts?

  1. Fact
  2. Fact
  3. Fact

Before that comes a trigger, for example an activating question, as you also learned in the first paragraph on “advertising copy”.

  • Do you know XY yet?
  • XY can fact #1
  • Fact #2
  • Fact #3

Already you’d have an initial, coherent communication that you can then package into a more comprehensive social media ad.

Tip. Everyone knows about social ads, but do you know about native ads? Read more about Native Ads here now.

Social media manager: employed or self-employed?

That’s it? No, of course not!

Now comes the crucial question: Do you try it alone, as a self-employed person or do you go to a social media agency? No one can answer this question for you exactly.

Job: Manager in an agency

The job in an agency is definitely the most creative. As an owner or self-employed social media manager, you will have to deal with human resources, finances and taxes as well as appointments with notaries, banks and many nights of work, even on weekends. If you want to become self-employed, we have some tips for you!

As an employee in an agency, you have the most customer contact. Through the wide and existing network, you have the chance to look after large, well-known customers.

In the job and profession of the social media manager itself, the range of tasks and opportunities varies widely. Just think of the different social networks and their specific characteristics and target groups:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Of course, there’s also: Pinterest, Twitch, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.

In addition, there are the various specialist departments, from communication and conception to campaign planning and monitoring.

  • Customer communication
  • Concept and creative ideas
  • Strategy development and methodology
  • Campaign planning and implementation
  • Monitoring and performance measurement
  • Uvm.

Self-employed: Freelance Social Manager

Option B is to become self-employed. Of course, we are not the right contact for that. But if you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend you first listen to the experiences of those who have already successfully founded businesses.

Book recommendation: For the entrepreneurial spirit

One book recommendation we can give you is “Richer than the Geissens” by Alex Fischer. The name says it all. The good thing about this book recommendation. You can get the audiobook for free on Spotify and iTunes. So you can learn what it means to be, to become, an entrepreneur on the go. You’ll learn more about money, financial flows, taxes. If you want to listen in, here are the links for the podcast on Spotify and iTunes.

Addendum – Since a few inquiries came in via email about whether Alex Fischer is a reputable expert on tax tips, here’s an extra article on Alex Fischer reputable?

With a wink of course, yes!

We just want to make you aware that you should take the topic of being an entrepreneur and taxes seriously.

Always find out about people’s reputations before listening to tips.

Youtube Channel: Finances and Taxes

Being self-employed does not only mean that you can deal with the “pleasant” things. The most important things for you are finances and taxes. The tax office will not be amused if you cause problems through gross negligence. Therefore, you should inform yourself in detail about the topic of taxes and finances before you start your business.

Of course, you can also find good financial tips on Alex Fischer’s YouTube channel. But I can also highly recommend the channel of Finanzfluss. Here you will learn a lot about the basics, also about stocks, ETFs and much more. Depending on the details you are interested in! Of course, you can also find basic tips on the Finanzfluss channel, for example on tax returns, income tax and much more. Here you can find the link to both channels:

Reading tips in the social media blog

In our social media blog you will find over two hundred more articles on the topic of social marketing. A few important aspects, we have here again as a link collection for you.

Good luck with becoming a social media marketing manager!

Social Media Networks: List

After the social media networks, you will once again find detailed tips on specific topics that will keep you busy in the job of a social media manager, such as social ads, native ads but also SEO and social SEO. But first, an overview:

Social Ads: Example Facebook

How do ads work? The most important thing is the Facebook Pixel. It collects data about target groups, visitors and fans. From this data, we can place targeted ads on Facebook. The Facebook Pixel helps you to use your social ad budget optimally. Here we have summarized everything you need to know about the Facebook Pixel. Conversion Campaigns’, ‘Custom Audiences’ from your shop, ‘Dynamic Ads’? You can only do all that if you use the Facebook Pixel. You also need the pixel to recognize certain metrics, like ‘Cost Per Lead’ or ‘Cost Per Conversion’.

Content production: text, video, photo

Social Media Videos for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram – In the different facets and prepared for the different target groups, videos ensure that products come into the market and find their buyers, whether it is financed by advertising or through virality (word of mouth), arises all by itself. Film is the name of the game today! Especially with the extremely increased bandwidths of mobile technologies, videos can be accessed from anywhere. Even while hiking, in nature, you can stream YouTube videos. This extreme advantage is used by innovative companies and businesses for new buyers and new target groups. Thereby, the variety of videos is very large, from the image film to the lookbook, to the advertisement and the explanatory film. Marketing & advertising can also be brought into the world in many ways. To become a topic of conversation is the big goal of companies. Our agency helps you to become the topic of conversation.

E-commerce: It’s all about sales

How does e-commerce work? Today we take a close look at the benefits but also the risks of e-commerce. How do current marketing strategies work in e-commerce? From basic setup to marketing through search engine optimization (SEO) to advertising on Google (AdWords), social media marketing but also social ads on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram but also social SEO. What are the trends in online marketing? We show you the current e-commerce marketing strategies and measures!

Adwords: Multi-channel promotions

Whoever can do more, earns more money, that’s for sure. Find here the introduction to the topic “advertising on Google” or AdWords start. CPC, CPM, AdWords, impressions, clicks,… lots of technical terms! Today we want to explain Google Ads in a very simple way, based on the most frequently asked questions. How does advertising work on Google? How do I place ads on Google? What do Google AdWords really bring? As an agency for Google in the specific topic of advertising, target groups, targeting and marketing campaigns, we receive many questions every day. We have collected the most important ones and would like to answer them for you here. How advertising on Google works, search engine marketing (SEM), explained step by step.

Native Ads: Display Network

Native ads (also called native display ads) refer to all paid advertising formats that are discreetly labeled as ads. So, simply put, native advertising is advertising that doesn’t look like advertising. Native Ads offer small disadvantages, but mostly advantages. Did you know. According to a whitepaper by AppNexus, the CTR of native display ads is 8.8 times higher on average. According to Forbes, Native Ads increase purchase intent by a whopping 18%. We also always measure a higher CTR in our client projects. What does this have to do with? Personalization of content, storytelling and more discreet communication channels: referral marketing. Why Native Advertising? What is native advertising? What is advertising?

SEO: Search engine optimization for Google & Co.

Search engine optimization, how does it actually work? Today we want to take a closer look at the topic of search engine optimization, or SEO. So that you understand how the mechanism (PageRank) and algorithm behind search engines like Google or even Bing, Yandex and Duck Duck Go Go works. Of course with a clear focus on Google, the largest search engine in the world. Billions of search queries are started every day through Google, this is where the search for information begins but also the start, when buying products. Around 3.45 billion search queries are currently made per day. Accordingly, search engine optimization is interesting for the entire area in e-commerce!

Social SEO: Youtube & Co.

After our great editorial on the topic of basic search engine optimization, today we wanted to take a closer look at the topic of “search engine optimization” on social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram! In principle, this is also about “keyword” optimization. However, we often talk about “search engine optimization” on social networks in the context of inquiries from customers when we receive inquiries from customers. By specifically planning and crafting headlines, descriptions, hashtags knowledge to name file names. How to optimize your own social media project?