Social Media Betreuung Prominente & VIPs: Kommentare, Kooperationen und Verträge

Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, not only the big names of this world don’t look after their Insta Channel alone, also German big bloggers are no one-man army but work with a team. The care of the own Social Media channel usually does not take place thereby any longer by the prominent person but by employees or the management. This is especially about coping with the high number of likes, comments and inquiries. But what else does the celebrity do when posting on social networks? Let’s take a look today at the care of social networks of celebrities and VIPs.

Three principles of cooperation:

  • Trust and closeness
  • Content and content selection
  • Preserve personality and immediacy

Three aspects of cooperation:

  • Time savings through comments and interaction
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Cooperations and media partnerships

Discretion is everything in VIP support

What makes social networks successful is, in particular, the close social bond with one’s own fans. What counts most is the direct connection. When I send a comment, the celebrity I like will probably read and answer myself. Of course, the same applies to other interactions with the stars’ fan pages. The interaction with the fans is important. The feeling of a direct encounter must of course not be lost by the support of an agency or by management. The constant flow of information is also a challenge for the respective agency. The respective celebrity experiences a lot at his age, of course, not only through productions but also through events and, of course, also private life, e.g. with friends and families, but also nightlife, e.g. in bars or clubs. It is really difficult to capture and present all these moments in the social media, especially with the amount of information that is generated every day. On point number 3 is essential in cooperation, trust and trust again. When editing comments, replies and postings, e.g. when the celebrity is on holiday, does not have permanent access to the Internet, the artist must be able to rely completely on the management.

These are the 3 essential and important points in the treatment of social interaction by an agency, it is about the continuance of the emotional connection and the direct communication, for the fans. But it is also about coping with a constant flood of information, the selection and selection of which must be done quickly. When publishing content and interacting with fans, you also need to be able to fully rely on the agency. If all these three points are fulfilled, nothing stands in the way of a successful cooperation!

Comments and answers by personal Social Media Manager

The highest time savings in social media are offered by agencies by the kids each answer of comments. Fans feel valued when their opinions are heard. If a direct contact of the celebrity, e.g. the management, reacts to comments, this can only have a positive effect on the entire interaction. The higher the interaction on a social channel, the higher it is classified by the algorithms of the platform operators. That’s why it’s important to keep the interaction the same during growth. With 1,000 fans this is of course still feasible, maybe even with 10,000 but at the latest from 100,000 fans it is really work to look after your own social channel. If you work not only on one platform as well as Instagram or YouTube but mix platforms and work cross-media, the work multiplies accordingly. That’s why many influencers and bloggers rely on management throughout their careers, not only for managing answers and comments, but also for further development and for the entire world of customers, for negotiating and drafting contracts for usage rights. The most important thing, however, is to save time so that you can concentrate fully on your own postings. If a large part of the comments, e.g. 98%, can already be covered by a trusted third party, it helps the celebrity to optimize their own time management. The remaining 2% of the comments are very special and will only be answered after consultation with the respective blogger, influencer, celebrity or star. Through the frequent answers of the management or the person of trust, the own knowledge about the many details of the life of the celebrities grows. That’s why answers are becoming more and more targeted and the celebrity saves more work each week and month and can thus fully concentrate on his actual job.

The help with comments by an agency does not reduce the own interaction with the fans. Of course you have a look at your own comments and fans in the morning, at noon and in the evening, and often in between. Especially the community is very important to bloggers but also to celebrities. In the end, they are the basis for success!

Brand Ambassadors and Ambassadors, Negotiations and Contracts

Whoever concentrates the whole day on his actual job and occupation often has little time left to worry about contracts or offers. Every customer request is work again, every offer is work, in the end perhaps only one in 10 customers will confirm this offer. It is not possible for many celebrities to invest a week’s work in it now. Not only the time aspect plays a role for many celebrities, but also the experience and expertise of agencies and management are consulted. You have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts for brand ambassadors, for various media, from print to visual or moving image, digital, advertising or even without advertising. Likewise it concerns the different countries, one is only in Germany, only regionally, in the entire German-speaking area, several European countries or also world-wide or only punctually world-wide in individual countries, e.g. the USA, Russia and Germany. All these aspects have to be taken into account in every single contract negotiation and therefore many celebrities rely on their management.

Not only the relatively dry contract negotiations belong to it, also creatively concepts. If, for example, campaigns are developed for YouTube or Instagram, it is always necessary to have a creative mind that summarizes the ideas, forms a central theme and visually forms a visible concept for the customer and the celebrity that is easy and quickly understandable. Such negotiations, including the concept, can last a month, two months or even three months. Throughout the negotiations you have to stay on the ball, but also keep in touch with customers and attend many meetings.

Partnerships and cooperations with companies for Instagram, Youtube & Co.

The content on the social networks must offer something special every day. 1 or 2 postings on Instagram and of course five or six stories a day. You always need a good location, exciting events or great experiences. The organization of such opportunities takes a lot of time and requires a large network in which one has many contacts that provide one opportunity. If you are a celebrity visiting Jerusalem, for example, you need appropriate locations and possibilities here, as well as parties but also events and networking. These should also have the appropriate quality and the visual, high-quality should always be maintained. Combining these different aspects to form a concept for cooperations and partnerships, not only as brand ambassadors but also, as here, through win win situations, e.g. by participating in high-quality events but also the press and other celebrities and youtube, if you yourself are youtube or other Instagram stars if you are active on Instagram. The range of different fields of activity in the field of cooperation and partnerships is so diverse that it takes a good network of many years to bring the various actors together. Then for each individual concept and for each individual visit you need not only the added value for your own celebrity but also the respective added value for the host.

Let’s summarize once again how the work between a social media agency and a celebrity works best.

Three Principles of Collaboration: Trust, Content, and Personality

At the beginning of the article we talked about the fundamental cooperation, the trust, the coping with all the information but also the maintenance of the personal connection, which is the special highlight for the fans in social networks.

Three aspects of collaboration: time saving, contracts and collaborations

The most important aspect is the time saving through interaction, with fans but also with potential opponents of your own channel. The many answers, comments and feedback help the celebrities to concentrate on their own job. In addition, contract negotiations as well as creative concepts have to be planned for advertising partners. The offers, but also the final strategies. Number three is the establishment of possible cooperations and partnerships with other celebrities, bloggers but also brands or locations.

Good social media agencies combine these three principles and the three aspects of collaboration. So you can develop together and build a working system as a blogger or celebrity, with which you can pursue your real passion 100% further and have a partner at your side, who focuses on the commercial and creative aspects.

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