Instagram Stars: The most popular accounts

Instagram users are young and energetic. Their interests are not fundamentally different from those of previous generations. In the young years, you are looking for role models and idols, often stars. This also shows one of the most recent statistics on the social network Instagram of the statista. In the study, the most successful Instagram accounts were searched. Few surprising, stars and celebrities are high on the list. Stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

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Trends: VIPs on Instagram

Young, talented, popular: these are the Top10 Instagram Accouts:

  • Beyonce (singer) – 39.87 million fans on Instagram
  • Kim Kardashian (TV Celebrity) – 39.02 million fans on Instagram
  • Ariana Grande – 37.74 million fans on Instagram
  • Taylor Swift (singer) – 37.47 million fans on Instagram
  • ….
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