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Social Media Marketing – Marketing today is so much more complex than ever before. The marketing mix is constantly expanding. Berlin is a hotspot for ideas but also full of competition. If you want attention and reach, you have to use new methods and strategies. The importance of social media marketing is increasing for companies in Berlin but also throughout Germany, as can be seen from the statistics on sales growth in spending on advertising in social networks. New discussions, functions but also entire social networks are constantly emerging. Just five years ago hardly anyone had Instagram on the screen, today there are already new providers such as TikTok, whose relevance is increasing. In addition, there are the classics like Facebook and Youtube. But the big top 3 are still Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Having the right strategies up your sleeve here gives you the decisive advantage in the competition for customers. How can you do professional social media marketing in Berlin? We take a look at the possibilities, methods and strategies of our social media marketing agency.

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Social Media Marketing: Important in Berlin?

Before we go into all social networks, their advantages and disadvantages, costs but also opportunities, let us first show you two important statistics. First, an important question: Which networks are currently used by social media managers? According to the survey, these social media platforms are the most important for companies.

Statistics: Which social media platform is most important for your company? | Statista
You can find more statistics at Statista

Investments in social media advertising

Current figures prove the constantly increasing relevance of social media marketing in the form of social ads. Here you can see the investments in social media advertising worldwide, in the years 2007 to 2018 and with a forecast until 2022.

  • 2007: 512 million US dollars
  • 2012: US$6,274 million; increase US$5,762 million; 12 times more than 2005
  • 2017: 50,215 million US dollars
  • 2022: USD 123,070 million
  • Future increase from 2020 to 2022 from 96,190 million US dollars to 123,070 million US dollars

Statistics: Investment in social media advertising worldwide from 2007 to 2018 and forecast 2022 (in millions of US dollars) | Statista

Facebook Marketing: Fanpage, advertising, advantages and costs

Facebook Marketing – let’s start with a look at Facebook, the largest social network in the world with currently over 2.2 billion registered users. This number alone is impressive enough. But even more impressive is the fact that over 70% of the world’s population is not yet registered on Facebook! Accordingly, the international market still has great potential for growth.

In countries such as the USA and Germany, three out of four people are logged on to Facebook with an account. The market penetration for campaigns is correspondingly high. Worldwide, but also in Berlin, Facebook reaches the most people, whether community management, postings or Facebook Ads. Facebook is still the most attractive and largest channel for marketing products and services in Berlin and beyond. Information is quickly put into the world, by placing advertisements, the message can reach thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people within a very short time. This is a marketing opportunity that never existed before and which is accordingly very popular with Berlin companies and businesses. But before it comes to advertising on Facebook, so called social ads, it goes to the creation of your own Facebook fan page, or fan page.

Fanpage creation, strategy and marketing

Fanpage setup and community – even when setting up your own Facebook fanpage there is a lot to consider. From an appealing graphic design to the use of tabs for additional information to the optimization of posts and videos based on criteria from search engine optimization.

An own fan page is a little more than a business card and a little less than a website. The fanpage is more than just a news stream for your own company, you can add a lot of elements, e.g. your own e-commerce in “tabs”, as well as extra pages, raffles and galleries. So products can no longer be sold only through your own online shop, but also directly to the users of Facebook. As with trading on Amazon, this increases your own reach, thanks to the large network and its structures behind it. Instead of tedious building of your own reach, the reach of Facebook can be used conveniently for your own advertising.

As soon as your own Facebook channel is created, you will be able to directly access information and postings in the form of text, photos and videos. To ensure that your postings are seen directly by a sufficiently large number of Facebook users, advertisements are placed on Facebook, so-called Facebook Ads.

Tip! Your own Facebook page should also be directly connected to the corresponding Instagram account. And if it’s just to get your own brand name on Instagram before someone else does. All ads on Instagram are also created and optimized through Facebook.

Put ads on Facebook

Placing ads on Facebook – Facebook ads are excellent for generating reach within the social network. But if you have a fan page but only 10, 100 or 500 fans, it is hard to reach people with your own content on Facebook. This is why Facebook Ads are so important for companies! They make it possible to reach thousands or hundreds of thousands of people at the push of a button. Ads on Facebook are called campaigns. These individual campaigns are created in the advertising ad manager, the so-called Facebook Power Editor. Here, however, one usually creates not only a single campaign, but directly several to test and compare their success.

These different campaigns then contain different information. They can be completely different texts or images, but also only slight variations, e.g. for a female and male target group with different colors and videos. The different campaigns are tested against each other and evaluated after the analysis. Using different KPIs, individual campaigns are then followed up or switched off. The special feature of such advertisements is that you can reach a lot of people quickly. They also reach them extremely accurately by targeting according to demographic data such as age and place of residence. In addition, there are many other options, such as regional targeting. Local advertisements are of course particularly interesting for companies in Berlin.

As a local supermarket, fashion boutique or real estate agent in Berlin, campaigns can be placed e.g. on a certain radius, a certain district or just one person in a group with a certain interest or age. The more these factors come together, the more defined a single campaign is. This means that it is also possible to target people within the Berlin area.

Targeting by region, city and district

Reach people in the Berlin area, certain districts or Berlin and Brandenburg, with Facebook Ads.

Certain advertisements are then created for individual regions, so as a Berlin company you can also reach people in other cities, for example Düsseldorf.

Advantages and disadvantages

Opportunities and risks – one of the clear advantages is that Facebook is the largest social network in the world, so most people can be reached here. Another major advantage is that advertisements are sent out extremely accurately, based on various factors such as proximity, interests, age, gender and much more.

  1. Wide reach with over 35 million Facebook users in Germany alone
  2. Free creation of your own Facebook fan page
  3. Target groups are reached extremely accurately through Facebook Ads, Targeting and Remarketing
  4. Easy maintenance and administration of the contents
  5. High confidence of the users towards Facebook
  6. High interactivity of the users through Likes, comments and discussions
  7. Quick and easy dissemination of information through content sharing

The great competition within the social network is to be seen as risky. While new social networks such as TikTok have few creators, meaning channels that create content, Facebook publishes millions of pieces of information every minute. Your own information is always in competition with the others. A clear disadvantage that especially young, new brands can use for themselves, keyword advertising on Instagram TikTok! The disadvantages of Facebook at a glance

  1. Not all target groups are reached
  2. Layout and presentation of content are limited to given functions
  3. Less presence on Google than Youtube or Pinterest
  4. High criticism and risk of spam by third parties on your own pinboard

Costs for management and Facebook Ads

Costs and prices – How much does a Facebook campaign in the Berlin area cost? The prices and costs for such a Facebook advertisement vary extremely, e.g. depending on which target group is selected or which keywords are advertised. A simple example, all services from the financial sector, insurance or current accounts at banks have high competition and therefore a relatively high click price. It is completely different with special topics, for example trips to areas that otherwise only few people visit, for example the Russian Taiga, Siberia or Argentina. Here there is little competition and accordingly the costs for advertisements are lower.

The prices for Facebook ads always depend on the competition, including the potentially bookable advertising space. You want to know more about prices and costs for advertising on Facebook? Read more here in our big editorial on the subject:

Facebook sales 93% mobile

How do you best invest your advertising budget? Our agency will show you the most effective ways to reach people on Facebook. Especially mobile ads are currently in vogue. Facebook sales in the second quarter of 2019 increased by around USD 3.7 billion (+28 percent) compared to the same period last year.

  • Payments: $262 million
  • Mobile advertising: US$ 15,627 million (US$ 15.6 billion)
  • Advertising Desktop: 997 million US-$
  • Relation mobile / desktop: 6% (15.67 x performance)

Best Practice: Simple Facebook campaign

Here is a small example, a simple Facebook Ad without complex extras. Reached 8,758 people, with 109 sales and a spent budget of 59.09 Euros. A profit of 490,27 Euro was achieved. In this example 2 campaigns were tested against each other.

The key figures of the example campaign at a glance:

  • 59,09 Euro Costs
  • 8,758 persons reached
  • 109 deals at 19.90 Euro (gross) / 18.59 Euro (net); margin 5.04 Euro (net)
  • 549.36 Euro profit
  • 490.27 Euro Net profit (excl. expenses for Facebook Ad)

Facebook Marketing Agency

Facebook Marketing Agency – Advertising for Berlin, Brandenburg or whole Germany! Our social media marketing agency is your reliable, experienced partner for campaigns on Facebook. Would you like to talk about your specific project? Get in touch with our contact person now.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing – Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks in recent years. Since taking over Facebook a few years ago, Instagram is the third largest social network after Facebook itself (and YouTube) at the moment. While two or three years ago, Instagram’s target audience was mainly young people between the ages of 15 and 25, the average has increased significantly. Today you can reach people between the ages of 15 and 35, with a tendency to reach as many as 40. The older the group of your own users becomes, the more interesting Instagram naturally becomes as a channel for your online marketing in Berlin.

Create channel, community and marketing

Channel Setup and Community – If your company, your business is not yet active on Instagram, then it’s time! The first step, setting up your own Instagram channel. This is very quick and easy via the Instagram app for Android and iOS. As previously seen in the statistics of current marketing activities, Instagram is in 3rd place with 14%; far ahead is of course still Facebook, as the leading network, with the most solvent target group.

Unlike Facebook, you don’t even need a channel picture for Instagram, all you need is a profile picture and off you go! At Instagram, everything focuses on two areas, postings and so-called stories. While stories are transient, small contributions that are available for 24 hours, postings are in the timeline and thus in the extended business card, so to speak, or permanently in your own profile. Regular postings increase the community. If you want to speed up the process, advertise on Instagram.

Switch advertising on Instagram

Placing ads on Instagram – Placing ads on Instagram is done via Facebook, did you know that? Ever since Instagram was bought by Facebook, the management of ads and campaigns on Instagram has been done through Facebook. Accordingly, all solutions for Facebook are often designed for Instagram and vice versa, as seen in Instagram Stories and the later Facebook Stories, so that synergies can be used directly, of course also through the common Ad Manager. Advertising on Instagram is different from advertising on Facebook or YouTube. Within Instagram, there are two popular ad formats, stories and postings in the news feed – but what’s the difference? Postings on Instagram have the disadvantage that they do not allow direct linking. Accordingly, they are good for brand awareness. If you want to link products in your own e-commerce or your own website, you need an advertisement. Many also rely on Story Ads.

The costs and prices of Instagram campaigns differ, as do Facebook and YouTube, especially according to the density of the competition. The more people book ads on a specific target group or keyword, the more expensive the individual ad placement becomes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Opportunities and Risks – The advantages of Instagram lie in its specific target group of people between 15 and 35 years of age and their trust in the Instagram brand. At Instagram, people want to forget everyday life and immerse themselves in a perfect world: Holidays on the Maldives, perfect six-packs in the gym, sexy bikini photos of the beach and of course expensive luxury watches, real estate and sports cars. Accordingly, lifestyle brands in particular can be placed very well on this network.

One of the disadvantages, Instagram is used almost exclusively mobile. Accordingly, many larger and more complex sales transactions can not be mediated directly. The larger the sum, the longer the purchase process takes, and the termination rate is correspondingly high – but there are strategies and methods for this too, so-called remarketing. Remarketing specifically addresses visitors who have visited your website or e-commerce but for various reasons have not made a purchase. User data is stored by cookies. This data allows individual users to be contacted again for about 30 days after the visit. The advertisement then contains exactly the same product that the individual visitor has looked at. This increases the willingness to buy: Solutions can be found for problems! We show you how it works.

Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram Marketing Agency – how much does advertising on Instagram cost? How much does a posting or Instagram story from an influencer cost? How fast can you build 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 fans? Do you have questions about Instagram Marketing in Berlin? We have the answers! Please get in touch with our contact persons.

Youtube Marketing: Videos and SEO

Youtube Marketing – Marketing on YouTube, especially for Berlin? YouTube is the largest video portal in the world and offers accordingly also very much potential for enterprises, which want to operate YouTube marketing and/or video marketing. But are there risks? Yes, there are risks. Especially for local marketing, Facebook and Instagram are often better alternatives. For long-term placement on the web but also positive aspects for search engine optimization (also regional for Berlin) Youtube offers many options.

Advantages and disadvantages

Opportunities and risks – Before it goes to videos and advertising on Youtube, the channel setup and the preparations for your own community come first. After the setup, the questions remain: What is important in Youtube marketing? Especially the regular releases and planned video content make YouTube a platform that has a very special influence on the users. While on Instagram content is usually only consumed for a few moments, on YouTube videos are often viewed for five, ten or even 60 minutes. The impact on the user is correspondingly high, for example in the case of recommendations in videos – a clear advantage of YouTube. Recommendation marketing generally plays a major role on YouTube, which is why many customers book influencers for positive mentions in addition to their ads. Youtube is extremely diverse, from the actual social network to aspects of search engine optimization and recommendation marketing through Influencer.

A small disadvantage that YouTube offers, even if it has many other advantages, regional marketing is more difficult to do, because on YouTube users are looking for general information. When was the last time you searched YouTube for a special video from Berlin? Exactly! On YouTube it’s about topics like “Repairing the toilet”, “Building a house tips” or even “Smokey Eyes Tutorial”, so there is no regional reference. Accordingly, YouTube should be used by companies that operate nationally and not locally.

Costs for management and YouTube Ads

Cost and pricing – YouTube ads are calculated based on competition and keywords just like other social networks. The more you book, the more expensive the price for a single campaign. Quite different from the channel expansion, where there are certain risks, you can reach targeted people on YouTube with ads, even in Berlin. For example through upstream videos. You probably know this form of advertising from your own visits to YouTube. Shortly before the actual, desired video starts, an advertising video runs, which can only be skipped after 5 seconds. Accordingly, it is also so important to place the marketing message and the own brand logo within the 5 seconds, because a large part of the users aborts directly after the first 5 seconds to get to the actual video. So no video view, no view, is wasted.

Youtube Marketing Agency

Youtube Marketing Agency – you want to advertise on YouTube, especially for Berlin customers or for the whole German area? Get in touch with our contact person for YouTube, we look forward to your project request!

TikTok Marketing

TikTok Marketing – TikTok is the new trend network among the apps TikTok is a popular video platform for entertainment, especially for the young target group under 18 years. In the beginning, Tiktok was called and has specialized in having its users sing songs from the charts, with license and permission from the rights holders. Like any social network, it is constantly evolving from its basic function, with ever new possibilities and forms of self-marketing for Creator, as people create the content.

Advantages, disadvantages and risks?

Opportunities and risks – Is it already worthwhile for a company to open a TikTok account? The target group is still very young, but this was also the case on Facebook and recently on Instagram. At some point, users will get older and thus become a target group with purchasing power for companies and businesses. Especially for e-commerce, TikTok is a practical platform, because here links can be placed directly.

Costs for management and TikTok Ads

Cost and Pricing – The cost of TikTok ads is the same for the same reach, keywords and click-throughs relative to other social networks.

Currently there are only a few certified TikTok ad agencies like us. The younger the network, the more cautious you are with certified advertisers. If you would like to place your first TikTok ads, to the very young target group that dominates here, then contact our TikTok expert and we will design an individual offer with a tailor-made strategy for your brand on TikTok.

TikTok Marketing Agency

TikTok Marketing Agency – Questions about content creation on Tik Tok? We are here for you! As a certified TikTok Ad Agency we can give you insights into the advertising world of the young social network. We have the contacts and the know-how to generate attention for your brand on TikTok.

Search engine marketing (SEO / Google Adwords)

Since we get a lot of questions from our customers regarding search engine optimization, we wanted to give some insights for Berlin, what does search engine optimization mean and what does advertising in search engines mean for e-commerce companies?

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) – This area is concerned with building organic reach. Organic reach means people who have reached a website through the algorithm of search engines, i.e. through long-term work on their own content management system or recurring visitors, e.g. due to their own brand awareness or through a digital member system.

Simply explained, search engine optimization means the writing of good SEO texts. SEO texts contain a certain number of words, they have a good and coherent layout but also internal and external links. The better these texts are written and the more of them there are, the better for the evaluation in the PageRank procedure. With this, internet pages are evaluated and then listed in the search engine according to relevance.

Building organic reach through search engine optimisation takes time. Depending on the industry and project, one should expect at least 12 months, but better 24, 36 months. After all, your own website or e-commerce takes a while until the pages are indexed, climb up and slowly but surely reach page 2 and even better page 1 of the search results. Since this work takes a long time, costs relatively much and therefore does not bring immediate results, many paid reachers fall back on social ads or even advertising on Google, through AdWords.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords – Through Google AdWords, targeted ads can be placed in the search results. The own Internet page and/or the own Onlineshop, is indicated then on the upper places in the search results, where a majority of the users will click. This method is accordingly attractive in online marketing to reach users quickly and specifically! Of course, every advertisement can be directed specifically to a Berlin audience, even better, even certain districts like Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg, Schöneberg or Prenzlauer Berg. These advertisements are quickly set up and quickly provide for first clicks. If you have the right offer now, you can start making sales immediately! In the subsequent analysis and evaluation, targeted improvements can be made so that the ads are more and more effective in their conversion rate.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency – Are you looking for social media experts for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or TikTok? With us you have found the right contact person! With clients in Berlin, Germany but also worldwide – experience and know-how for your company. You have a direct contact person who is familiar with the digital structures of social networks and their constant development. Be it the algorithm for evaluating postings, analysis and monitoring or creative, regularly published content!

Workshop and consulting

Workshop and consulting – You want to learn how to bring your brand up to date and win even more followers and fans? Book a workshop and we will give you advice, tailor-made and individual for your brand.

Speakers and training

Speaker and training – Do you need a social media speaker who can inform a larger group of people in a personal training or at a larger event? We have the perfect social media marketing experts to give you, your employees and guests the right impulses.

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