Geofilter: Advertising to local and regional target groups on social media

Geofilters are used for the targeted sending of advertisements. In Facebook Advertisement Manager, each advertiser has the ability to send their advertisements to a specific target audience. Geofilters can be used to create certain events, i.e. we can specify, for example, that only people from the catchment area of Berlin, or even more precisely from the city of Berlin, are to be shown with our advertisement.

As we already reported in our article about the topic Big Data, the geofilter is also about collecting a lot of data. The more data a company has at its disposal, the more precisely target groups and individual clusters can be created. Large social networks, like Facebook, have well over a billion users. And that means over a billion people provide the platform with information about themselves, their ideas, interests, friends and much more. This can be used to create target groups for companies. These target groups can be filtered not only by age or interests, but also by geographical data. The geographical search even works in real time.

Real-time geofilter for events

If you want to advertise an event, e.g. a concert, or a club night, you can use social networks like Facebook to reach people in your area. For example, if a concert takes place in Berlin Mitte Stadt tonight, we can specifically address all people who live in Berlin today but do not live there. By splitting the target groups in this way, as well as by age or interest group, for example, we can make advertisements even more effective. This avoids scattering losses.