Paid reach – advertisements on social networks

Paid reach is defined by the expenditure of advertising budget for impressions. In contrast to the organic reach, which achieves the desired number of impressions solely through the strength of the channel, paid advertisements always need new capital.

When do you pay for range?

For new products, services but also ideas and projects you need customers, prospective customers or fans. Especially for new projects it is difficult to build up an own, organic reach. This is why advertising budgets are invested in the dissemination of content. Most social networks offer their own ads management. Here you can create your own advertisements, with the deposited credit card data these are paid. In the Display Management you can create much more, e.g. more complicated A/B Split Testings. In this way, different advertisements can be compared with each other.

Why help A/B Split Testings?

If you start your own advertisement and then advertise it with financial means, you can of course define and refine your individual ad groups very precisely. Let us take as an example of best practice a travel company that specialises in travel to Spain, more specifically the Canary Islands. Should this company now be playing a single ad? By creating different display groups, e.g. for persons from 15 to 30 years, 31 to 45 years and 46 to 56 years, we can already sediment three different areas. The youngest target group gets a photo that shows fun and adventure, the second target group a photo that shows the whole family, the third target group sees the beautiful landscape and the wellness offer. We can in turn divide these three target groups into male and female. We can already play out six different photos, each adapted for a female, male target group. We can decline this principle further and further and of course also play out different photos or media for the individual target group. At the end of the testing we see if e.g. picture A, B or the video was more successful. The most successful campaign, measured in terms of conversion, is equipped with an additional advertising budget. The bad ones will be switched off.

Advertising on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

Advertisements on different social networks are extremely different from each other. Here is a little insight.

Adverts on Facebook

On Facebook different methods work for the acquisition. We often recommend short videos of 10 to 15 seconds, clear and explicit content. On the video fonts should be embedded, because most videos start without sound. The fonts then explain quite simply what distinguishes the product, key points 1, 2, 3. Below this, users can click directly on the channel or on the online shop.

Advertising on Instagram

For Instagram, the target group is much younger and Instagram is almost 100% used on the smartphone. This in turn means that the content must be adapted accordingly, they are more colourful, have more cuts, e.g. in the videos and also the link target must be reconsidered. On the notebook you usually have completely different options and layout than on the smartphone. You rarely make an expensive purchase decision on the smartphone, but you’d rather look at it on the tablet or notebook at home. Accordingly, not only the content but also the offering should be matched to Instagram if you are looking for paid reach through advertisements.

Advertising and paid reach on Youtube

At first you would think, of course, that you would bet on long videos in the usual YouTube style. In almost all cases, YouTube deals with the first five seconds. Because paid reach on YouTube is usually achieved through videos that are played before the video actually desired. Users can skip these videos after 5 seconds, so the company or project has only 5 seconds to convince. Many companies already forget the idea to place their own logo. Any user who jumps after the first 5 seconds to finally get to his desired video will not know anything about us. This will cause us to lose the majority of users. So when videos are placed on YouTube ads they should have the most important thing in the first 5 seconds.

Of course, there are also more possibilities on YouTube to make advertising placements. For example, you can display a suggested video in the upper right corner of the browser or below the desired video in the app. For example, you can register with competitors to pick up their fans or customers.

Payable range – Facts

  • For new products, services or projects, it is a good idea to use paid coverage for the start
  • Most networks offer their own ad management
  • When managing ads, you can place a separate ad for each target group, this is called A/B Split Testing
  • Adverts on Facebook: Videos from 10 to 15 seconds with a clear and explicit content and lettering describing the product
  • Advertising on Instagram: since the target group is younger, the shots should be more colourful and the cuts faster
  • Adverts on Youtube: this is about the first 5 seconds, because after the first 5 seconds the viewer can skip the ad