Facebook reach – organic and paid to win fans

We have already discussed in many of our articles in the Social Media Blog how Facebook reach can be specifically generated and generated. Facebook reach is very important for companies, because the more reach you have, the more people you can reach directly. Either through organic reach, i.e. through reach that is created solely by our content being output through the algorithm, or through paid reach, i.e. ads that are played out to our target group or to our fans with a corresponding advertising budget, or to our lookalike audience. Sounds complicated?

Facebook Online Course for Social Media Managers

More about Facebook, the generation of fans and wants to learn reach, you can find here our recommendation for the first Facebook online course. Clearly arranged in ten chapters, one learns step by step how to set up one’s own fan page in such a way that it functions effectively for one’s own company or brand. The first 1000 fans, the first ad, all that they can learn here in the Facebook online course. Our recommendation for your company:

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