Facebook Marketing – Do it yourself! Our recommendation: The AdBaker online course

Facebook Marketing Online Kurs oder teure Beratung? Heute geben wir Ihnen unsere Empfehlung für Firmen und Unternehmen, die ihr eigenes Social Media Marketing auf Facebook erfolgreich betreiben wollen!

A social media agency can not, or does not want to, afford every company. Especially not an expensive large advertising agency for social marketing or a specialized agency for Facebook Marketing. In doing so, the decision does not always have to influence monetary reasons, often the know-how and the marketing or their concept and strategy remain in the company. You can either book a social media consultant for your own company or train your employees with a simple online course.

Go to the official> Facebook Marketing Course here

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Facebook Marketing: Online Course Recommendation

Internet offers numerous offers, here is our recommendation for companies and companies who want to make their own Facebook Marketing successfully! After researching and making comparisons, there is a clear winner, AdBaker’s Facebook Marketing Course. Why? The course is very well structured, the agency is very experienced and has many insiders who are presented exclusively in the course.

In this course you will learn as a marketing employee in companies and as a freelancer how to optimize your Facebook Marketing quickly and well. This is not only about optimization, but also about the structure and the final advertising advertisements as well as the overall optimization on conversion (listing in lists, online shop sales, etc.). The course is constantly being expanded and provides the latest content on social media marketing.

In order to give you an overview of what is on-line in the course, here is a detailed description of our most important chapter:

Crash course for beginners in the online workshop

Firstly, all important terms are clarified, the network and its tools are illuminated and a good basic knowledge is conveyed, for the further, deeper courses! Social media help at its best with all relevant areas. Afterwards, you or your employees are perfectly prepared, for example for the first “10 Facebook Marketing Hacks”. Go to the official> Facebook Marketing Course here

10 Facebook Marketing Hacks and Insider for Companies

Why is it important to know real Facebook insiders?

Facebook experts work daily with digital target groups, link social networks with online shops, individual products or services offered by their customers. Through the diverse and diverse work in different industries and with different products, Social Media Manager gradually develop ever more efficient tactics around reach. The more reach, the more chances of success. Facebook insider tips help, for example, take advantage of competitors, to cover new areas that are little advertised and thus to make their own profit. Those who use these small hackles smartly can maximize their profits through Facebook Marketing.

There are different small hacks, from target groups to content (content), which inspire others and click to animate. Clicks on Facebook, as always in online marketing, are very important when we talk about social media advertising. Specifically, the CTA (Call to action rate = ratio of views / clicks) refers to the ultimately performed desired interaction in relation to the set of views. If you want to increase your own CTA at Facebook, you can achieve this very effectively with the insiders of AdBaker!

Facebook Marketing: How to Create a Facebook Fansite

Build your own fanpage and adjust it optimally?

Every single company, every self-employed person or every person in public life needs their own fanpage on Facebook. There are some things to consider when creating a social media channel. It is not just the information or the indication of which industry is your own company. There are many small steps that can be used to optimize the visitors’ own fansite. The longer visitors are on a fan site, the more interesting content they find here, the longer they will stay on the site. The longer they stay on a fan site and the more they interact with it, the “more important” is the own fansite for Facebook. Ergo, the more reach your company has, the more successful your performance will be on Facebook.

Users and fans: How to find his target group on Facebook

How do I contact the person I want to reach with my advertisements?

In the section “How to find your target group on Facebook”, you will learn how to effectively and very effectively manage advertising ads and their target groups at Facebook. How accurate the targeting is at Facebook is sure to surprise you! Some details you may already know, as well as the filter option according to the age of the person or the place of residence. Whether it’s Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or smaller cities in Germany or worldwide. Social media marketing ads bring measurable successes.

Of course, the whole thing is even more accurate! Anyone who takes some time and is interested in the subject can quickly learn how to send specific products to specific people in order to increase their own conversion (CTA) through Facebook Marketing Tools.

Fanpage Build: 1000 Facebook fans generate

The first 1000 fans are for many on Facebook the first big hurdle! With 1000 fans, the channel is finally ready, right? You have the first interaction with fans, gets “like” expressions or comments on your own Facebook posts. Slowly your own Facebook channel! The way to go here is not so easy. Especially since you have no fans at the beginning on your own fan site and have to build up one by one. It goes on, constantly new concepts need to animate Facebook visitors to the interaction, so they actively to act on their own channel. How you can do this relatively quickly, the Facebook Marketing Online course shows. Go to the official> Facebook Marketing Course here

How to increase organic reach on Facebook

With advertising you can achieve a lot, already clear. But how is it with organic reach on Facebook? Organic reach, what does it actually mean? It deals with the reach of genuine users, which is created by interaction. This means that the amount of the individual views is not increased by additional advertising budgets. Organic reach is simply said to be something “wonderful”. A good sign for many and an indicator on the many pay attention in online marketing. With it nowadays, many people as an influencer earn money if you have authentic social media channels. Influencers are generally a trend theme in advertising, often increasing the profit through Influencer Marketing. Since the topic is so crucial for social media marketing, it is treated very extensively in the course. This way, you or your employees will learn how to build up a qualitative range.

Facebook Marketing Leads: How to create an attractive lead magnet

Do unicorns always work?

Creating products that does not offer everyone increases the chance of sales. Because, who is boring, quickly falls into the information flow of postings, photos, videos and advertisements on Facebook. This is why it is important to pack your own marketing message so interesting that users feel attracted and are willing to interact with it. If you want to collect leads, then I have to think about the content and visual presentation of the products and advertisements. This is not just about an attractive product, it is also about the graphic elements, as well as a concise text and, in the right target group, the perfect emoticons. Different parameters in Facebook Marketing, which ultimately lead to the goal through small AB tests (comparison of different advertisements according to CTA) and play the perfect ads for you. With these you can now collect many leads!

Landingpages 2.0: How to build a squeeze page


Basically, a squeeze page is there to get email addresses from potential prospects and customers. In English, “to squeeze” means “squeeze” or “squeeze”. Online marketers know the term “landing page”, both are very similar and serve the purposeful interaction with users. “Landingpages” do not necessarily demand a return, squeeze pages from the visitor. How to build your own, conversion-strong side shows the Facebook marketing course.

The targeted collection of e-mail addresses can be used later or directly afterwards, products can be advertised even cleaner and more effective. Of course, there is also a chapter in the course explaining how to efficiently build your own e-mail lists.

Email Marketing and Funnels: How to build an e-mail list

Are im still up-to-date?

Yes! Emails are as up-to-date as ever. Nowadays, many young online marketing talents are concentrating on creating detailed funnels for products and services. This means that you are actively collecting e-mail lists, in order to get them enthusiastically with their own campaigns for themselves or their respective customers. Funnel are therefore concerned with the targeted sending of information to e-mail lists. By means of clever concepts, the content is played out individually depending on how a user acts or what he is interested in. This makes the content so personal that the interaction rate increases again. In order to do this, you need a large but also a qualitative e-mail list! In the chapter “How to build an e-mail list”, everything is explained and explained step by step. The examples can also be easily transferred to your own company, so that you can start quickly with your Facebook Marketing to generate e-mails.

Facebook Retargeting for exact advertising to target groups

Retargeting for marketing products? It’s actually quite simple. If we were in the inner city, we would reapply people who visited us in the store, for example, through an advertising poster. If the visitor did not decide to buy, he might do it when he sees the product for the second or third time. The highlight: hardly scattered losses as with classic banner advertising. In the special case of social networks, this means that we also display visitors to our social media page with advertising on Facebook. Retargeting does not only work on the Facebook fans page, In the online shop a product, as well as later in Facebook again with the product. If you have not decided for the first time for the purchase, it is now so far!

Social Media Marketing Statistics on the success measurement of retargeting

With Facebook Retargeting you can reach as a very efficient person on Facebook, even more specifically, the person who has already been interested in their own brand or product. Once again, top-class social media marketing statistics can be created, for example, the CTA.

Conclusion: Facebook Marketing Help from AdBaker

In the Adbaker online course you really learn everything you need to make your own brand on Facebook. From the first basic knowledge about Facebook Marketing to the target group setting on Facebook and the later sending of advertising. This is not only about concepts for Facebook Marketing, but also the website itself is “squeeze pages”, “lead generation” and “retargeting”!

What is also very good at coaching, the content is very up-to-date. Even after the first few weeks, the range of products has expanded significantly. There are also great insiders like the “10 Facebook Marketing Hacks”. For self-employed persons, for employees in companies or for internal training of large companies, this online course is an absolute recommendation when it comes to social media marketing on Facebook. Click here to go to the official> Facebook Marketing Course

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