Social Media Agency for Banking and Finance: Strategy, Marketing and Reach

Seriousness and social media marketing – especially for banks, serious social media marketing but also content management and community management is decisive for brand awareness. Credible products, honest statements and trustworthy references are what counts when a bank wants to use social media marketing. The agreement between the internal marketing and the social media agency is very important. The basics and the internal know-how on the topic are extremely different in the companies. While some have been active in social networks for years, others have been rather stubborn about the topic. As a social media agency and consultant, one of our core tasks is therefore always to communicate success. Because social networks have changed extremely, from a young audience to an established form of media with target groups in an age group. Tiktok and Instagram for the young, Facebook for the slightly older and YouTube for the masses. And of course there’s Twitter and more specialised networks such as LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Social Media Agency: Consulting and strategy at a glance

Presence is one of the highest goals in social media marketing as well as in classical marketing methods and strategies. For banks, there are as many areas in which products can be advertised as there are extreme. These include complex issues, such as real estate management or portfolio management, but also the very frequently requested topics, of course often on the subject of account opening and loans.

In social media marketing, questions need to be answered. However, the questions should not only be answered, this would naturally involve very long texts, questions must be answered by pictures. The happy young woman at an ATM, the simple payment at the supermarket with her card, there are hundreds of situations in which the topic of banking can be presented positively. In particular it concerns the simple questions and fundamental advantages of their bank around only customers to generate.

For younger target groups, e.g. on Instagram, TikTok but also YouTube play just as for adults on Facebook and Twitter the same topics are important. Among the decisive criteria for bank and account choice are:

  • Cash-free payment in the cinema, supermarket, everywhere
  • Cash withdrawals at third-party cash dispensers
  • Payment abroad when travelling and on short holiday
  • Free app for the smartphone
  • Online banking (TAN procedure) for easy transfer
  • Digital account statements on the homepage or in the App
  • Cash deposits possible
  • Partner card for spouse or boyfriend, girlfriend
  • Additional credit card

Goal in Social Media Management: Snack Content

These are the basic characteristics that a person associates with a bank. Central characteristics, modern procedures, service and reliability. All this must now be translated into a coherent concept for the social networks.

Of course, for banks, online marketing is not only about finding new customers for accounts, but also about building society savings and even more complex issues such as:

  • Estate Planning and New Construction Financing
  • Financial planning for retirement provision and today
  • Real estate management from property management to capital investment
  • Portfolio management of equities, derivatives, indices and many more
  • Private risk management
  • Establish a foundation
  • Pension management for old age

Many topics! Therefore it is worthwhile to have an experienced social media agency with you, because it can break down all complex facts into simple, explainable and easily understandable content. The result is the concept, from which the visual language is created again. In short, the social media agency’s concept and strategy is about making the bank stand out as one of the best. For different target groups, honest and credible.

In addition to this aspect, community maintenance and community management is a very important topic. Only an active community ensures that one’s own reach grows and that one thus gets more reach. This involves interactions between the photos and videos, because it is only through these interactions that the individual contributions are rated higher by the algorithm of social networks, so that more people are played out. That’s why we answer the question every day:

Which is the best bank?

But the added value of social media management also includes answering questions. For banks, this is where questions about account management arise, because this is often where the road to long-term customers begins.

  • How long does it take to open a new account?
  • What do I need to open an account?
  • Which is the best bank?
  • What is the basic account?

Your aim must be to play out the answers to this question to as many people as possible. In order to get enough reach, you can not only rely on the organic traffic, that is, the reach that is achieved without advertising the posting additionally. Depending on the network, this is between 6 and 14% of your own community. The reach is mainly influenced by their activity and the activity of their community. But you can’t get beyond a certain level, so you have to think about advertisements. Through advertisements you can reach extremely many people who you would not reach only through the organic traffic.

Adverts on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Yes, when it comes to social media marketing, you as a bank also have to think about paid reach. Advertising in social networks is extremely targeted thanks to the existing data basis. Not only the target groups can be very precisely targeted with advertisements, they can also find out which advertisement was the most successful and brought the most deals through various advertisements in later reporting and monitoring. In this way, advertising campaigns in social networks can be constantly optimized. But it gets even better.

Through retargeting, visitors to their own website can also be convinced of a deal at a later point in time by replaying advertising. Not each purchase decision is immediately met, therefore it is worthwhile itself user still over a few days or weeks geziert with appropriate advertising agency to bespielen. Retargeting even goes so far that advertisements are not simply played out randomly, they can go exactly to individual products and pages. If a user looks at thus a certain investment or a certain stock product, the action is registered and can be used later around the user a purposeful announcement for this one investment product or these one share to play out.

Target group definition has never been as accurate as it is now. From the already existing extremely precise target groups we can even determine additional interested parties who are not yet part of our target group definition but fit into the grid due to the proximity to our existing users. In simple terms, this means that if our investment sells especially to 40 year olds who are married, have certain interests, we can create target groups that have exactly these characteristics. In technical terms this is called Lookalike audience.

Reach get and Community develop

Aldi concepts, strategies, measures, productions and advertisements have only one goal, their bank should get reach! But what do you do with reach? Now it goes to the central core. From social media marketing, building the community. As already described at the beginning of the article, the main thing is to provide users with added value. Simple, briefly formulated messages. The right media in the form of photos and videos. In addition, there is the added value in the form of information, for example on our previously mentioned questions. In addition to this added value through information and media is the activity. Interaction and commitment is the currency in social networks. Simply explained, it means answering comments from users, whether it’s a question or not. Try to activate your community, for example through questions or surveys. Provide your users with further information. Either in your own network, cross media, e.g. from Instagram Photo to the continuative YouTube video with full explanation. Or to foreign media, for example renowned newspapers like Spiegel, Focus or Welt. Show them more than just advertising and marketing, give people a glimpse behind the scenes, show them employees from your team or present them to customers, your wishes and dreams.

Consultation and agency

You see, baking social media marketing yourself is very creative! Of course only if you have the right social media agency at your side. If you still have questions about social media marketing, management, community on trial or advertisements, then we look forward to hearing from you.