Answer – communication and optimization of the response rate

One answer is the clarification of a question. Of course, everyone knows that answers play an important role in the context of social media management, interaction and increasing reach. Many companies post their photos or videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, waiting for likes but forget to interact with their community. If comments are not answered, this reduces the response rate of your social media channel and weakens it in competition with your competitors.

Answers increase the response rate ergo the range

What makes influencers successful is the high interaction rate and the strong commitment of their fans. But how do influencers generate this high interaction rate? Bloggers or influencers think differently than companies, they like to do what they do because they want to communicate and want others to react. Companies just want reach, that’s all they need. Exactly here stops the communcation between you and your community. Due to this interruption in the interaction, there is no counter-reaction and thus the typical virality is absent. For example, by friends who see the commentary of the persons. And also friends, who see the new comments or the replies and might feel motivated to make a comment.

Answers to critical comments and shitstorms

Shitstorms and critical comments are a big question for many agencies, brands, companies and enterprises. Although it hardly plays a role in most people’s everyday lives, many already deal with the topic of negative statements and comments in the run-up to their social media planning. As a company you can take wind out of many users’ sails by answering these critical comments. This is especially worthwhile for constructive criticism, because these are customers or fans who have a high level of involvement with the brand and therefore express themselves. Many of the fans or for brands even customers, will never express themselves in negative experiences. That’s why you should always take your comments seriously and answer them as a social media manager.

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Key facts (simply explained): Answers

  • Answers increase the interaction of their community
  • The higher the commitment, the higher you will rise in the rankings of the platforms.
  • Take constructive criticism seriously
  • Shitstorms you have to endure and if necessary you have to ignore or sit out.
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