Engagement (Interaction) – Likes, comments and mentions

The commitment describes the amount or quality of interaction between sender and receiver, in our example influencer and community. Commitment has several aspects, including answers, comments, likes, questions,… Of course also sharing content or creating your own content, e.g. to get the attention of the influencer. Let’s look at the examples of commitment in detail.

Commitment by Likes and I like statements

The commitment of the community expresses itself above all in the expression of like me data and Likes. Likes are the gold of the internet, the more attention you get for your postings the better. Did you know? Most influencer campaigns are not planned after the follower ad but after the average like ad on the last 12, 15 or 20 media. This shows the great relevance of the individual likes on photos and videos for influencers but also for companies and enterprises.

Likes can of course be cranked up by different means. On the one hand, of course, through the strategic planning of the content, i.e. the photos. On the other hand, of course, through the targeted application, paid reach.

Interactions through text

What’s worth more than a Like? A comment! A Like is made quickly, a mouse click or a click with the finger, 0.2 seconds of work. For a comment you have to take some more time, think about what to write and maybe look for some emoticons. Comments also give you the opportunity to respond directly, i.e. to reply. This way you can of course start conversations or even discussions. You can send marketing messages or just say thank you. No matter how, comments are worth a lot!

They can encourage their users to comment, e.g. by asking questions or by raffling, by answering a certain question or by marking a friend. Such comments are also worth a lot for the further development of products, because here you can directly get feedback from the customers, go into it without having to make an extra home visit.

Commitment to sharing photos and videos

The sharing of media content in social networks, but also through embedded media, shows a high degree of interaction. The media were not only so good that you like them, you want to show them to others. This is also how virality, word-of-mouth propaganda, develops. The more people talk about a contribution, the more often it isliked and shared. The biggest viral videos make it into the media sometime and so some people become real stars. Sharing content or embedding external media can lead to success.

Interaction with self-created media

Those who have an extremely strong community have fans who create extra media content to reach the influencer. For example, if you didn’t win any of the concert tickets in a ticket lottery and therefore sadly say in an Instagram message that you didn’t win! If the influencer answers with a heart, you’re happy again. It can also be groups of people who celebrate a certain person on YouTube and therefore all wear the merchandise fan shirt, take a joint photo and post it to the influencer’s pinboard. The Influencer sees the marker on Instagram and you get a Like or maybe even a comment from your Influencer! If you made it to that point, you did a good job!

You can see how important commitment is, and how highly it is valued. Good luck with your communication strategy.

Interactions on the social networks

  • The engagement describes the interaction between influencer and community
  • Interaction includes likes, comments, polls, sharing content…
  • Likes are distributed much faster than e.g. comments
  • Even in influencer campaigns, more attention is paid to interaction than just to the number of followers
  • Follower can also promote influencer interaction by creating photos or writing to the influencer