Expert on TV, in newspapers and as speaker at events: Social Media Marketing with Stephan Czaja

Social Media Expert – Spring is here and the marketing machinery is running at full speed again: fashion, food, real estate, lots to do! In addition, we are in the next few weeks directly on three dates as a speaker to experience, in Cologne, Munich and in June in Berlin. Thank you for your trust […]

Answer – communication and optimization of the response rate

One answer is the clarification of a question. Of course, everyone knows that answers play an important role in the context of social media management, interaction and increasing reach. Many companies post their photos or videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, waiting for likes but forget to interact with their community. If comments are not […]

Influencer Brands – Singer and Social Star Luna with Merchandise

Influencer online shops are still a relatively new market for many. Because influencer marketing alone is still a book with seven seals for many. How does influencer marketing actually work? How do I find the right bloggers? Questions upon questions! We not only deal with the matter of strategy and conception but also with the […]

Social Media Betreuung Prominente & VIPs: Kommentare, Kooperationen und Verträge

Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, not only the big names of this world don’t look after their Insta Channel alone, also German big bloggers are no one-man army but work with a team. The care of the own Social Media channel usually does not take place thereby any longer by the prominent person but […]

Berlin: Social Media Marketing Workshop in front of 150 people – WOW!

Social Media Lectures and training in Berlin we often and gladly hold, but this time it was something special! With a Swiss division of over 150 people, it was all about social media marketing and influencer marketing for over 8 hours. Our decisive goal in the training was to show the young people how they […]

Petfluencer. Cat and dog in social media marketing – 1LIVE / WDR Interview

Petfluencer in Social Media Marketing – Today I was interviewed by WDR or 1LIVE Radio on the topic of influencers and even more special: #Petfluencer! Dogs and cats are extremely popular among Germans, millions are spent here every year on the finest food and all kinds of accessories. Petfluencers are also conquering the world of […]

Instagram Story: Now with polls, opportunities and risks for influencers and brands

Now in Internet World Business magazine, the new interview with social media expert Stephan M. Czaja on the topic of “Influencer Marketing: New survey function of Instagram Stories”. Social media networks have changed the world and influencer marketing is changing the world of advertising. With constantly new features, social networks also advertise themselves. Instagram now […]

Influencer & Blogger: New! Software for prices, costs and offers

What do influencers cost? Exclusively and free of charge for selected press representatives and bloggers, the Influencer Price Calculator is now available! Viral content is worth its weight in gold. But how do you generate interest? Now free for renowned media to embed in articles. Millions of young people are promoting on their channels. Learn […]

Influencer Pricing: How much is my Instagram account worth?

Influencer Pricing – The bigger your blog gets, the more requests you get from agencies but also companies and different brands. Whether it’s about fashion and travel or fitness products, the value of a single post is for many, especially at the beginning of the career, not so easy to calculate yourself. Especially as each […]

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